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5 Ways To Boost Your Small Business using Youtube



Boost Your Small Business using Youtube

YouTube is a powerful tool. YouTube has changed lives for the better. Wherever there’s the internet, there’s YouTube. Our world of internet connectivity has brought humanity closer than ever before.

Videos have the potential to change your business scale. People nowadays gain Youtube subscribers and they have good reasons for it. Social media is a place where you’d rather portray yourself as successful. Once you do that people may feel you’re an acceptable content creator.

Here is why YouTube is so awesome for small businesses –

  • It’s the second-largest website/application on this planet with over 2 billion users
  • Videos are extremely engaging and help people understand easily
  • YouTube can help you reach millions of people across continents and geographies

If you are trying to boost your small-scale business through YouTube (and, you should) keep reading –


#1. Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

All of these three things are interconnected. Google is crawling websites for videos. Moreover, YouTube is a search engine as well. Keywords seem to work here as well. Using keywords in your titles and descriptions is key.

Form your titles in such a way that seeks to solve a problem. Or, maybe your title should appeal to viewers who wish to learn or experience something new.

Granted that titles or descriptions alone cannot raise your business. Your content should speak for itself too.

Research promptly about your business on keyword planners like UberSuggest. Once you realise which keywords are best suited for you, use them while forming a sentence.

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However, do not stuff your description with keywords. Moreover, do not lose the essence of a description trying to fill them with keywords.

Don’t forget to link your other social media platforms towards the end of your YT descriptions.

#2. Establish your Brand

Branding is the key element in boosting your small business. Earning more and scaling up through YouTube is not that difficult. Your YouTube page needs a professional makeover.

Use a single colour palette that involves the use of one or two colours. When people enter your page, they should see a consistent colour scheme. People remember brands through colours as their visual cues.

Moreover, your YouTube page needs a cover photo too. Every one of your videos must have a customised thumbnail. All successful YouTubers use customized thumbnails that are clickbaity in nature. That way you can attract more people to tap on your video and not of others.

Organize your videos into proper playlists. Dividing your videos into different categories can reduce the ‘bounce rate’.

#3. Length of your videos

Video lengths are very important. Nobody wants to see a video for 15 minutes nowadays. Short & crisp videos are more likely to go viral.

However, we often see YouTube channels make 7-8 minute long videos on average. That doesn’t mean that a 2-minute long video won’t get any traction either.

Ultimately everything depends on the kind of videos you are making. Everything also rests on your audience type.

If you are online watching episodes of “Family Guy”, you are more likely to watch an episode no matter how long. Your content type will help you understand what length your video should be.

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Wistia (they analyzed 600 thousand videos on YT) says that every second after the first 2-minutes of your video matters. They realised that engagement drops as soon as someone reaches that 2-minute mark.

So the sweet spot for keeping someone’s attention is anywhere between 7 to 13 minutes. So far as explanatory videos are concerned you can be more flexible.

However, for those of you who wish to keep it short, use the reels section of YouTube. Usually, a 2-minute video posted normally could also do your job well.

#4. Call-to-Action buttons are important

Let’s talk about CTAs too! You can gain more traction by interlinking your videos. Using optimum CTAs can increase the viewing hours of an average person. One click and they will land up in another video of your channel.

CTAs within videos can even transform viewers into potential customers. Remind your viewers that they can gain more information if they click on CTA cards. Tag these cards to other videos or back to your website.

Do not forget to simply ask viewers to subscribe and like your video. This CTA is highly effective. In the marketing world, it’s the simplest of things that become very effective. And, this asking viewers to subscribe is something like that.

Another important time for CTAs would be right at the end of the video. End-screen CTAs are highly effective in keeping someone in the loop of your videos.

#5. Consistent and Continuity

Build your audience base with consistent video uploads. Moreover, you also need to form a continuity pattern to it. Even if you jump from one content type to the other, you need to form a chain.

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Every type of content should link each other through CTA cards. Moreover, categorical playlists help a lot too. Having said that, you cannot discontinue a particular subject or topic in the middle.

What you can do, is to create two or three small videos out of one video and interlink them. That way you can keep the audience long for more information. And, through this process, you can reduce the bounce off rates too! Isn’t that cool?


Hopefully, these 5 steps can help you reach stars one day! Making your signature style work is often the best possible way. Small businesses will thrive through YouTube even though only 9% use it.

People are smart around you. They are trying to find the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers. Visit Increditools to get more information about youtube automation. Portray your YouTube channel as one which is already followed by many. That perception can help you create organic followers too! Although, you know that creating quality content is by far the best solution to acing YouTube.

Write to us in the comment section below about your experiences of using YouTube as a platform.

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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