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Where is Area Code 312?



Area Code 312
Area Code 312
Location Chicago, IL (including downtown, the Chicago Loop, and immediate environs)
Surrounding Area Codes Completely surrounded by area code 773, forms an overlay complex with area code 872
Geographic Boundaries Bounded by North Avenue (north), Western Avenue (west), 35th Street (south), Lake Michigan (east)
Size One of the smallest area codes in the U.S., covering only a few square miles
State Illinois
Major City Chicago
Timezone Central
Current Time 8:17pm (at the time of the blogpost’s last update)
  • Original area code from 1947 to 1989.
  • Originally served almost all of the Illinois side of the Chicago metropolitan area.
  • Split in 1996 creating area code 773.
  • Overlay with area code 872 added in 2009.
Nearby Area Codes 224/847 (Elgin, IL), 464/708 (Cicero, IL), 773 (Chicago, IL), 779/815 (Rockford, IL), 872 (Chicago, IL)
Top Counties in Area Code 312 Cook, IL (100% of 312, 1% of County)
Top Cities in Area Code 312 Chicago, IL (100% of 312, 8% of City)
Major Landline Carriers Ameritech, Broadwing, Mcimetro, Allegiance Telecom, etc.
Major Wireless Carriers Cingular, Verizon Wireless, USA Mobility Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.
Prefixes Various prefixes listed with associated primary cities and carriers
Heavily Reported Numbers A list of specific numbers with high report rates

Area code 312 is located in the Central time zone. This central time zone area is also known as Chicago, America. A total of 86 areas were created by AT and T and the Bell system in 1947. Area code 312 is one of these 86 areas. Various area codes are also present near area 312, such as 224/847, 708, 872, etc., including Elgin, Cicero, and Chicago. The area code belongs to Cook county. An 872 area code overlays it.

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Area code refers to the telephone area code for that specific area or place. Area code 312 location is specified for downtown Chicago. The downtown Chicago area includes the Chicago Loop and its immediate environs. The main code for this area is 312, but if you look in the plane area, it is surrounded by area code 773. Area code 773 serves the rest of Chicago. Both of the area codes are overlaid with another area code, which is area code 872.

If you want to get a 312 cell phone number, then do not worry about the perceived loss of area code status. Those living in Chicago will get a 312 or 772 number so that they will get these numbers because of the foreseeable future. Illinois Commerce Commission spokesman Brian said that if a resident is signing up for a new cell phone service or adding a residential line, Chicago residents will be able to get a 312 or 773 number.

The Time zone for the area code is a Standard Time difference of six hours. Chicago changed its code on Saturday, November 7, 2009, and a new area code here 7/2 will overlay the 773 and 312 area codes. And it will bring a change that is 11 digit dialing to the Chicago region. The state of this area code in Illinois, and the major city is Chicago. The Time zone is central, and it serves a major part of Chicago, Illinois. It covers up different areas and the coverage areas with area code 872. This area is located in the central time zone area.

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Chicago, Illinois, is in the 312, 773, and 708 area codes. Chicago is the third-largest study in the United States, and it is a residential place for almost 2.8 million citizens. The city was founded in 1833 and incorporated in 1837. It is connected with all again, and uh, that can connect the Great Lakes with the Mississippi River. So they can all go quickly. The population of Chicago boomed when the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad was built through it. After some years, Chicago became the nation’s railroad center. The city’s people and the economy continued to increase throughout World War One and World War Two. It was also home to the Manhattan Project.

This city can be described as a business and financial center in the Midwest and the third-largest city in the United States of America in the current century. The telephone area code for downtown Chicago is 312, and it includes the Chicago Loop and its immediate environs. Area code 773 surrounds the plane area, and it serves the rest of Chicago. 312 is an enclave area code, and it is similar in that 514 in the Montreal area covers the area code and two 110 in San Antonio. If it is seen in geographic terms, then 312 is one of the smallest area codes, and it covers only a few miles.

The 312 area code was assigned to the original 86 numbering plan area known as NPA. It was created in 1947 for only the North American numbering plan. When the population of Illinois started becoming dense, the state was split between 4 numbering plant areas, especially in the north. It was decided that each numbering plan could accommodate at least 500 central offices. Area code 312 location works in densely populated areas of Chicago, such as Illinois. In 1989, some areas were removed from the list and assigned with codes 708 and 312. This step was taken for dividing areas. It was a solution for the toll tax. 1989 split provided relief exchanges for calling without any charges in the zone area.

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As mentioned earlier, it was a densely populated area, so within five years, area code 312 was facing a lot of traffic again due to a significant amount of cell phones and fax machines in the 1990s. Apart from that,  Chicago LATA started to expand in Indiana. It reached northwest of Indiana, which resulted in the unavailability of 219 in Indiana. This also affected area code 708, and it split in 1996. All of this happened seven years after its splitting from the 312 area Code. It was then specified for northern suburbs. Western suburbs became 630, and southern suburbs became 847.

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