Why is using Torrent Illegal?

 Why is using Torrent Illegal?

Do you know what is torrent? Torrenting is the act of uploading and downloading files through a network called BitTorrent network. Some questions might pop up in your mind about a torrent like is torrent safe? Is torrent legal? Torrent is associated with piracy as files are continuously shared which are protected by copyright, like movies, music, and games.

Let’s know about the usage of torrents, why it is illegal? Extratorrent is one of the sites of the torrent. Want to go for extratorrent search? 

Legality of torrent

Have you ever heard of extratorrents? It was one of the great torrent sites of the world. Many sites come and go off, but extratorrent proxy remained for some time after shut down also. So, why has the site gone down?

These torrent sites provide access to copy matter which promotes piracy. And piracy is strictly prohibited internationally. The main site of extratorrent, which is extratorrent.cc was stopped in 2017.

The site is not so illegal, but if you are caught with piracy then it can cause problems. If you want to know about extratorrents proxy then head over the list.

Extratorrents proxy list

Do you want extratorrents proxy? The sites which are listed here are updated and sites for unblock extratorrents and were working greatly. The sites are www.extratorrents.ch, www.extratorrents-cc.com, and many more.

How Extratorrent sites help in unblock extratorrent? 

Are you in great urge of using extratorrents? But, the site is blocked in your area. No worries, you can use proxy sites as these sites act as a connection between your internet and destination write where you want to go. If you use proxy sites the traffic from the browser is moved through proxy servers before reaching the main site. This not only will help you to unblock extratorrent but also gives access to the site. You can unblock extratorrent.cc website in this way only.

Torrenting without VPN

To make torrent safe VPN is required which helps in going through your online activity and the content. It will help in keeping your online activity private. So, do you want the connection private? Yes, everyone wants to head towards a safe and secured VPN.


Selling other’s content without their permission is a crime, just like when you are purchasing drugs and selling around is a great crime. If you download something from torrent you can be searched from your IP address, by a small business called copyright trolls. They reach to you and can take legal action against you.

Torrenting is an ever changing phenomenon. One site shuts down, another sprout up in its place. But, the site can raise security issues which can pose a threat for users who download copyrighted things. To keep safe from legal actions, you need to take proper VPN service. To use torrent without getting caught, you need to be very tricky.

If you are visiting the torrent site or extratorrent site, and downloading things for personal use is not considered illegal, but if you distribute the downloaded files and make several copies of the files and that too without the permission of the owner then it is considered illegal.

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