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6 Great Ways To Go Wireless At Home



Wireless At Home

Even though they can sometimes ruin the aesthetic image of our homes, wires, and sockets are inevitable parts of our spaces. Logically, none of the devices can function without wires or being connected to the energy source, and there are some super efficient and genius ways you can use to improve the aesthetics of your home. Here are a couple of things you can do.

Use Outlet and Cord Covers

You have probably heard about these small, super elegant devices you can use to hide the electronics in your home and still stay sophisticated. These products are innovative and very affordable allowing you to completely hide ugly and dangerous outlets with an ultra-thin design. You place it over the socket, and in a matter of seconds, it turns into an invisible and much safer electronic detail.

Hook Cords in the Back of the Furniture

All of the dangling cords and cables all over your place will simply disappear if you quickly anchor them to the nearest furniture. There are a couple of simple ways you can do it. For instance, you can use basic tape to put the cords together and place them behind your furniture, or you can just clip them with tiny clips along the edges of your furniture. Not only will all of the cords be in one place, but the space around you will be much safer. No open electricity sources or tripping hazards.

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dangling cords and cables

Use Some Wooden Technologies

This seems odd, but it is super convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Namely, the clutter of your cords can be disguised by the slim woodwork that puts all of the wires together and even provides you with extra sockets such as primary and USB sockets. You can plug in any of your devices, and since this woodwork connects your furniture to the nearest wall, you can place a lamp or some decorations on top of it.

Hide Them in the Wall

The best solution for keeping the cords of the devices that are wall-mounted is to hide them in the wall. This will keep them out of sight and safe from accidents that can leave them damaged. Luckily, on the market today, you can find cable plates that are directly installed on your wall, behind the TV, or on some other device. These are so fitting that your guests will mistake them for a wireless setup.

Tuck Cord into the Tube

Why not place all of the cords into the tube? Believe it or not, the problem of hiding the cords is a much greater one than you had assumed. However, there are a whole bunch of devices that can help you hide the cords. For instance, there are tubes where you can fit all of the cables, put them all together, and hide them behind the furniture. Depending on the space and furniture, you can also make the arrangements that are most suitable for your place.

Snake the Cords Through Baseboard Accessories

You can easily eliminate any type of risk by simply including it in the baseline. On the market, you can find channels where you can fit in the cords and keep them there, well-hidden and properly tangled. These will keep them in line with your walls and properly wired.

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Putting the wires together is a great way to keep them hidden and safe from any kind of hazard. Besides, hiding them will help you improve the aesthetics of your home.

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