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Why you Should Never Smoke Indoors



Smoke Indoors

Smoking indoors can cause several issues, from reducing your property’s value to putting your children’s health at risk.

ICE Cleaning offers smoke odour removal to get rid of unpleasant odours from cigarette particles that have settled on surfaces and in the air. Its technicians use specialist equipment to treat the affected areas and neutralise lingering smells.

In this article, the experts discuss the dangers of smoking indoors, and why it should be avoided.


Effect of third-hand smoke

Nicotine found in third-hand smoke is particularly damaging to human health and is difficult to get rid of because it settles into furniture and surfaces.

Children are more at risk from the effects of third-hand smoke, though non-smokers will also not enjoy a house that smells of smoke.

ICE Cleaning’s technicians use their expertise and skills to efficiently treat the problem, following stringent health and safety practices throughout. Wherever you’re situated in the UK, they have you covered.

The Company can also remove other odours from the home, such as damp odour, fire smoke and sewage smells. It places customer satisfaction at the centre of its operations.

Impact your property’s value

The smell of cigarette smoke in a property is one of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers. It can be difficult to remove, and home remedies won’t do the job. It won’t seem like a favourable option for many.

If you’re trying to sell your house, smoking in it will make this more difficult. Stubborn odours could decrease the value of your property, meaning you lose money when selling if you don’t get rid of the odour beforehand.

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To get the value you want for your home, it is best to get specialists in to deal with the odour. Once this has been done, you should avoid smoking in the building so that the problem doesn’t come back.

Puts children’s health at risk

Children breathe faster than adults, meaning they will inhale smoke residue in larger quantities. Their lungs are still developing as well, so the impact on their health is very real.

When you smoke in the home, the odour can spread to the rest of the home. Children are often exposed to ash residue when they explore their surroundings and touch surfaces and floors.

Notify smokers who visit that they should only light up a cigarette outside, and if you smoke yourself, create a designated smoking area outside.

Having a smoke-free environment means your children will have access to fresh air and grow up in a safe atmosphere. To protect their health, get booked in with the specialists promptly.

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