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Can you Мake a Living with Patreon?



Мake a Living with Patreon

Patreon is a platform that makes it possible for creators to set up memberships so that their loyal fans can support them for what they do. Are you making videos, podcasts, blogs, art, poetry, writing, or other artistic endeavors, or are you contributing to some worthwhile cause for your community and the world? If this is the case, then Patreon can help you gather funds to make a living while doing what you love!


Getting Started with Patreon

You should first sign up for Patreon and set up your creator page. Choose your username very carefully in accordance with your brand. In this way, people who venture on the platform in search of their favorite creators can find you easily. If your brand is not available as a username, you can use a Patreon username availability checker to find a username that is the closest to it.

On your creator page, you can clearly describe your offers for the different tiers of memberships your fans can subscribe to. Patreon offers templates to make this process smoother and more accessible.

Fill in all the blanks so that you can start as quickly as you can. Add your content type and currency and create a custom URL for your Patreon Page. Add your profile picture, cover art, and links to your social media accounts. It is highly advisable to make an introductory video explaining your cause and what you are bringing to the world.

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Patreon Lite, Pro, Premium

You do not need to pay to start a Patreon account as the company takes a percentage of the creator’s earnings. There is a difference between the Lite, the Pro, and the Premium Patreon account. You do not pay for a Patreon subscription; the different accounts collect a different percentage of your income on the platform.

The Lite account collects just 5% of the earnings, and it offers you the Creator Page and the communication tools and Patreon workshops.

Patreon Pro charges an 8% fee. It has all of the Lite features plus membership tiers, insights on the performance, special promotional tools, workshops by creators on the platform, integration of apps, and customer support with priority.

Patreon Premium members give 12% of their earnings, and they have all the Pro plan has to offer plus a dedicated partner manager, merch for membership, and Team accounts.

How do You Earn Money on Patreon?

You can choose how to earn money on Patreon. You can create tier levels for your subscribers so they can be charged monthly membership for your program and content.

Another way to monetize is to be paid per post. You can request payment for each exclusive post you release.

The perks that you can offer to your subscribers can be exclusive Patreon content, members-only live streams, inner-circle forum and chats, workshops, merchandise, newsletters, and many more.

You can create your business plan and integrate it with Patreon with ease.

Who can Make Money on Patreon?

All kinds of content creators or causes can make money on Patreon. This is a crowdfunding platform, and if you create valuable content or are involved in charity or innovation, you can advertise your work and find support!

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Here is a list of all who can make a living on Patreon, but the list is not complete:

  • Podcasters
  • Game creators
  • Start-ups and innovators
  • Video creators
  • Sustainable living activists
  • Lecturers and Philosophers
  • Musicians
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Visual artists
  • Communities
  • Writers and journalists

To create a membership as a creator, you will need to be at least 18 years old or have official permission from a parent or guardian. You will also need an active bank account to receive payments.

How Much Can You Earn with Patreon?

It would be best if you had an active following outside of Patreon. You need to have an engaged community and audience that knows you and what you are doing. This will make sure people understand what you are doing and appreciate it. You need to publicize your Patreon tiers. From there, your most loyal fans will subscribe to support you financially on Patreon.

Your income on Patreon depends on how many dedicated followers you have before signing up because these people will become your active subscribers.

Patreon estimates that around 15% of a creator’s audience will go to the creator’s Patreon page. From there, approximately 1-5% will choose to become patrons. Patreon suggests that if you have tiers from $2 to $100, you will get an average of $7 for each subscription.

Estimating an audience of 100,000 followers can make you around $5,000 per month. It all depends on how valuable your content is and how engaged your audience is.

According to your local income regulations, you have to estimate the percentage the platforms will charge you and the taxes you need to pay.

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How to maximize your earnings:

  • Create an enticing high-quality intro video
  • Promote your Patreon on social media
  • Offer many tier levels of benefits
  • Choose great incentives
  • Send messages of appreciation for your patrons and mention them in your videos, social media
  • Make use of Patreon educational materials

Many creators are already making a living on Patreon, and you can read their success stories for inspiration. You, too, can be one of them! Converting loyal fans into Patreons is not a difficult job, and this way, you can allow them to support you in your mission to bring more of what you are already doing to the world.

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