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What Are the Benefits of Intranets for Your Startup?



Benefits of Intranets

The business world has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. Technology has become a necessity. Today, anyone with Internet access and a laptop can become their boss. Technological tools and trends come and go, but over the years, intranets have been a constant. They have revolutionized industries all over the world. They are the reason why most startups work like well-oiled machines every day. If you are thinking about giving an intranet a try, here are some of its benefits to help you make the right decision.

Bringing Remote Employees Closer

Before the pandemic, a small number of employees worked remotely. When the pandemic struck, the majority of companies across the globe transitioned to remote work. The transition brought many challenges for managers and employees alike. One of the biggest problems they’re facing is the loss of team spirit and unity. Once they started working from different locations, employees simply grew apart and returned to being individual employees instead of a team. More experienced managers have a few tricks regarding remote work up their sleeves. They have successfully overcome this challenge by making the intranet a part of their everyday operations. As a result, the intranet has brought their staff members closer despite working from different locations and time zones.

Sharing Information and Knowledge

Intranets serve to connect remote employees as well as those working together in an office. Because employees are so well connected through the intranet, they have all means to share information and knowledge. Those employees that know a bit more than others in certain fields can without restraints help others learn and polish their skills. Because of their knowledge, they stand out, so others can easily approach them and ask for assistance. This is also a great way for improving internal communications and offering development opportunities for employees. Therefore, employees as well as the company grow and face future challenges together.

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Enhancing Engagement Levels

Studies suggest around 60% of employees feel disengaged at the workplace. Because of their low engagement levels, they are more likely to do only what is necessary not to lose their jobs in the organization. Having detached and dissatisfied employees don’t do the company any good. The company can’t reach its goals nor grow the way it wants to. Intranet helps increase engagement levels in many ways. For example, employees have access to transparent corporate values and mission, so they get a sense of belonging, purpose, and community. They feel much closer to the brand and organization as well as their coworkers. As their engagement levels increase, they search for new ways to contribute to achieving common business goals and solving problems.

Simplifying Onboarding Process

No one likes onboarding processes. They are complicated, tiresome, and time-consuming in most cases. It drains all the energy from both HR managers and new employees. Rarely anyone makes an effort to make onboarding interesting or at least simple. Those who want to simplify their company’s onboarding process can do so with intranet as their secret weapon. Namely, managers can use intranets to bring new employees to speed with everything there is to about their coworkers, corporate policies, projects, etc. They have easy access to all relevant corporate data and can familiarize themselves with the way business is done in the organization. Additionally, they can join ongoing communication and information flow and start adapting to their new position and work environment.

Boosting Productivity

Apart from increasing engagement levels, intranets also have the power to boost employee productivity. Employees often struggle with efficiency, especially those that work remotely. Managers and team leaders know how much employee productivity matters for the business. That is why they should rely more on intranets. They allow employees to see what happens when they excel at their work and how their hard work or slacking affects the company and its growth. Using an intranet for a recognition process also helps increase productivity and efficiency. For example, when an employee works hard, their efforts get recognized by everyone in the company. Other team members put all their energy into the work, and at the end of the day or week, they are the ones to receive praise while the company grows. Besides, when employees have full access to information and knowledge, they have everything they need to meet managers’ expectations.

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Increasing Clarity and Transparency

Intranet software contains many tools and features that help managers and employees day in day out. Chats, notifications, employee profiles, and task management are just some of them. All tools and features help increase clarity and transparency on an organizational level. Since employees can communicate with others effectively, all feedback and questions are straightforward and immediate. Therefore, employees nurture team spirit, work together on resolving business problems and projects. More importantly, expectations from both sides are clear, so all misunderstandings are avoided right from the start. In case a minor disagreement arises, employees know each other well, so they know how to settle it without causing any major problems and disrupting the work atmosphere.

Recording Company’s Development

Behind every successful company stand its passionate, enthusiastic, and communicative employees. As they drive the company to success, the intranet is there to witness it all and keep track of your every move and life-changing decision. Every day, the company might hire a new staff member, implement a fresh policy, or achieve a much-desired goal. Managers can make sure every change no matter how small it is leaves a trace on the corporate intranet. They can also ask their employees to complete and personalize their profiles. This way, they will be more than just names.

On the whole, managers wishing to improve their bottom line and transform their startup should use intranet software. Thanks to numerous benefits, the startup can hit the ground running. There’s no reason for you to struggle with employee engagement, efficiency, and email overload. You can put your trust in the intranet and expect amazing results in no time.

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