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5 Reasons to Choose Table Games Over Slots



Table Games Over Slots

Table games have been around for thousands of years. Some even date back 5000 years to the Egyptians – one of the ancient Egyptian board games is called “Senet” and was used in approximately 3500 B.C.

We can’t be sure of the exact person to discover each table game, as we have lost track of them over the years. But one thing is for sure – nowadays, websites like Café Casino feature the best online table games, which are easy to access via both mobile and desktop devices.

The most popular table games include poker, blackjack, and roulette. You can start playing them within a minute by logging into your online casino account and selecting your favourite table game!

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1. Table Games are Skill-Based

One of the most-asked questions regarding gambling is, “How to beat the casino”? Beating the slots’ RNG (Random Number Generator) is nearly impossible, but a few players have proven it possible.

In comparison, table games have proven over and over that they are skill-based. You can train and get better in the long term. Looking at the wealthiest casino players, we’ll notice that most play either poker or blackjack.

Even the game of roulette can be beaten with the appropriate training and skills, but you won’t find many tips on the internet. You have to figure it out for yourself and start developing a strategy.

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2. Optimize Chances With a Strategy

Creating a strategy for table games is quite a tricky endeavour. While you can find some tips online, you must spend your money to see the rest. The first step towards building a solid strategy is following the rules.

You must be familiar with every rule and strategy available on the internet. Only then will you be able to win more frequently and find loopholes in the system. The best part is when you start winning and notice the profits in your balance after hours of learning.

But you should be careful with some table game strategies. For example, card counting in blackjack could be an offence in some casinos. You may be kicked out of the casino if they notice such behaviour.

3. Table Games Have Lower House Edge & Volatility

Having a lower house edge means that table games bring the casino a lesser percentage of the profits. Therefore, players have a bigger chance to win at table games.

While most slots have a house edge of 4-6% (or RTP of 96-97%), some table games like blackjack have just around a 1% house edge. Mathematically speaking, table games are better for players who want to win and not only try their luck.

Table games have proven over and over to have the best odds for players, while slots have one of the worst odds. Some players have even mastered a strategy to roll the dices in Craps and strike wins one after another.

4. Play With Friends

If you are the type of person that would play table games for fun, you can also bring your friends! Winning may not be as satisfying if you’re beating your friends on poker, but you can try the games against the dealer.

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Many table games include betting against the dealer, such as blackjack and roulette. In those games, you’ll be playing against the casino.

Even if you’re not playing with your friends, you can still make new friends at the table. The land-based casinos offer a thrilling experience for all players, and you can meet some casino legends on the table.

5. Relax and Bet on a Slower Pace

We’ve mentioned that table games have lower volatility. Therefore, you can relax and play at a slower pace when compared to slots. While slots can eat thousands of dollars (depending on your bet) within minutes, table games always take more time.

You get a higher chance to win and a more extended gambling session when playing table games. Players can also leave their chips on the table in land-based casinos and take a break from betting. Those breaks can be up to 10-20 minutes, and you’ll keep your seat.

Additionally, you can take your time and think through your next move. Whether you’re taking a risk to get another card on blackjack or betting high on roulette. There’s always plenty of time until the next round to make the optimal decision.

Final Thoughts

Table games have proven over and over that they’re better than slots. Slots generate a random number and either give you a win or not. In contrast, table games are skill-based, and you make the decisions.

Even though slots can be fun, they aren’t the best place for winning in an online casino. They are just an entertainment option to try your luck.

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As you can see, there are numerous reasons to choose table games over slots. You can improve your skills and strategy to get better in the long term.

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