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Alienware Aurora 2019 – Key Feature & Specification 2022



Alienware Aurora 2019

Since technology came into existence, many things have become straightforward and convenient. Tech devices have turned life into a more accessible way by making modifications in the software industry.

One of the most popular additions to the Alienware Aurora series is Alienware Aurora 2019. In the tech world, it earns its name because of elite performance graphics.

Moreover, Alienware is a well-known company in the gaming world, constantly adding new features and releasing the latest model. This brand is favored by its powerful performance of laptops.

The brand has come out with the latest gaming laptop series, Aurora 2019. If you want to know more about this laptop and its performance, go through the entire blog. You will know whether it is worth the money or not.


What is Alienware?

Alienware design high-quality gaming laptops for professional gamers. The laptop of this series comes with a great range of models so you can choose as per requirement. It comes with a high-quality and stylish exterior design. The price of this laptop is affordable and has impressive features that offer you a better gaming experience.

Alienware Aurora 2019: What’s New?

For those who want the best performance of laptops, Alienware Aurora 2019 gaming PC comes to fulfill all their wishes. It has many new features, including an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics card, an Intel Core i9-9900K processor, and 16GB of RAM. All these specifications make it one of the best laptops on the market.

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Alienware Aurora 2019 – Design:

This laptop comes with an attractive exterior design. It has a black body along silver touch that provides an exclusive appearance. Moreover, you will find a light glow on the keyboard. This feature allows you to work or play games even in a dim light room. These additions give a classy look to your gaming room. This laptop is worth considering by gamers.

Alienware Aurora 2019: Gaming Performance

The Alienware Aurora 2019 – pro laptop comprises high-performance graphic cards and a processor. You can play any game without worrying about its file size. It offers you incredibly smooth gameplay.

The sleek design of Alienware Aurora 2019 indicates elegance. To play the latest games, there is nothing better than this series. It comes in many different configurations.

Key Features of Alienware Aurora 2019:

2K Display:

The laptop of the Alienware series features a 2K display, providing you with stunning visuals. You can enjoy movies and big sizes of games in HD quality without interruptions.

Powerful Graphics:

This laptop comprises top-notch graphics with a 2080 MAX- Q graphics card. You can enjoy your favorite game smoothly without worrying about glitches or low video quality.

Sleek Design:

You can have the stylish look of a laptop with its sleek design. Besides sleek design, the manufacturer does not compromise the performance and video smoothness. The slim appearance allows you to take it anywhere confidently.

Windows 11 compatibility:

One should know that Alienware Aurora 2019, also known as R12, is highly compatible with Windows 11. If you have an Intel 8th Generation CPUs model, you can update it from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

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An 11the generation processor found in this monster was released in 2020. If you have a model of this series, you will find significant improvement in boost clocks and bases over their recent generations. It is one of the primary things that insist many gamers buy. Not only this, there is two more fantastic addition, which is PCI Express 4.0 and Thunderbolt 4


You will discover dual memory configuration along four slots of RAM, offering more expansive space to store any size of game files or entertainment content. Now there is no need to worry about storing workload.

However, it offers more than 128GB DIMM DDR4-3200/3400 RAM to fulfill the requirements of games, apps, and operating systems. If you are a gamer and have to store games or an employee to store business work, you should use 8GB of RAM. And the remaining 16GB for all other purposes.

As CPU can approach the information swiftly and efficiently with fast RAM speeds. It is vital for the overall speed of your system. In this way, the motherboards of Alienware Aurora 2019 can hold more than 3400 MT/s of RAM speed.


Alienware Aurora 2019 model comprises of M.2 2230 BT/WiFi slot. You can use this port for Bluetooth and WiFi. It is a perfect addition to this upgraded model.


Many people need to consider this feature when buying a PC for gaming or other purposes, but it is one of the essential things to check. If not, what will you do when you have to use external devices? It becomes problematic when you dont find USB ports. For this instance, always check for USB, SD, and HDMI ports.

In Alienware Aurora 2019, you will find 15 USB ports that are always good to have but always think about the version of these USB ports. Such as USB ports with faster transfer rates. You can have a 3.1 USB port to transfer heavy files from a PC to an external device.

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Moreover, you can find video ports to conveniently transfer audio and video files from external devices to PC and from PC to other devices. But this feature needs to be added in Alienware Aurora 2019. But you will get an HDMI port, an alternative to a Display port.

You can have four SATA ports for SSD storage, offering a maximum speed of 5GB/s and PCIeNVMe (PCIe 4.0 x4)

Power Supply

The monster Alienware Aurora R12 comprises of 1000W power supply unit. It is an essential part of the whole system. An extensive system always requires a suitable power supply to function smoothly and unstoppably.


In Alienware Aurora 2019 motherboard, you will get an 11th-generation Intel Core processor, Z490 chipset, and 128 Gb memory.

Stunning LED Lighting

One of this monster’s most appealing and significant features is the LED lights o the panel, which a high-tech company designed. It gives the PC a classic and elegant look. You can customize the lights according to your likes and dislikes, as there are many colors to glow on your PC.

Temperature managing system:

There are vents found on the top and back sides of the PC. These vents work as an exhaust system to maintain the PC temperature. Dual front side vents let the fresh air in and act as a cooling fan. It enhances performance and increases the system’s life expectancy.

Final Thoughts:

It is all about the Alienware Aurora 2019 review, known as R12. After going through the entire blog, you know every aspect of this product. Now you can decide on your own whether it is worth buying for gaming and entertainment.

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