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  • February 22, 2021
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Last-mile delivery is the last stage of the delivery system which is often referred to as the most complicated one due to its challenges, constraints & risk factors. Last-mile delivery is that stage of delivery where the final movements of products happen, i.e., the products are delivered to the customer’s doorstep from the warehouse.

Last-mile delivery is the most important part of delivery. A few years ago no one would’ve thought that same-day delivery would be possible, but due to last-mile delivery logistics, these things are now possible. On the other hand, last-mile delivery is the costliest stage as well; it incurs more than 30% of the total delivery cost.

So to have a successful delivery without any fault, i.e., delivery of fragile broken items, etc, you need to rely on quality last-mile logistics. It plays an important role to opt for a delivery logistic that is professional & make timely delivery without any failure.

However, as time is changing, in this first paced world, everything is relying on technology & software to run itself efficiently. Present scenario demands running efficiently by keeping up with the latest trends. And last-mile delivery trends require to be updated with the latest software so that the whole process becomes much smoother than before. In this article, we will discuss a few software that will have a larger impact on the last mile delivery system.


Onfleet, based in California, the United States, is one of the best software which makes it easy for business houses to analyze & manage their local delivery system. Their products start at a quite cheaper price, i.e., $149. Their product range includes a modern web dashboard for dispatchers, smartphone apps for drivers. It also provides real-time tracking & automatic notifications for the customers. Onfloeet conducts millions of deliveries every month, from groceries to restaurants, pharmacies to flower delivery, also eCommerce companies, for thousands for business houses.


Scurri is a delivery management platform that vows to make the process easier, hassle-free, effective & adaptable. It is a web application & shipping API for retail businesses. Scurry is mainly an eCommerce delivery management platform that connects all the delivery stages so that customers can experience a hassle-free process & track their shipment easily. The services offered by the platform also include parcel tracking, real-time access to track, most effective delivery selection for each package & generating accurate labels automatically. It ensures a smooth experience for customers & the business houses.


Onro is delivery software that manages, tracks & improves business for better communication between drivers, customers & stores. It also provides rich features such as a white-label app, driver app, customers’ app, admin panel, dispatcher app, etc. They also customize their features & design different other facilities based on the requirement of customers. Business houses that are engaged in delivery services can give onro a try to boost up their revenues & reduce cost.


Smartconsign is a multi-carrier management system which is fast & scalable enough to cope up with current trend & scenarios. It claims to be 10 times faster than other platforms in the market. One of the unique features of the software is that it integrates all major sales channels & carriers to give the business houses & customers full control to access the parcel tracking with a single touchpoint. The application is user-friendly & needs no training. You just need to create an account & add the preferable carriers to get started.


Track-POD is an all-in-one solution, a cloud-based delivery business that includes route & fleet optimization. The charges start from as low as $35 per driver per month. The software also covers vehicle tracking, delivery of driver app for android & IOS of large business houses to get their jobs easier & electronic in real-time. Track-POD has helped millions of people globally to get their deliveries. Its delivery for business ranges from the distributor, grocery, manufacturer, restaurant, flower delivery, cleaning, moving & utility, etc.


allGeo is a messaging platform that helps small, medium enterprises to manage their mobile employees. It helps to improve their accountability, productivity by reducing the payroll & other operation costs. It is a cloud-hosted, carrier-grade location platform that provides solutions like a time clock, GPS tracking, automation of field activity & monitoring, time clock, various mobile forms & data collection that includes notes, barcode/QR code, signature, pictures, etc. It ensures a smooth experience for business houses & customers as well.


Bringoz is a platform that provides carriers & shippers with a secured experience with end-to-end encryption. It is a SaaS-based delivery logistics platform that ensures scalable delivery infrastructure & also enables business houses to compete with other competitors in today’s demanding landscape. The delivery software also enables automated & real-time delivery capabilities by planning, optimizing & scheduling. These features also help to manage multiple deliveries that need same-day delivery on demand. It tracks all the packaging from the first mile to the last mile.

Dispatch science

Dispatch science is a delivery management software platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence & algorithm to give you a smooth experience. It is a cloud-based logistic service that helps dispatchers, transporters & couriers to optimize their operations. It is a self-service portal for clients who have to enter their orders manually & can get real-time notification & access to delivery information. It includes native mobile apps for drivers to review orders & get route directions & clear delivery. It also gets the feature of automated route optimization & dispatching data for dispatchers.


It is predictive logistic with a SaaS platform that helps to make deliveries efficiently for industries across various sectors, i.e., manufacturing, transport, retail & logistics. It is also an intelligent logistic that enables business houses to track, optimize, orchestrate their logistic operations. It empowers enterprises to get real-time visibility & a delightful customer experience. Many large corporate houses have partnered with FarEye so far, to name a few Walmart, Amway, Dominos, DHL, etc. More than 150 plus customers have shown positive reviews towards it across 30 countries in the world.


Ingrid is one of that last-mile logistic software that solves the last remaining challenges in eCommerce & has established itself as one of those fantastic delivery software platforms. They provide a hassle-free solution with a smooth experience for best-in-class deliveries. It also ensures that people get everything on the same platform. It has integrated with all major shippers to develop a sophisticated logistic for delivery predictions. It also enables branded tracking & simplified return hassles. The platform allows higher conversion rates with more satisfied customers with a stronger band.

Above are the 10 most known last-mile delivery software in 2021 to serve you for the purpose to enhance your business & smoothen the whole experience.

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