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Kuala Lumpur is the bustling capital of Malaysia. The city is so bustling and energetic that you will have a hard time finding serene places. But it does not mean that the city does not have them at all. The expensive shopping malls, lavish restaurants, and highly sophisticated towers make the city one of the most expensive in terms of tourism. However, with proper planning and by reading about the underrated places in KL, the extravagance can be converted into a budget-friendly initiative. Here, we have unveiled the secrets places that you can visit in KL with Emirates Airline if you are on a budget.

1. Find the Serenity in the Places of Worship

When nothing else works, finding serenity in the tranquil places should be your best bet. And what better place can you find than the mosques for serenity? The Malaysian capital is full of strikingly beautiful mosques where you can go to not only explore the Islamic architecture but also to find much-needed peace of mind. Masjid Jamek is one such place that is surrounded by palm trees. Its magnificent structure would certainly make you forget all the worries of the day. However, it is crucial to dress modestly before entering the mosque because people with sparse clothes are not allowed inside the mosques.

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2. Admire the Old and the New Malaysian Architecture

Exploring the highly sophisticated Malaysian architecture would not cost a penny because most of the sites that depict the architecture are totally free to visit. You can go to Merdaka Square, an amazing place which is surrounded by colonial buildings of various kinds. These buildings tell the colonial past of the country. Sultan Abdul Samad Building is the most significant one as it dominates the square. Its domed turrets and the arched balconies are the things that attract the visitors from far and wide. There is also a 100m-high flag pole where the Malay flag was first raised in 1885.

3. Join the Walking Tours

Go to a nearby shop and buy a comfortable pair of shoes to witness the important sights in the city on foot. The city has a number of trails where you can walk and immerse in the street-style beauty of Kuala Lumpur. Brickfields, Kampung Baru and Merdeka Square are the most famous trails that can be used for walking tours. And most amazingly, all of these walking tours are free. You just need to maintain a cordial relationship with your guide and rest assured that he will make your trip perfect. You can make your guide happy by giving him/her some tip.

4. Find the Sanctuaries in the Green Places

Are you in love with greenery? Does your day become exciting when you see natural places? If yes, then you should certainly find the sanctuaries in the green places of KL. To find the patches of indigenous rainforests, you can head to the KL Forest Eco Park. It is located at the bottom of the Menara KL tower. It has nine hectares of the jungle that can be explored by roaming around. In addition, there are also the services of small trains that will help you in touring the entire park. Spending a few moments here will certainly remove yourself from the commotion of the city. The Islamabad to Kuala Lumpur ticket price would get extremely low if you buy in bulk, so you should prefer this way.

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5. Have a Glimpse over Traditional Crafts and National Artwork

The National Textile Museum should be your next stop in case you want to see the rich embroidery and the tapestries. This museum is housed in the magnificent Mughal-style building of Merdeka Square. The crafts in this museum have been imported from different Malaysian regions and signify the diversity of the people. The museum will also offer you to know about the origins of tie dye, batik, and the block printing in the country. After knowing how the methods of embroidery have been developed over the years, you will certainly feel a growing interest in your regarding the artworks.

6. Visit the Most Underrated Museums of KL

Though the city hosts a number of museums that are famous and historical, there are some places that can be best described as underrated. The Bank Negara Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery is one such place that is not well-known by the people. However, you would feel surprised the moment you enter its building. It is totally free to explore and contains exhibitions and interactive displays. These displays tell the visitors how the Malaysian economy is playing a pivotal role in the global affairs. Similarly, the art collections here are worth-perusing.


Though we have talked only about KL, the budget-friendly tricks can also be applied to any other country or city of the world. You just need to have proper knowledge of the places, and you are ready to save lots of bucks.

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