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Understanding AFL Odds: A Beginner’s Guide To Sports Betting



AFL Odds

AFL is one of Australia’s most beloved sports and one of the most unique sports in the world. In the past 10 years, its reach has grown as international audiences have been exposed to this physical brand of footy.

Before getting your feet wet in taking your sports betting passion to the AFL, it is first crucial that you have a strong understanding of AFL odds. In this guide, we will clearly explain how AFL odds work, how to bet in the market and some tips for doing it all successfully. When all is said and done, punters of all types can feel confident when they open their sportsbook and scroll the AFL odds for their first or next bet.

Types of AFL Odds

Depending on what country your sportsbook is headquartered in or the geographical market the bettor is in, the AFL odds may look a little different.

For Aussie Rules Football, decimal odds are by far the most common expression of sports betting odds. These odds are expressed as a decimal number that indicates the payout per dollar on any bet wagered.

For example, a team that is taking 2.50 odds will pay out $2.50 for every $1 bet, including that original $1 staked. If a bettor wagers $10, the payout will be $25: the $10 original bet and $15 winnings.

Asian Handicap betting introduces a different variation of expressing odds. With this, teams are assigned a “+” or “-” to indicate they are an underdog or favourite, respectively. This takes the possibility of a draw out of the equation.

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Interpreting AFL Odds

When it comes to AFL odds, understanding the various bet types is crucial for successful sports betting. Notably, there are two types of odds that are the most common to face in Aussie Rules: Match Result and Line or Moneyline odds.

The odds for the Match Result could not be simpler. The bet itself challenges the bettor to select which outcome they are backing. These odds will be presented with the favourite — the side of the bet that oddsmakers believe to be more likely — taking the shorter odds. The underdog will have longer odds, indicating a larger payout.

The Line odds will look more even. This is because the oddsmaker sets the Line to make the payout equal on both sides of the bet. If Sydney is -8.5 against Melbourne, it means Sydney must win by 9 to cover the spread and win the bet. On the other side, Melbourne at +8.5 is given those 8.5 points from the outset, at least on the betting market. As long as Melbourne does not lose by more than 8.5 points, that side of the bet wins.

Placing a Basic AFL Bet

Once a bettor understands how to interpret the odds, placing a basic AFL bet is very simple.

The first is finding the AFL section of the sportsbook. Not all sportsbooks offer AFL bets, so being aware of what is offered is always a good practice.

Once the AFL section is found, take an overview of the matches and note any games of particular interest and their odds. Each of these games will have a Match Result bet that can be made along with a Line bet. In some instances, an Over/Under may also be offered. This market is for the total score of the game, including the scores of both teams, over or under a set line.

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After picking the odds you want to bet, a bet slip will open, allowing you to enter your stake. Be sure to review that the wager was entered correctly and make a note of what the winning payout will be, as it should also be displayed.

If all of the details check out, confirm the bet and check that the bet slip is displayed on your account.

Exploring Different AFL Bets

The basic bets should always be the bread and butter on match day, but there are many more ways to spice things up. Prop bets can make the moments from the start of the match to the finish even more interesting.

Bettors who are especially familiar with the teams may lay stakes on player props. These bets are focused on individual performances, such as how many goals a player will score or how many tackles they register.

Betting in-game results can break things up while waiting for the match to become final. Wagers on the first goalscorer, quarter results or halftime scores add bets that will be decided throughout the game. All of which may carry longer odds, yielding larger payouts.

Comparing AFL Odds Across Bookmakers

Experienced bettors know that shopping around for the best odds can significantly impact their potential returns. Comparing the AFL odds between the top sportsbooks is a must. This point is why it is important to have accounts registered with multiple reputable sportsbooks.

By comparing AFL odds across sportsbooks, bettors can select the most favourable odds, guaranteeing the biggest payouts. If they are betting on the Line, they may also find a market that is a point or more in favour of the side they are backing.

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Bankroll Management for AFL Betting

Disciplined bankroll management is paramount in making sports betting both fun and safe. The most important things to remember here are to never bet more than you can afford to lose, do not chase losses and bet sober.

There is nothing wrong with confidence, but wagers should always remain at a small fraction of a bettor’s overall bankroll. For most bettors, a wager should be no more than 1-2% of their entire bankroll.

Hot streaks and cold streaks are very real. Always maintain some perspective when on either. Again, this is why a strict wager limit is important and should always be adhered to, no matter how hot or cold a punter thinks they are.

Finally, stay informed and remain impartial. Bet with your head, not your heart. Bet on sports and games that you are very familiar with.


Exploring AFL odds can open up a whole new level of joy in your sports betting journey as long as you have a good understanding of the game and the market. Reading this guide is a great first step toward some fun AFL betting, but do not stop there. Now it is time to apply what you have learned, stick to appropriate bankroll management and betting strategy and never stop researching.

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