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Best YouTube SEO Tips for a New Channel



YouTube SEO Tips

Youtube has an excess of 2 billion users worldwide. 79% of internet users have a Youtube account. Over one billion hours of video watch time on YouTube. Whether you are building a personal or business brand on Youtube, the competition is already very stiff. Again, the Youtube algorithm is continually evolving. With the recent evolution creating videos are easier as there are tools where you can make a video for free. So to run a successful video channel it is more important that you have unique ideas concepts and ways of implementation.

For a new youtube channel to rank on the Youtube search engine, you need to understand the best Youtube-SEO tips you can start using today and see your channel grow.

Let’s dive in together.


Optimize Every Video Title

When on Youtube, the title is the first thing you read, then decide whether you will click the video to watch or not. Optimizing title tags for your videos gives users a quick grasp of what your content is all about.

Adding the keyword in your title is an added advantage to you because it becomes easy for your audience to find your content. The video ranks whenever someone those keywords it on the search bar. To get relevant keywords for your titles, use YouTube-SEO tools like Tubebuddy.

Write Video Descriptions

You have up to 1,000 characters on the caption section of your Youtube video. Why not use almost all of them to optimize and rank high on the search bar? However, if you decide to use all the characters, Youtube only allows a snippet of 100 characters on the page, and viewers have to click ‘Show More’ to see the rest.

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So, if you want to insert the relevant keywords among the first characters the sites like YouTube Creator Academy have some tips on how to write these descriptions.

Use Attention-Grabbing Thumbnail

90% of the best performing videos have a custom thumbnail.  An eye-catching thumbnail draws attention hence more clicks.

Also, the thumbnail tells users what the video is about upfront. Don’t miss to use this tip; it’s a huge deciding factor for users on whether to click your video or not.

Tell Users to Comment and Subscribe

Whenever a user comments on your video, it tells the Youtube algorithm your content is popular.

It’s good practice to ask for comments from viewers. It can be opinions on the topic or suggestions on your next video.

Youtubers ask for subscribers all the time; why not do the same in your videos? Youtube has put much weight on subscriptions. More subscribers tell the Youtube algorithm your content is quality, and then it recommends the content to more users.

Share Video Links on Social Media

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms. Sharing your video links or short clips of your video on platforms like Instagram and Linkedin can redirect the traffic, building authority for your channel.

Add Captions

Even though this isn’t directly related to SEO, it’s a good step for making your videos more accessible. Many people prefer watching videos on mute, and others may have hearing difficulties, so captions would make their experience more enjoyable. Using a caption generator can simplify this process.

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There is no denying; there are more advanced tips on Youtube-SEO, like how to increase your watch time and using an SRT file to add subtitles and closed captions. These five tips are the best to start using right now and see your channel grow for any new youtube channel.

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Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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