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Does Planet Fitness have a Sauna?



Planet Fitness have a Sauna

Planet Fitness is the most famous and well-known gym chain that offers various services such as unlimited access to cardio and strength training equipment, group classes, and personal training. One common question people have about Planet Fitness is Does planet fitness have a sauna? This article will answer that question and provide additional information about the facilities offered by Planet Fitness.


Planet Fitness Gym explanation:

Planet Fitness is a gym that offers its members various services, including access to cardio and strength training equipment, group classes, personal training, and more. You may select from three membership levels when joining Planet Fitness.

The most popular and inexpensive option is the $10 per month tier, which comes with a twelve-month contract. For a one-time payment of $15, you can get the service for one year. For this package you don’t have to sign a contract.

The most expensive choice is the PF Black Card tier; for this, you must pay $22.99 per month and must be activated via a 12-month agreement. However, there are several advantages of joining a Planet Fitness gym, including the ability to use all locations throughout the country and many more.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

Sauna in planet fitness gym is not present. Other than this, it also doesn’t have steam rooms. A tanning bed, a hydro-massage machine, and other features provided by the gym are all included with memberships worth $20 or more.

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You’ll need to design, build, operate, and maintain the facility required to provide saunas. That will be too costly. Planet Fitness’ primary objective is to provide low-cost gym membership rates, which would not be feasible due to their focus on providing inexpensive spa treatments.

Planet Fitness offers two types of technology to use in place of a sauna. You can use their vibration technology or red light technology. Sessions usually last around 12 minutes before and after workouts in the booth. Post-workout recovery is more straightforward with The Total Body Enhancement Machine. I hope now you know the answer of this question Does planet fitness have a sauna?

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Reasons why Planet Fitness doesn’t have a sauna?

Too many reasons make it impossible to have sauna in Planet Fitness gym. Some of them are given below.

It is very costly to install a sauna:

You need special equipment and a qualified technician to do the job correctly. Saunas require an electrical connection and must be well-ventilated to avoid fire risk. Steam rooms are less expensive to install, but they still need special equipment and knowledge to do so safely.

Operating cost:

Plus, there’s the cost of running the equipment and maintaining it. Saunas and steam rooms require cleaning every 30 minutes because they attract a lot of dirt. Other than this, the Planet Fitness gym only contains one maintenance crew. It’s doubtful that Planet Fitness gym can afford such a cost while still offering memberships at low rates. If the gym increases the membership fee, then it might be possible.

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It isn’t easy to monetize the Sauna:

It’s also challenging to make money from saunas. In the United States, because unisex saunas are illegal, you must construct a separate for both men and women. Because of its current financial situation, Planet Fitness cannot pursue this line of business.

Why should you select Planet Fitness gym?

Even though Planet Fitness doesn’t have a sauna, it is still the best gym to join. The facility also includes various services, including unlimited access to cardio and strength equipment, personal training, group classes, and many more. You’ll find the ten different types of machines in the Planet Fitness gym. The facility also includes showers and restrooms, as well as a lounge.


Planet Fitness doesn’t have a sauna or steam room, but it does have a variety of other amenities that make it the best gym to join. If you’re looking for a low-cost gym membership, Planet Fitness is the perfect place for you. You’ll have access to all the necessary equipment to get in shape and stay healthy.

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