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What’s Wrong with Snapchat? – Fix Snapchat



What’s Wrong with Snapchat

What’s Wrong with Snapchat? Snapchat is facing one of the biggest challenges in its short existence: It can’t figure out how to grow. It’s not all their own problem, though: not only is Snapchat really hard to understand, but their marketing isn’t great. It’s not all their fault though — after all, they are a pretty young company and may not have had enough time to implement the resources needed to grow as fast as Instagram did. Maybe the app has just grown too big. And maybe their marketing is too soft. Maybe they need to fix Snapchat’s two or three problems before they fix the big one.


How to Fix Snapchat?

Nowadays, Snapchatters are seeing many issues that need to be fixed. How to fix Snapchat? We think we’ve figured out a couple of things. So, let’s talk about the things we’ve seen that could be the problem, and what we can do to fix Snapchat.

Addition of New but Confusing Features:

You’ve probably seen the features on Snapchat, or they may be new and exciting. But now, it seems like Snapchat has become flooded with them. And some of them are a little scary:

  • Add Animations
  • Add Flying Emoji
  • Add Emojis to Every Story
  • Add Emoji
  • Add Animated emoji to your Snaps

So, what’s wrong?

What’s Wrong with Snapchat? The Snapchat team is coming up with new features and options every day. And each time they make one, it seems like they stop short of actually telling users what they can do with them. Some features are hard to find, while others are hidden and hardly used. And while it may seem like these Snapchat updates are out of the blue and unwanted, they have a lot to do with Snapchat’s business strategy. And their decisions can mean big changes in the future of Snapchat. These features are becoming a problem and naïve users don’t know how to fix Snapchat.

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Delayed Messages

What’s wrong with Snapchat’s delayed messages? A big one. Snapchat looks great on the iPhone, but on Android? Yuck. Snapchat slows down the phone so much that messages start up the moment you open the app. This gets on our nerves fast. It’s the reason that the company had to give up on their Snapchat client. So, how to fix Snapchat’s delayed messages issue.


The solution to this is two-fold: Install speed tools (pro tip: native speed tools are awesome for saving time in the future when you’re running out of battery) — make sure your data connection is fast to actually send your data. An app called Smooch comes in handy in this situation. Smooch, if installed, comes with a speed test. If you get results of more than 10 MB per second, you’re going to need to get an improvement there. When you receive a message, send a quick Snap. It won’t slow down the receiving experience and will save you battery. This is the best solution to fix Snapchat.

How the Camera’s On

So, what’s wrong with Snapchat’s camera? The default Snapchat camera is all around bad. It’s too dark, the image quality isn’t great, and the lenses don’t take well to the app’s camera controls (until you learn to change them). If you’re comfortable with the auto-focus speed of your DSLR, you can remove that (and make it darker!) but to be honest it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. As an alternative, you can adjust the focus manually using a slider on the side of the camera.

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In order to fix Snapchat’s camera issue, make sure your Snapchat’s autofocus speed is at least good enough for your liking. Also, note that there’s a feature in Snapchat that allows you to change the focus after you’ve taken the picture. It’s in Snapchat’s settings -> Save images -> Change focus after. The iOS version of Snapchat has a proper timer on the camera. This is so that it won’t take the camera along to take a picture. If you need to take a picture quickly, that’s a plus, and if you’re on an Android phone, you can adjust your camera controls to your liking. This is the best way to fix Snapchat.

Poor Image Quality

Snapchat also has some issues with picture quality. It seems that the lighting isn’t perfect, so the pictures that you get are sometimes not as good as other services. That is when you’re on your phone with proper lighting. This is a problem, since having decent quality images is one of the main reasons to use Snapchat.


What’s wrong with Snapchat image quality can be easily solved. If you have an Android phone, we think we found an interesting fix. Open up the ‘Google Play’ app. Tap ‘My apps & games and you’ll see a list of the applications you’ve installed on your Android phone. Scroll down the list and you’ll find ‘Snapchat’ listed. It’s not listed in the ‘recently used’ section (to help it be updated), but it’s listed for you to install, so you’ll know it’s something you have to get if you want the latest and greatest Snapchat experience.

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Another solution to fix Snapchat’s image quality is that you can install a quality-of-image-related extension in Chrome. Download the Windows version, and install it. The default Lightroom extension works for Photoshop, which is the best Photoshop alternative out there.


There’s no denying that Snapchat’s built a great app, and it’s popular among teenagers. It just depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re a professional, then your options are limited. But if you’re just a teenager, it’s completely your choice. However, they need to fix some of the current problems. This is what we’d suggested you fix Snapchat. Have you managed to fix some of these issues for yourself? Ever wondered what other problems you think Snapchat has that are worthy of improvement? We hope this article is useful for you if you ever had a problem with Snapchat.

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