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Where is Area Code 929?



Area Code 929

Area code 929 overlays area code 718 and 347 regions of Brooklyn,  Queens, and Staten Island. You do not have to change telephone numbers as they will drop according to 16 February 2011. A new area code 929 will be assigned to the regions of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island in New York, and all those areas will be in this region. That is the reason you will not have to change your current number. 1 + 10 digit dialing is currently required, and an appropriate area code will be added after that. Seven digit telephone number is necessary for local and expanded calls to be completed. Special services use three-digit numbers, for example, 211, 711, 811, etc., which will remain unchanged.

On 16th December 2009, NJM Public Service Commission suggested an overlay code for the 718 and 347 numbering plan area. On 22nd January 2010, Neustar announced an overlay code for New York City, and that code was 929. That area code 929 was for the New York City 718 and 347 area codes. 929 area code is the telephone area code in the North American numbering plan. It includes the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the marble hill section of Manhattan. Area code 917 comprises all of New York City.

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Although the greater New York charter was legally a part of Manhattan, it was excluded from Manhattan numbering plan areas 646, 322, and 212 instead of 347, 929, 708 area codes. When the Harlem river canal was built, Marblehead was separated from the island by water.  The 781 numbering plan area was extended to the Bronx, marble hill people fought to get their site back for the area code 212.  Zero and one in the start were not allowed as the 1st digit. They could be used as the 2nd digit, but they were not allowed to be used as the first digit. Another rule was that the 3rd digit could not be the same as a second digit. So the area codes for the cities of New York are now 718.

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And that 718 area code has been changed to 347 recently. New area code is very important and necessary because people started to move and businesses and customers changed services. Due to the increase in population, there was a need for a new code for a specific area. The reason was, sometimes it confused the local residents, business people, and customers. That is why a unique 929 area code was generated for particular areas of New York. Area code 929 serves New York City, but it includes specific cities and excludes Manhattan because it was separated from the town with a canal. It overlays for area code 718.

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Area code 929 location is Eastern Time zone. It is in the Eastern Time zone and is also known as America/ New York. 929 was first applied in the service on 16 April 2011. Before that, area code 347 was used, and area code 929 was created from 347. The 929 area code is not at all a free number, and there are a lot of services that offer it is one plan that includes features for $20 a month and they do not lock parts, and you can get a second phone number on your cell phone for your business or any other purpose. And no additional hardware is required for this purpose; you just have to pay the fee.

In addition to the 929 area code, various codes are available in many of New York’s local area codes. And these services have numbers for area codes throughout the United States of America. They provide you with a virtual phone number. A virtual phone number or our 12 business phone numbers is just like other phone numbers. While using it, you can have a dedicated business phone number on the same phone alongside your phone number. You can receive calls and make calls and also have a voicemail. This is how this virtual phone number serves you in multiple ways without costing you a chime.

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No hardware or software is required to use a virtual phone number, and you can use it on the same mobile phone. You can also transfer your number two GBP N if you already have a business phone number in the 929 area code. The process when you move or share your phone number is known as porting. And there are no charges for porting. However, the provider that you already have might charge you some charges. In this way, you can check your phone number porting page to learn more about transferring the number to GBP N. No installation will be required to use this virtual phone number. You just have to use your existing mobile number.

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