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Ways to Overcome the Addiction of Substance Abuse Naturally



Substance Abuse Naturally

Is it possible to overcome substance use addiction naturally, without the support of pharmaceutical interventions and rehabilitation experts? Most certainly, but it all boils down to the intensity of mental and physical symptoms and the severity of the addiction. Most importantly, your determination and dedication to kick the addiction will help you naturally overcome the urges.

In most cases, physically-dependent addicts need pharmaceutical interventions to eliminate the bodily urges and withdrawal symptoms. But if the withdrawal symptoms are manageable and temptations vanish with distraction, the natural route to recovery is most viable.

How can you overcome substance use addiction naturally? Keep reading to find out.


Surround yourself with Supportive People

Surrounding yourself with supportive, compassionate, and understanding people can work wonders at changing your lifestyle. People focused on self-improvement and personal growth will motivate you to eliminate unhealthy patterns and prioritize wellness. Finding supportive friends and reconnecting with family members who discouraged substance use will help you maintain accountability.

Finding a supportive tribe of compassionate people will help you regulate your progress and stay focused on wellness. Most recovering addicts have to change their circle of friends, often severing ties with family members to avoid addiction patterns. Reuniting with people who encourage substance use will thwart your progress.

Create a Regular Exercise Regime

Most people who indulge in substance use are physically unfit and inactive with sedentary lifestyles. You see, substance abuse doesn’t allow the brain and body to indulge in physically-charged and demanding activities. It’s normal for substance users and addicts to feel exhausted, drained, and sluggish all day. They just want to lounge on the couch and avoid moving an inch if they can manage.

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Rehabilitation experts at the Delphi Health Group strongly recommend recovering addicts create a regular exercise regime. Addiction specialists stress regular exercise as a potent strategy to overcome addiction by stimulating pleasure responses activated by drugs. You see, exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine within the brain. These are the same neurotransmitters and brain chemicals released while consuming cannabis, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol.

Simply put: you can achieve the same euphoria and satisfaction you derived from illicit substances with regular exercise. Creating a regular physical fitness regime will make you feel more confident and control your body. Strengthening muscle groups and improving your stamina and agility will make you feel proud of your accomplishments, boosting self-esteem.

These physical, mental, and emotional changes will make you more committed to your natural recovery progress. And you don’t need to hit the gym or run 5kms to experience these benefits and brain stimulation. You can take up any physical activity that you find most enjoyable and satisfying. Usually, intense cardio is the best exercise to activate the brain’s pleasure systems, but you can explore other activities.

Yoga is excellent to ease your body towards enhanced flexibility and stamina after a prolonged sedentary lifestyle. You can also take dance classes, Zumba sessions, pilates, or swimming.

Cleanse your Mind of Substance Dependency

Have you ever wondered what events, concerns, or negative emotions encouraged you to develop substance dependency? We feel inclined to consume illicit substances to overpower toxic situations, emotions, and thoughts as an escape mechanism. Therefore, overcoming an addiction is not limited to stopping yourself from consuming drugs. It’s much more than that.

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First, you must cleanse your mind of all negative emotions and thoughts that encourage you to drink or indulge in drugs. Some addicts use illicit substances to suppress their anxiety and stress and stay functional in socially charged situations. Others drown childhood trauma and neglect by indulging in substance abuse.

Addressing the underlying issues that encourage and sustain your addiction is crucial to natural recovery. It’s wise to engage a therapist to help you identify, process, and overcome unresolved trauma and negative responses.

Find Constructive Hobbies

Finding a healthy and rewarding new hobby can work wonders at distracting you and facilitating personal growth. Research reveals that natural recoverers succeed by combining regular exercise with constructive new hobbies and distractions. For instance, gardening is a powerful art that teaches us to create life and care for plants and flowers.

Gardening isn’t an easy task, as plants need great care and attention to develop healthily. The art of planting a seed and watching it grow is immensely rewarding, and it takes effort and diligent dedication. The meticulous and repetitive tasks involved in gardening will make you more mindful and wellness-focused.

You can also explore art and music therapy – two highly celebrated non-pharmaceutical interventions to treat addiction. Creating art or learning to play musical instruments will help you recreate your identity by finding new forms of self-expression.

A Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

Addictions make us negligent of our diet and discourage us from eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and home-cooked meals. Addicts who live alone hardly ever cook, as they prefer the convenience of takeout meals and packaged foods. Therefore, addicts often have glaring deficiencies of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, resulting in weakened immunity.

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Creating a well-balanced diet is crucial to nourishing your body and brain and overcoming nutrient deficiencies to prevent health hazards. Consuming foods rich in vitamin Bs, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and calcium is crucial for recovery. Replenishing your body’s natural strength reserves with essential nutrients will help you build muscular and mental fitness.

Final Thoughts

Working towards a natural recovery demands a well-rounded routine focused on a healthy diet and regular exercise. You will need to plan a lifestyle and mindset shift by changing unhealthy patterns and embracing a healthy lifestyle. You may have to change your habits and discard relationships that encourage you to indulge in illicit substances. A natural recovery demands you to take responsibility for your actions and avoid making choices that compromise your wellbeing.

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