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Enhancing the Benefits of Next.js through Kentico by Kontent Integration



Enhancing the Benefits of Next.js

Next.js is a JavaScript development platform that allows you to create ultrafast and incredibly user-friendly static websites as well as React-based web apps. In reality, owing to Automatic Static Optimization, the terms “static” and “dynamic” have merged. This functionality enables Next.js developers to create hybrid apps that have both server-side generated and statically produced pages. The advantages of combining Kontent with Kentico headless CMS are enormous.


Benefits of Next.js for marketers

Following are the ways through which Next.js will positively influence your business results and assist you in pushing your ideas more. On top of that, they can also help you find your perfect Next.js headless CMS combination:

  • Quicker time to market – several ready-to-use components and interoperability make constructing MVP a lot faster. It allows you to swiftly get input from real users and make appropriate modifications without wasting time or money.
  • Improved User Experience – You have complete control over creating a front-end that is perfectly aligned with your organisational objectives and design vision. Because of it, the customer experience is excellent and one-of-a-kind.
  • Better organic traffic – Because static pages are quick, light, and easy to read, Google favors them. This leads to these websites ranking better in search results.
  • Completely omnichannel – Next.js sites and web applications function on any device, making them available to everyone.
  • On-demand support – Because Next.js is a React-based platform, it is easy to locate a different front-end developer without having to rebuild everything from the start.
  • Increased conversion rate – faster loading times, a better user experience, and easy accessibility all contribute to a greater conversion rate. If people are pleased with their customer service experience, they are more inclined to purchase and return later for more.
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Benefits of Next for developers

Whether you are searching for advantages from a business or a technical standpoint, you will discover some reasons to strongly consider Next.js.

If you want to construct a sophisticated and demanding application, Next.js’s React development nature allows you to save a lot of time. Developers are particularly fond of characteristics such as:

  • Zero Configuration – Next allows you to concentrate on the core functionality of your application rather than the application logic. It also offers automated compilation and packing to assist you. In other terms, Next.js is built with production in mind from the start.
  • Incremental Static Regeneration enables you to refresh the pages as traffic arrives by re-rendering them in the background. In essence, static material will be transformed into dynamic content.
  • TypeScript support – TypeScript compilation and¬†configuration are automated.
  • Quick Refresh – fast, live-editing experience – React component modifications are live in seconds. It functions similarly to Hot Module Replacement.
  • Automatic code separation – automatically reduces page size by separating code and delivering components only when necessary. Modules are also automatically loaded using the dynamic import capability.
  • Data fetching – this option allows the material to be rendered in various ways depending on the app’s use case. It is possible to accomplish this via pre-rendering using server-side rendering static site or SSR creation, as well as updating or producing content with ISR.

Benefit from all Next.js features with Kontent by Kentico

Following are the additional benefits of integrating Kontent with Next.js:

  • Real-time server preview and progressive static regeneration
  • Image optimization with Next.js and the Kontent by Kentico Transformation API results in the highest Lighthouse ratings
  • The production and preview applications are built as a single application. When enabling editors to read unpublished content, there is no need to worry about inconsistency or redundant effort
  • The ability to promote modifications for both unpublished and unpublished content in the same environment
  • The ease with which the preview mode will be turned on and off
  • Structured component-based content converted into React components
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Final Word

Next.js enables you to develop superfast and tremendously easy static websites, as well as web apps using React. When you integrate it with Kontent by Kentico headless CMS, the results are tremendous. Contact us today for a tremendous experience based on integrating Kentico with Next.js.

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