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8 Unique Web Design Trends for 2021



web design trends for 2021

In the vast field of computer science, web designing stands out as one of the most popular sub-fields. Whether you are an entrepreneur or working at a commercial place, chances are you own a website. And, the design of your website plays the most important role in attracting people and gaining customers. Here, we are going to list down 8 of the best web design trends for 2021.

Needless to say, web design is integral to build a strong online presence for your business. While making a business website can be quite difficult, many agencies can do the job as per your requirements. One of those agencies is the Web Design Agency Pakistan. Using such services, you can make a name for your business in the digital world.

If you want to take your website game to the next level, you need a brilliant design for it. The web design trends we are going to mention would a recognition for your brand and help you promote it. So, let’s get started.


The new websites try to avoid the old formula of vertical scrolling. That is because it feels outdated. No one wants to scroll endlessly through a web page anymore. To avoid this hassle, horizontal scrolling is a good idea for your website. This way, you can show more information about your business in the form of images and have people horizontally scroll through them. It gets a plus point for being attractive as well. That is because it looks like an image gallery.

However, one mistake that people make is to not make the horizontal scrolls visible enough. They are sometimes hard to see due to the opacity of the object behind them. This is something you should avoid. You can have different options for navigations, such as arrow buttons, dragging, etc.

  • Old School Fonts

One simple thing that gives your website an upper hand over many others is to use the right font. Although it depends entirely on the type of business or service you offer through your website, some fonts are suitable for all. The same can be said about the old school or retro fonts. They have been in the trend of web designing for as long as you can remember.

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The increasing use of retro fonts also shows that this is not a trend that would die soon. So, take this small measure to make your website stand out among thousands of others. A smart web designing agency, like Web Design Pakistan, would recommend and use this same technique to attract new followers.

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  • 3D elements

Speaking of easy steps for making a website attractive, another thing you can do is adding 3D visuals. You might have seen the newer websites using 3D elements here and there in the interface. Some even take it to the next step and make those elements interactive. Although that does look cool, it can not be used for all kinds of brand websites.

For instance, if your brand is about medicines or health, you can not add interactive 3D animations to it. What you can do, however, is to add various visuals to make your website have a modern look. And it is safe to say, that having a newer look for your website gives it several plus points for its design.

So, what kind of elements can you add? Some of the most common ones are 3D alphabetical letters, numbers, or geometrical shapes. But, you need to understand your brand first. It allows you to add objects related to the services you offer. Not only it makes the website look amazing, but also gives a message about your brand.

  • Minimalistic

Another thing that has been in trend for long enough and will continue to be, is minimalistic designs. Showing less to show more is always a good idea in website designing. Also, having too many elements collided in a web page does not look attractive at all. Also, it can be overwhelming for people with cognitive disorders.

That is why it is recommended to avoid such mistakes. An experienced and skilled web design agency would always recommend making a minimalistic website. One thing that makes it superior to other designs is that it can fit well with almost all kinds of business and services. Whether your brand is about healthcare or cosmetics, you can always choose this design style.

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The question that comes here is how to say more with less? The answer is to add elements and objects related to your business. As we mentioned, 3D visuals are always a good idea. It can give information regarding your services as well as maintain the minimalistic design.

  • Use of Colors

There comes the most important part of a website design. The use of colors can be considered as the most attractive or unattractive factor. About 38% of people quit using a website if it looks unattractive. Also, 48% of people believe that in order to be a successful website, it needs a beautiful design. So what you can do to gain the attention of people? Using the right colors!

This has always been a huge debate that which colors are the right one to use. The answer to that is finally here. Based on the latest trends of 2021, muted colors are most commonly used. If you do not understand what a muted color is, let us explain.

The older websites usually used to have darker colors for their backgrounds. Although it works for some, it does not go well with many others. A muted color means using a light color for the background and add some grain to it. What grain does is that it takes the color game to the next level by giving it a more natural feel.

A natural look for a website has always been a trend. Moreover, it would continue to be. That is because it looks good and you can play around with the concept as well. A reliable designing agency, like Web Design Agency Pakistan, also suggests the same. Using lighter colors can give you several plus points in terms of design and the overall feel of the website.

One thing you can do is to have darker color objects over the lighter-toned background. However, you should always note that not disturb the minimalistic touch if you are going for it. Lighter and grained colors also add up to the minimalism.

  • Let there be Dark

Although the previous point was to use lighter colors, one thing we have noticed in 2021 web design trends is that most websites offer dark modes. The darker modes have gained popularity because many social media websites and apps feature options to switch between ordinary and dark modes. It gives options to the user to choose the one they prefer.

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You can also play around with dark aesthetics. You can either make the website full dark using charcoal and black colors or give it a vintage black and white look. The simple and minimalistic option would be to have a dark background with white or light gray text and images.

One thing to note is to add details to the color. Having a dark-colored background does not mean it should be left simple. You can add details by using gran or vintage effects, like noise on the background to make it natural. The same goes for the text, regardless of its light color.

  • Grids and Distribution

Using separate tabs for each section is an old method for distrubtion. The trend that has gained popularity is to use grids. The geometrical grids allow you to make distributive sections for various tabs. You can also use different colors and themes for each geometrical grid. Moreover, you can add pointer animations for moving the mouse into a section.

It helps you keep your website organized while maintaining its theme at the same time. You can do different experiments with the concept, such as adding elements and visuals for separating grids.

  • Business-based design

One piece of advice that new web designers need is not to float away from their brand’s theme. Every simple decision in choosing a color, font, the layout should be made within the boundaries of your brand. It means that the theme of your website should match the aesthetic of your services. Whether you are a business owner or an individual service provider, this is an important point to note.

Not only it helps you keep your old followers hooked, but it also helps you attract new ones. That is because with a brand-based web design you can make a strong online presence by standing out from your competitors. It also gives a message about your brand and services.

So, no matter what style and trend you go for, make sure you stay within your brand’s theme. Now, that does not mean you can not be creative. In the field of designing, the possibilities are endless.

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