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Guide to Organizing a Cross Country Move In Less Than a Month



Organizing a Cross Country Move

Organizing a move is often a miserably stressful experience. Trying to organize one in a hurry is so, so much worse. It can be easy to lose sight of necessary steps in such a state and mess up your move. To prevent this, here is a guide to organizing a cross country move in less than a month!


Quickly figure out your budget

Even if you are organizing a cross country move in less than a month, you won’t get anywhere if you just ruin your finances. This is why you need to sit down and make a budget as well as a list of all your necessary expenses. There’s hiring a moving company to protect precious items for moving, of course, but also the potential expenses for getting professional help with cleaning or packing. That’s without mentioning moving supplies, tickets or fuel, and other such ‘smaller’ expenses which tend to pile on quickly. If you try to organize a move recklessly you might well find yourself in debt by the time you are in your new home just to fund it.

Contact a moving company immediately

There is one thing to keep in mind when organizing a cross-country move in less than a month: even if you’re in a hurry, the rest of the world continues running at its own pace. And moving companies, at least the good ones, are often very busy. You can’t expect to show up at one or call in and walk away fifteen minutes later with a move arranged for the day after. Well, you might get extremely lucky and manage it. However, if you want to guarantee to be able to land the moving company you want, then you should call and arrange a move as quickly as you possibly can. Don’t think you can manage without a moving company, either. Especially if you are moving heavy furniture cross country since you don’t know the proper way to do it or have the resources needed to move everything at once.

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Put together your documents

There are some bureaucratic procedures you really want to get sorted out pronto. Namely, fetching your family’s health and education records. If you have kids still going to school, this is also the time to start looking for schools near your future home, too. The process of getting your hands on the records shouldn’t take too long. Still, sometimes people are busy and things stall. In such a scenario you would be in hot water if you hadn’t thought to do it on time. So, instead of trying to learn more about moving and home improvement, get such ‘simple and boring’ tasks out of the way first! Another thing you should do concerning your documents changes the address on your ID, driver’s license, and similar. You can get in trouble if you take too long to do it, and it’s easy to keep delaying it.

Start packing as soon as you can

When organizing a cross-country move in less than a month, another important task to get done quickly is packing. Here’s a universal truth: packing always takes longer than you’d think. You start, then you get distracted. Or your kids bother you about something. And suddenly, you’re plodding along rather than quickly finishing the job. Now, if you are not sure how best to pack everything up and are afraid of damaging things, the moving experts from recommend hiring professionals. Still, as long as you do some research on the subject of proper moving containers, you should be perfectly capable of packing on your own. Do not worry about living in a packed-up home, either. So long as you leave behind enough essentials, you can be packed a week or two in advance and still be just fine.

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Get the pre-move stuff done

There’s a few more things you should really do before you move. First, you need to cancel all your home-delivered subscriptions. It would honestly be best to do this in advance. At least if you don’t want stuff being delivered to your prior home once you’ve moved. The second task is diverting your mail. As the name implies, the task requires you to visit your local post office and register your change of address. This will ensure that anyone looking to send you something doesn’t send the mail to the wrong place. Especially if someone’s trying to reach you in an official capacity. Finally, a few days before you leave, remember to have utilities transferred to the new owner of your old home. Or at least have them shut down on the date of your departure. You may also want to have utilities in your future home turned on in advance!

Remember to clean your home

An important part of leaving a home is cleaning it one last time. If you are struggling to scrounge up the motivation to do this just imagine walking into your own new home and finding a mess to clean. It would not be a fun experience, and you should not impose it on someone else. Besides, cleaning is an excellent way to make sure you didn’t misplace some of your smaller items. They might have sentimental value to you, and leaving them behind means gambling on the honesty of the new homeowner about whether you’ll get your item back or not.

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Let your friends and loved ones know

The final step of organizing a cross-country move in less than a month can either be tough or relaxing, but it is very much needed. Parting with friends and loved ones the right way can be the difference between staying in touch and drifting apart. It will also help your kids feel at home after moving if they have a proper chance to say goodbye to all their friends in a nice setting. So, for both their sake and your own, organize something to mark the occasion.

Final comment

With the assistance of our guide to organizing a cross-country move in less than a month you will be able to get to your new home the right way. So, relax a little and try not to stress over the experience too much.

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