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How to Become a Beginner Programmer from Scratch



Programmer from Scratch

Do you want to become a programmer yourself? We have collected 5 tips from professional developers on how to become a programmer yourself at home.


Who can become a programmer

Anyone. Anyone can become a programmer on their own. Even independently. It will be easier for a person with technical education to understand some of the principles of work and become a programmer. The rest will just have to spend a little more time to become a programmer.

Employers don’t care what kind of diploma you have or whether you have one at all. What matters is what you know how to do and what experience you have.

Trial period: is programming mine or not mine?

Where to start? Some professions can be mastered quickly. Programming is not one of them. Even if you want to master it quickly, it won’t work that way. To become a programmer, you will have to study for at least a few months. Including, independently. Where to start: we advise you to first try to understand whether the profession of a programmer is suitable for you or not. To do this, you can use the simplest technologies from the world of development and programming that you can quickly master: HTML and CSS.

HTML and CSS are not yet full—fledged programming languages. Rather, it is a set of special commands. They “show” the browser how the objects on the page should look.

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Before becoming a novice programmer, try to start your own immersion in programming by learning HTML and CSS. There are many free courses on these tools on the Internet. Everyone can master them. HTML and CSS can be learned in a few days. This will help you answer the question: “Is programming right for me?”.

If you are already sure that you want to become a novice programmer, then you need to start learning. First, choose a programming language and what kind of novice programmer you want to become. What kind of developer you will become depends only on you.

There are a few basic rules to follow when choosing what kind of programmer you want to be:

Choose popular programming languages. Why do you need a technology with which you will not be able to get a job as a novice programmer?

Don’t chase after the most complex programming technologies. It is better to increase the level of difficulty in programming gradually.

Focus on the direction of programming that you want to do when you become a novice programmer.

No matter what kind of novice programmer you want to become, you need to adhere to the main directions in programming for 2022:

Web development.

Roughly speaking, the creation of websites. It is divided into frontend and backend. Frontend is everything that the user sees. Backend is everything that happens on the servers, in the technical part.

If you want to become a web developer and program websites, then learn JavaScript, Python, or PHP.

Mobile development.

Creating apps for Android and iOS.

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If you want to program for Android, then learn Kotlin or Java. If under iOS — Swift.

Desktop development.

Programs for Windows, Linux and macOS.

If you want to program for Windows — learn C#, for macOS — Swift or Objective-C, for Linux — C++.

Game development

If you want to create games, then learn C++, C#, Lua or JavaScript.

Data Science

These specialists are engaged in working with big data. Programming languages — Python, R, SAS.

If you can’t choose where to start and which direction to become a novice programmer, then choose one of those indicated in the screenshot below.

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