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Why React Native is Better than Other Similar Platforms?



React Native

Since the launch, React Native has created it straightforward for a start-up to launch a mobile app within the market. The platform is wonderful and comes together with numerous options that create it one among the foremost promising mobile app development frameworks.

Let’s assume that you simply square measure about to launch a mobile app for your business? If you decide on the normal approach, that’s native apps, then you’ve got to rent iOS app developers and mechanical man developers on an individual basis.

Two different groups mean plenty of labor, time, and cost.

That’s wherever React Native steals the show. Of course, it’s a cross-platform framework, and thus, permits you to create mobile apps for all the platforms at the same time.

But there square measure different cross-platform frameworks on the market within the market. So, why square measure we tend to stress on React Native? Let’s notice out!!

Why React Native is Better?

Since the launch, React Native has shocked each school enthusiast within the mobile app trade. as a result of this programming language consummated the aim of its development i.e to beat the restrictions obligatory by the hybrid apps.

The Rise of React Native Apps

Let’s take a glance back at the increase of react-native applications. It all started with deep regret of Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook, in 2012, voice communication that “The biggest mistake we tend to create as a corporation was gambling an excessive amount of on HTML5 as opposition native”.

As secure, the corporate introduced the react-native framework in 2015. throughout the initial unleash, firms were solely ready to develop applications for the iOS platform. however bit by bit, the corporate extended the support of react native applications for mechanical man moreover.

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Current Market Scenario

The distinction within the quality of react native and every one different framework is big. Here’s a glimpse consistent with the google trends:

React Native is an associate degree ASCII text file framework with one in all the most important support communities. in contrast to typical hybrid applications, this new framework targets mobile platforms.

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It’s supported the JavaScript library, React Native permits you to form one javascript codebase that may work on totally different mobile devices (iOS, humanoid & Windows).

Based on the bi-annual Developer economic science survey, over nine.7M developers use JavaScript. a new report justifies the higher than a statement.

According to a survey by MarketsandMarkets, Cross-Platform development is speedily increasing & calculable to get $80.45 Billion within the year 2020. It merely depicts the cross-platform approach is turning into the primary selection of developers & startups for react native mobile app development.

So, before moving ahead, it’s vital to know why cross-platform development is turning into widespread.

Cross-Platform Development

The difficulty to develop the back-end that may work for various operation systems brought forward the concept of hybrid apps. the choice was to develop a separate code for various operating systems.

But this various was a time intense & costly approach. Therefore, an outsized chunk of entrepreneurs started victimization hybrid apps.

Although React Native was originally introduced for iOS. Having wonderful skills and options, Facebook created its support for mechanical man.

Due to the additional advancement within the framework, currently, it’s straightforward to insert native code to impart platform-specific credibility. This reduces the event price and time to a substantial quantity.

According to the same, there square measure instances wherever you’ve got to be platform-specific like style implications square measure different on iOS and mechanical man. React Native offers an answer to the present drawback similarly.

It provides platform modules and specific file extensions. The module will sight the software supporting the app that defines platform-specific implementations. With platform-specific file extension, React picks the correct file supported the OS on that the app is running.

Benefits of using Cross-Platform Approach

  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • The code is reusable
  • Easy access to plugins
  • Rapid development
  • Ideal for prototyping

The higher than blessings of cross-platform create it a perfect approach for mobile app development. However, it conjointly ends up in confusion. It’s as a result of there square measure various platforms obtainable that supply a seamless development method.

What does one assume a user would possibly expect from a mobile app? the solution is a superb, customized expertise & period info.

Nowadays, it’s challenging however potential to impress users. you simply want a mobile application that’s performance-driven & efficient. Therefore, startups contemplate this artificial language and rent reacts to native developers on high priority.

React Native Applications offers seamless user expertise & performance like native apps. what is more, it’s straightforward to be told & permits react programmers to unleash updates instantly while not coming into the app stores.

Its standard & intuitive interface makes it straightforward for the developers to rework internet apps into mobile apps.

For all the higher than reasons, it’s conjointly a perfect resolution for the event of the most valuable player. while not disbursement plenty of cash, you’ll be able to get your mobile app running at intervals a brief period.

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Hence, it might be honest to mention that react native apps square measure the long run of hybrid apps. however plenty of entrepreneurs & mobile app developers can be searching for comparisons like ‘Ionic vs React Native’, ‘React-Native vs Xamarin’ or ‘React Native vs Phone Gap’.

What Does React Native Solve?

Advocating learn once, write everyplace technique, React Native with success solved core problems that were prevailing before the launch that includes

  • Iteration period
  • Imperative programming
  • Differences in codebase

Why Choose React Native?

1. Cost of Development

When you area unit getting to build an associate degree app for a start-up, cash is a crucial issue.

If you would like to form a mobile app for each iOS and robot however have a good budget, then a cross-platform mobile app is that the right approach. Cross-platform apps area unit budget-friendly, as you simply have to be compelled to rent developers for one technology.

2. Time to Market

The app’s success depends on time-to-market. This represents the entire quantity of your time it takes for a product to maneuver from conception to the market launch. If you’re getting to enter the mobile app market early, the cross-platform framework is the right approach.

While building 2 platforms at the same time, you’ll capture an outsized user base from each of the markets.

  3. Post Launch Upgrades

If you’ve got a distinct arrange for upgrades once launching the primary version of the mobile app, native development is that the best fit for your business. it’ll price additional as going native makes it easier to manage the frequent updates.

4. Instant Live Updates

If you’ve got a distinct arrange for upgrades once launching the primary version of the mobile app, native development is that the best fit for your business. it’ll price additional as going native makes it easier to manage the frequent updates.

5. Apps Built-in React Native is Faster

React Native permits the app development victimization JavaScript-based declaration programming models leading to a cleaner, less complicated, and straightforward to know code. The framework builds extraordinarily responsive and fluid mobile UI owning asynchronous JavaScript interactions with the native surroundings.

This leads to lower app load time compared to a typical hybrid app.

6. Write Once and Use Everywhere Code

By far this is often the most effective feature. The code written in React Native works on nearly every mobile platform. together with iOS, Android, Windows, etc. there’s no got to write code on Swift for iOS and Java for robot or C# for Windows. The applications square measure native performing on multiple platforms.

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7. App Load Time Reduction

Today, performance is that the solely differentiating issue between in style and less-traveled mobile apps. Reduction within the app load time is that the biggest challenge Janus-faced by mobile app developers.

This issue is simple to resolve with React Native. This platform focuses on memory potency, list-view scrolling performance, app start-up time, and UI responsiveness thereby decreasing app load time.

8. Simple to Retain App State with Hot Reloading Feature

React Native enhances the mobile app developer’s expertise. the key necessity to that is time reduction whereas saving the file and viewing changes. The framework with success achieves this goal with the ‘Hot Reload’ feature that works like magic. This feature is obtainable in React Native zero.22

Giants that turned to React Native Development

9. Walmart

Walmart has tested to be its innovative perspective thanks to introducing Node.js in their stack. Years later it was revised into React Native.

Walmart improved the performance of the app on each iOS and golem with the assistance of fewer resources and inside a shorter time. ninety-six codebases are shared between platforms whereas skills and skill of the mobile app developers were leveraged across totally different organizations.

Why Walmart Choose React Native?

Walmart is an attempt to become the world’s largest on-line merchandiser. Having high expectations, the corporate needs to create a daring move involving high risk to realize a competitive advantage. they appear for various ways in which to reinforce how to enhance client expertise by attempting new technologies.

Therefore, React Native offers nice performance, nearly just like native apps and seamless animations.


Bloomberg’s new client mobile app for iOS and a mechanical man offers customers efficiently, interactive expertise with simple-to-access customized content, videos, and live feeds featured across Bloomberg’s Media. to develop the app, the corporate utilized a singular mobile app development framework.

A development team created associate degree app exploitation React Native and also the primary tool delivering the promise of cross-platform development.

Why did Bloomberg Choose React Native?

The consumer mobile app was an enormous endeavor as a result of we tend to had to transition the complete organization to React Native“ says archangel Lew, a senior application engineer at Bloomberg workplace UN agency LED the event team’s effort.

React Native automates code refreshes whereas fast the discharge of recent product options. The app instantly reloads instead of recompiling.


Instagram accepted a challenge to integrate React Native within the existing native app ranging from the best read. The Push notification read that was enforced because the net View: there was no got to build navigation infrastructure as UI was easy.

Why Instagram Choose React Native?

The Instagram development team explicit that they considerably improved developer speed. eighty-fifth to ninety-nine code was shared between a mechanical man and iOS apps. The team delivers the app quicker than they’d have engineered native solutions.


React Native has the very best performance among cross-platform frameworks.

It is a wonderful framework that’s simple to find out & offers sensible performance also as an associate interface that’s admired native apps. Moreover, some technology enthusiasts take into account that react native apps square measure the longer term of hybrid mobile apps.

All in all, it’s a win-win game for the organizations that wish to satisfy the shoppers with a decent budget.

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