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Popular Types of Online Gambling Games



Online Gambling Games

Online casinos and the internet go hand-in-hand – in fact, online casino games are one of the oldest online businesses out there. Just like traditional land-based casinos, online casinos are the target of lots of competitors – and that’s a good reason to know how to read online casino reviews.

Online casinos are continually looking to improve their games in order to attract more customers and offer them something a little different from what their competitors have. Of course, the most popular casino games will always be the staples.

In this article, we’re going to go through the most popular types of online gambling games.

Also, if you are interested in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum , dogecoin, you can read articles about crypto casinos.



As one of the most popular land casino games, it’s no surprise that roulette is a staple of online casinos as well. The rules of roulette are really quite simple, and its potential for payoff is enormous.

In fact, the largest recorded roulette win in history came recently in 2017, a whopping $3.5 million USD from a single winning spin, when Pedro Grendele Bartelle bet $35,000 on a straight bet 32.

Roulette is also a great social game, as spectators will crowd around the tables to watch the action in land-based casinos. You might not have a crowded audience at an online casino, but you can still interact with a real human dealer by playing live roulette at Casumo.

Slot machines

The popularity of online slot machines cannot be understated – in fact, it is simply the most common type of online gaming available. Slot machines are a real phenomenon and in many respects, they are the real face of the online gambling world.

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It’s estimated that online slot machine revenue globally generates in excess of $5.3bn every year, and according to L2D, an online casino database, $1.5bn of that is generated in the United States alone.

These games are played using highly sophisticated and complex computer programs, and they aren’t the fruit slots of physical casinos past. Many online slot developers have added 3D graphics, fully immersive soundtracks, and video game mechanics to their slot games.


Famed for its “big four” corners, baccarat is a skill game with a lot of math involved. The goal is to score a very high return while avoiding the house edge. Though there are many different forms of baccarat, the popular version has two additional rules to increase the potential winnings.

In addition to two corners, baccarat also includes two cards that help with the house edge. One of the most commonly seen versions of the game has three cards in play, two dealt with the players and a card from the dealer’s hand.


Bingo is an astoundingly popular online casino game in the UK, and it’s been seeing growth in Asian countries like the Philippines as well.

The colorful and inclusive nature of bingo games makes them really inviting for younger people, especially young women, and efforts to capture a younger bingo crowd have been made by many online casino companies, like the 888 Ladies that focuses exclusively on bingo and slots.

Overall, online bingo in the UK alone generated around £274.1 million pounds between 2019 – 2020, and the Philippines’ Pagcor said that slot machines and online bingo were their largest revenue earners in 2018.

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You simply can’t mention casino games without mentioning blackjack, which is still one of the most popular casino games in the world, by far. One of the main attractions of blackjack is that it’s a simple, uncomplicated game that can be mastered in a short amount of time.

Blackjack offers a wide payout potential, and it’s a good way to learn your betting style. While many online casinos offer their own versions of blackjack games, you can find variations such as Super Fun 21, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, and Blackjack Switch.

It’s also somewhat of a social game, as casinos pride themselves on having friendly blackjack dealers able to engage in back-and-forth discussions with the player. This isn’t limited to just land-based casinos, as many online casinos have live dealers on webcam as well.

Sports Betting

While sports betting isn’t “sit down and play”, many online casinos also operate as bookmakers, allowing their customers to wager on sports and sporting events, while taking a commission on each wager.

You can find online sportsbooks specializing in various sports, such as tennis, boxing, football, and MMA. Any kind of betting is a game of chance, but sports betting allows fans to really study player statistics, and put their predictive analysis skills to the test.

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