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Trending and Amazing Balayage Hair Ideas to Try



Balayage Hair Ideas

Balayage hair is a common hairstyle that is familiar, especially to people who have never highlighted their hair. It involves painting highlights on the hair using hands to create a gradual natural-looking hair dimension. When done by an expert colorist, it creates a strategic appearance giving out exactly the results you were looking for.

The result from balayage styles is so natural and requires minimal to no maintenance. The hair grows out softly because the hairdo does not leave a line showing where the foil was placed during highlighting. Here are cute balayage hair ideas you can try out on your next salon visit.


The beachy balayage hair is actually what made the hairdo famous. The unique feature of this idea is the soft, Rooty, lived-in look that is usually associated with balayage hairdos.

The lightness in this idea is usually more obvious in the area near the face front, as it naturally cascades into a softer brunette. For this reason, the beachy balayage best works with naturally blonde people.

This idea looks good during the summer when the sun can highlight the hair naturally to feature the blonde ribbons painted.

The hairdo is pretty low maintenance, but it requires some little touch-ups every once in a while to help maintain the bright pieces vibrant on your face area.

  • Brown Balayage

Brown Balayage

This is the best idea if your hair is naturally curly. The texture of your hair and how your natural curls fall to determine where the highlights should go.

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In brown balayage, the highlighted hair is painted on both sides rather than only the hair surface as it is with other balayage. This is the case because the spirals of curly hair show lightness all the way around the head.

If you want this effect of balayage hair, there is no harm in asking your specialist if he/she has enough experience with curly hair. However, this is not so necessary because most people with knowledge on doing balayage styles are already capable of handling different types of hair.

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  • Baby Light Balayage

This is a great idea. I do not want to embrace a lot of changes in your natural hair brought about by the paintings. Only tiny pieces of hair are picked for painting to create the highlights in this idea.

The painting is very subtle as it is done one level lighter than your natural hair. In some cases, the lighting is not even noticed until someone takes a really close and careful look.

The grow-out effect, in this case, is very minimal since the highlights already blend in so perfectly with your natural hair such that there is not so much noticeable difference.

This balayage idea is the best option if you are looking forward to achieving a glimmer or bringing sparkle to your hair rather than making your hair generally lighter.

  • Reverse Balayage

Reverse Balayage

Just like the name suggests, the goal here is to make your hair darker from some dimensions rather than lighter.

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The idea is perfect for dark blonde hair people because it rotates around, making the lighter hair darker from some dimensions. The idea is created by painting deeper shades compared to the natural hair color on some hair pieces.

  • The Spotlight Balayage

This is the balayage idea for you if you only require a few parts of your air to pop. It is really more of getting attention on some specific pieces of hair and not all the hair.

The spotlight balayage is created by painting a much lighter shade on certain areas of your head that you want attention too.

The hairstyle is less maintenance since it does not involve lightening all your hair but rather a few selected pieces. The hair also looks stunning as it grows, it creates a natural dimensional highlight.

  • Bold Spirals

This involves blending in some curls with some bright highlights. It is a perfect idea, especially for those with naturally thick and curly hair.

The highlights featured on the different ribbons from the colors look beautiful and very outstanding. spiral bold balayage hair looks exceptional with all sorts of hair textures.

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