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All about Varifical and Thin Lenses



Varifical and Thin Lenses

Varifocal glasses are a customised and latest version of the bifocal lenses with the difference that there is no partition in the middle. These glasses are more comfortable and easy to wear than bifocal glasses. Progressive lenses are also termed varifocal lenses. Varifocals contain three dedicated zones each dedicated to a particular area.

The upper part of the varifocal glasses helps in corrective vision, whereas the lower part of the glasses is dedicated to distant vision. The middle part of the glasses is required for the middle vision and the overall viewing of the image.


Problems faced by varifocal users

It has been seen that people faced problems with bifocals. The reason was that there was a division in the middle which used to differentiate between the distant and the corrective vision. But in varifocal glasses, there is no partition in the middle and they look like normal glasses from the outside. But people wearing varifocal glasses also face certain difficulties. They are as follows-

  • As these glasses are a little tricky, a user might face difficulties in getting accustomed to these glasses.
  • The most common problem faced by varifocal glasses users is that they find it difficult to focus on a particular object through the zones of the lenses.
  • As the eyes and the brain take time to get adjusted to the glasses, a person also takes time to get adjusted to these lenses and overcome the difficulties.
  • Rolling eyeballs from one point to another disturbs the focus of a person and the vision gets a little distorted.
  • They can be a little distorted with peripheral vision and at the edges of the frames.
  • More movement and tilting of the eye movement are required while one is using the varifocal glasses.
  • Initially one can face trouble in climbing the stairs, walking and different activities as the focus is not proper with the glasses.
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How to get accustomed to the varifocal glasses?

It takes some time to get accustomed to the varifocal glasses as these glasses have three separate divisions which sometimes become difficult to view clearly. But when somebody wants to achieve something and if the person has the desire to get that thing or do things, then nothing is impossible for us.

There are certain tricks and techniques which help people get accustomed to the varifocal glasses. It takes around two days to two weeks to get adjusted with the varifocal glasses. Since the three refractive zones take time to make a person adjust to the glasses, slowly and steadily one gets adjusted to the glasses. The person starts realising how to focus on the objects and so on with the glasses.

Ways to get accustomed with the glasses-

  • Consulting a doctor is a must before taking any step with the glasses. A doctor is the best guide for a person who wants to get adjusted to the varifocal glasses.
  • Wear your varifocals the entire day, from morning to night. It should be a regular practice. Never skip or avoid wearing the glasses or else it can get more delayed in getting accustomed to the glasses. The more you wear them, the more you get accustomed to them and will face fewer difficulties with the glasses.
  • Just like we take time to get adjusted to a new place, new habits, and everything, our eyes also need time to get adjusted to the new prescription and lenses of the glasses. Do not switch between the old glasses (without varifocals) and new glasses (with varifocal). Try to wear the new pair of glasses as much as possible so that one gets accustomed to the glasses quickly.
  • We usually move our eyes more than our heads to focus on an object. But in the case of varifocals, one should move their heads to view the objects more than moving the eyeballs to focus on an object. This trick applies when one is climbing the stairs, going for a trek, walking on the road, reading, etc.
  • People who are using varifocals for the first time need some time to get adjusted to the glasses.
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Thin Lenses

With the varifocals comes another type of lens called thin lenses. Thin lenses are not for all. People who have a high prescription require thin lenses.

Benefits of thin lenses

Thin lenses are stylish and also very sleek and thin. If you are prescribed thin lenses by your doctor, you can always wear them. Wearing thin lenses does not mean that you cannot style. Instead, thin lenses go with almost every frame and one can wear their favourite frame. The benefits of thin lenses are-

  • The highlighted part of the lenses are that they are lighter than all other lenses despite having a high prescription. Thick lenses does not look good on every lens. This is because they are weighty and the layers are visible from outside and hence look a little odd.
  • The high index glasses are thinner because of their ability to bend light. As they offer more light bend than other lenses, they are easy to wear and look good with almost all frames.
  • The reflection is very few and more light passes through the lens and that has a good effect on our eyes and it also improves our vision. These lenses also look attractive and transparent.
  • It helps to see better than the plastic lenses as it reflects more light.
  • It allows more than 95% of light to pass through the lenses for clear vision.
  • With the elimination of reflection, the anti-reflective coatings make eyeglasses look nearly invisible and people can see the eyes and facial features prominently.
  • The AR coating in thin lenses helps in sharper vision with less glare, especially while driving at night, and more comfortable if you are a vivid computer user.
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