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Viking Jewelry History: The Intricate History of Norse Jewelry



Viking Jewelry

The Viking Age, which occurred during the Middle Ages, was an exciting period that later influenced the globe.

Although the Vikings were only around for several hundred years, they made a lasting impression. From battle tactics to lifestyles, and fashion, the Vikings inspired people to explore as they had. Even now, one of the most notable influences is their impact on the jewelry industry.

Learning about Viking jewelry history can help you appreciate some of the most popular pieces on the market. Take a look below to learn more!

Understanding Viking Jewelry History

The Vikings were no strangers to precious metals, they used them for a variety of items.

Swords, shields, and spears were designed with whatever metals they could find. Unfortunately, Vikings got most of the metals from attacking vulnerable coastal communities. In today’s world, this is no longer the case, and you don’t have to feel guilty about your investments.

While some of the more popular people in the community wore metal, others had to resort to stones and rocks. These materials weren’t as easy to come across, however, they are easier to find today.

Who Wore Norse Jewelry?

Both Norse men and women would wear jewelry in their homes and public.

Not only did it likely give them a boost in confidence, but it also displayed their status. When it wasn’t showing how much money a person was worth, it could also be used as currency. The jewelry was crafted with the most precious metals, which gave them a substantial value.

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If the jewelry was more valuable than what they were paying for, it’d be broken down into bits. Jewelry can be thought of as the modern coin during the Viking Age.

While the Vikings were roaming the Earth, it was a dark period. Norse jewelry was part of the beginnings of self-expression and finding hope. The beautiful, ornamental pieces would flash all around Viking communities.

Whether you have personal ties to the Vikings or enjoy learning about their culture, you can wear Norse jewelry. Viking jewelry has grown in popularity as new shows have gained passionate audiences.

Common Themes

Viking-era jewelry is easy to spot, as they used several common themes.

Designs, pendants, and amulets often displayed a Thor’s Hammer and came in similar metals. Thor’s Hammer, the Mjolnir, is often used on their jewelry, and many people have gained interest in them once again.

The Tree of Life, the Valknut, and the Yggdrasil are other pieces of art you may come across. Mini versions of arrowheads, crosses, and axes have also been discovered. With interest in Vikings coming from several TV shows and movies, there are other intricate designs to find.

What Does Norse Jewelry Include?

Each culture finds a unique way to express its people, stories, and personality.

Many historians search for themes within each society, including their jewelry. Viking lifestyles are reflected in the jewelry you see on the market. One of the more notable features of their jewelry was their use of amulets and pendants.

Learning more about these options can help you understand the uses of Viking jewelry and which ones you need!

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At the start of the Viking Age, jewelry was simple-looking, but it didn’t take long to progress.

Necklaces were originally made of bronze and silver, but as they ventured, more options became available. Amber, resin, and iron were integrated into the jewelry, and even more improvements have been made. These materials became available as the Vikings explored the Baltic Sea.

Most people wore charms and pendants on their chains, which would often be made of glass. These were the most mass-produced jewelry from the Vikings.

Neck rings, made of silver, gold, and bronze were also popular. It’s difficult to pinpoint what genders wore these necklace rings, but they were common. The rings displayed wealth and could also be used for commercial transactions.

Each band on the necklace rings could be separated for transactions, showing how common this use was. If you want to get a good look at these shiny pieces, they can be found at several museums.


When it comes to the Vikings, there are two types of rings you may come across.

Bold rings that go on each finger were common, especially for men. They helped with fighting and also represented their status. Norse rings are popular for their intricate designs and patterns.

Another type of ring you may encounter is a Viking arm ring. Viking arm rings look similar to a wristband, but they aren’t fully enclosed. These rings were used to show wealth and status in the community and to obtain respect.

Bronze, gold, and silver were the most commonly used metals. Today, you can find other variations that match your preferences.

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Arm Bands

The Viking culture was a fan of neck rings and traditional rings, so it’s no surprise they are also available for arms.

Although you will want to keep your armbands, the original Vikings used them as currency. Similar to the neck rings, these bands could break apart to match the value of goods and services. Depending on the metals and intricate details used, pieces could vary in value.

If you’re looking for stylish options, look at these Viking bracelets linked here. Gold and silver are the most common metals since they hold significant value at the time.

In the Viking Age and now, you can find a variety of armband styles. Bracelets come in endless designs and shapes, making them an excellent choice for jewelry.

Stylishly Embrace the Norse Culture

Learning about Viking jewelry history can help you increase the meaning behind your pieces.

Whether you prefer rings, necklaces, or armbands, you can find a unique Norse piece that matches your style. Jewelry inspired by the Vikings is bold, strong, and beautiful. Use this guide to discover which pieces resonate with you the most, they can be worn for casual and formal events.

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