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How To Make Your Earphones Sound Better: A Guide By Experts



Earphones Sound Better

Most of us are obsessed with good-quality earphones. This is why we purchase only those earphones that we hear from our friends, family, and advertisers claiming to be the best. But we rarely think about the quality or test them to justify their claims.

With most of the entertainment and the content available on the internet, we are so used to having an earphone in our ear all the time that sometimes our life feels empty without it. Putting the facts on the table, earphones have become an integral part of our life.

Be it watching movies, listening to songs or your favorite podcast, or maybe having an important business phone call, earphones make us feel their presence all the time.

Despite how helpful earphones are, they are fragile and can be very weak with everyday usage. This really affects the sound quality and deteriorates your experience.

This is why we are here. We understand the pain of having an earphone that lacks the audio punch. Today, we will discuss the tips and tricks you can use to enhance the sound quality of your earphones.


How To Make Your Earphone Sound Better?

Imagine you had a tiring day at your office. To relieve all the stress, you just want to enjoy some peaceful music. However, your earphones are just not sounding right. Worst condition, you are at a Zoom meeting, and you cannot participate in the meeting just because you cannot understand what everybody is discussing.

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Trust us, finding yourself in such a scenario can be really frustrating. In fact, you might end up ordering a pair of new Bose headphones in Singapore. But before you decide to invest in new earphones, you might try these tricks to make your earphones sound better.

Method 1: Clear Your Earphones

Earwax! A gross world. You don’t want to read it, and trust us; we don’t want to write it. Seeing ear wax inside the earbud is an unfortunate reality of wearing an earphone. And seeing how the world is changing on truly wireless earphones, earwax can truly damage it if not cleaned properly.

Method 2: Using The Size Earbuds

Earphones come with rubber earbuds that help trap sound inside your ear. It is obvious it will trap sound only if you are wearing the right size earbud. If the size of the earbud is too small, it will come off your ear, and if it is too large, it might not fit your ear. The selection of the right earbud size might enhance the sound quality.

Method 3: Enhance Audio Base

In case you’re trying to enhance your experience with earphones while using your computer. There is one trick that you can use to enhance your audio bass.

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Navigate to hardware & sound.
  • Select sound – a list of available speakers will be shown.
  • Right-click on the earphones and go to their properties.
  • Now click on the enhancement and tick mark the Bass Boost.
  • Click OK to apply all the changes you have made.
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Method 4: Adjusting Your Mobile EQ Setting

If you are using your mobile phone to listen to music, you can easily tweak some of the settings to enhance your sound output.

For iPhone:

  • Go to the setting.
  • Open the music tab.
  • Scroll down to EQ.
  • Select the bass booster.

For Android:

  • Go to settings.
  • Navigate to the music setting.
  • Select the audio effects you want.
  • Adjust the bass levels.
  • Click on Apply.

Method 5: Use A Good Media Source Player

If you are accustomed to listening to music on your smartphone, this trick will really help you enhance your music listening experience. Although you use a smartphone as a media player, it is not considered the best media player. It is not because of their manufacturing defects. It is simply because a smartphone must prioritize screen resolution, capacity, OS speed, and build quality.

Improve The Sound Quality Of Your Earphone!

Improving the sound quality of earphones varies depending on the individual and how they use it. For instance, some like the loud ambiance of the music they hear while love to hear those background musical instruments clearly.

Depending on what kind of sound improvement an individual wants, there are different methods you can go with.

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