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Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits: Things You Should Know



Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

Contrary to what we all know, marketing is not only done to gain profit. Marketing can also be launched for organizations such as charities or nonprofits.

A good marketing strategy helps these kinds of groups materialize their goals and purposes. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for their organization if they are able to utilize all marketing methods available. With that, most nonprofit organizations venture into one of the most effective marketing strategies today– digital marketing.


Digital Marketing and Nonprofits

Digital marketing is the way of marketing using digital media such as the use of digital ads on websites, promotional videos, and content on the internet. Nonprofit organization marketing is defined as the marketing techniques and strategies used to raise funds for their causes.

Some of the primary uses in which digital marketing can help nonprofits are creating awareness in people using articles and videos, creating public opinion for any social problem, raising funds, and donations for the cause using websites and social media.

It can also be used to find volunteers and communities from social media, promote their brand on the internet and find partners for different social collaborations.

Why Do Nonprofits Focus on Digital Marketing?

Due to the evolution in marketing through technology, the fundraising and donations campaign processes have changed. So, it is only essential to adopt effective marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations that are deemed effective. These strategies should open more doors and opportunities for nonprofits to continue their cause.

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That is why it is only natural that they test the waters in digital marketing today. Here are some of the things that nonprofits can benefit it:

  • Bigger platform
  • Cheaper and flexible
  • Larger visibility
  • Less effort and resources required
  • Less time required
  • More chances of success
  • Diverse audience
  • Accessibility and scalability
  • Effective personalization marketing
  • Customization for a specific group
  • Easy to engage and take time from celebrities and stars

How to Create a Nonprofit Digital Marketing Strategy?

Making a nonprofit digital marketing plan is the same as making for profit. The nonprofit marketing plan is more critical due to the involvement of public money in the name of welfare and social work. So, an effective awareness campaign and consistent engagement with team effort would be necessary to make it successful. Here, we will discuss the main points of the digital marketing plan below

Digital Marketing Goals

The most important and first step is to set clear goals according to your organization’s mission and objectives. Such as an organization working for the welfare of animals must have actionable goals related to that cause.


The second most important thing is knowing your audience to market them. If the audience is not interested in animal issues, then it would be not favorable to invest your resources and time in that audience. The audience must be divided into different groups of priorities.

Focus on Key Message

Key messages must be aligned with your organization, so creating them impressively is vital as an audience does not usually go for details. Such as in the case of animal protection, the organization works to help animals by providing free adaptation services, animal advocacy, prevention of animal diseases, rights of animals in urban areas, etc.

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Planning and Creating Marketing Strategies

The creation and planning of marketing strategies require researching many areas and answering different questions such as what will be a more appropriate digital marketing technique. When and which platform is used by the priority groups of the audience? Who will be responsible for the failure? How much time and effort is required for this marketing?

Analyze Your Marketing Performance

It is not necessary that all techniques will work in one go. After implementation, things that worked efficiently can be retained. While those techniques that have not been effective can be revised or replaced

Digital Marketing Strategies and Tools for Nonprofits

Digital Marketing Strategies and Tools

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to engage people towards social goals and donations. Newsletters, magazines and news articles subscriptions keep supporters engaged and collect funding.

Using customized and tailored auto-generated emails, the funding organization can send appreciation messages. They can attract more volunteers and spread out their messages to more people. Selecting some good tools for email marketing is important to maximize email marketing potential.

  1. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Instagram, and Pinterest are more accessible to anyone. Campaigns made here are easy and far-reaching to people nowadays as compared to traditional media.

This method is also easy to scale up. There are easy-to-do ways to increase the number of followers of the page. These include holding contests, use of visuals with the posts, sharing informative videos, responding to every follower, encouraging tags, and use of entertaining posts.

  1. Website

Having a website is one of the most common and effective ways to do digital marketing. Interested individuals who make donations usually come to the website to inquire about the organization’s details and other information.

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Branding related to donation pages is critical to capture the attention of users and persuade them to donate, volunteer, or sign up for future emails. Landing pages must be designed to inspire and motivate supporters for the desired action.

  1. Pay-Per-Click

PPC is a type of marketing where payment is made only if the ad is clicked. These kinds of setup are beneficial especially for organizations that are running low on budget.

Nonprofit organizations can venture into PPC marketing as this type is cost-efficient. Paying for ads in search engines is an example of this strategy. Every time a visitor clicks on that ad, the nonprofit organization should pay a fee to the search engine.


Nobody in the world will deny the importance of digital marketing strategies nowadays. Digital marketing has provided nonprofit organizations better opportunities, greater engagement, a large audience, attractive marketing ways and personalized targeted marketing strategies cheaply and flexibly of getting people’s attention in no time.

However, the employment of these digital strategies requires some deeper analytics and experts for effective implementation and results. In my opinion, digital marketing like ads and videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are effective to take people’s attention. What do you think is the best way to use a digital media strategy to raise some funds.

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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