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Types of Australian Visa to Study in Australia



Australian Visa to Study

Australia is one of the best destinations to study for international students. A country with vibrant cities, top universities, and a high-quality education system is what students ask for. Interestingly, Australia has it all. Australian institutes rank among the top ones in the world. They offer different degrees and a variety of courses in which you can enroll.

Do you want to study in Australia but don’t know which Study Visa subclass is suitable for you? If yes, then hold on. As in this guide, we’re going to pen down the different types of Australian Visa.

Being an international student, you can choose between English language training, universities, and vocational education in Australia. You can easily switch from one qualification and institution to another. No matter what you want to study in Australia, you’ve to choose the right visa.

Types of Australian Visa to Study in Australia

In this guide, we’ll explain the types of Australian Visa for studies. So, keep reading to find out the best suitable visa for you.

  1. Student Visa 500

A Student Visa 500 is for international students who want to come for higher studies in Australia. It’s a temporary visa. You can stay in Australia for up to 5 years with a 500 visa. The cost of a visa 500 starts from AUD 630. Once you get this visa, you can complete your studies within 5 years.

Your stay period on visa 500 depends on the type of course study you choose to study. If you want to continue your studies, you must apply for a new Student Visa. You can travel from and to Australia as many times as you like. However, this multiple travel facility stays valid until your visa remains valid.

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To get this visa successfully, you must have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). The Department of Home Affairs requires you to have welfare arrangements if you’re under 18. You’ve to provide evidence to be a genuine temporary entrant. As a genuine temporary entrant, you intend to stay in Australia temporarily.

Student Visa is a short-term visa. Therefore, you must return to your home country after completing your studies in Australia. You can bring your family members to Australia with a visa 500. You can add them to your 500-visa application. You and your family member who apply with you must meet the health character requirements.

The Australian Government provides work rights to international Student Visa holders. Previously, international students could work for 40 hours per fortnight in Australia. According to recent changes in Student Visa, international students can work for unlimited hours now. You can start working in Australia even before the commencement of your course. It’s the best opportunity to bear your expenses and gain work experience while studying in Australia.

  1. Temporary Graduate Visa

A Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is for those international students who’ve completed their studies in Australia. It’s a temporary Australian Visa. You can apply for a visa 485 if you’ve recently graduated with specific skills and qualifications in Australia. If you want to apply for any Study Visa subclass, a migration consultation can help you through the whole process.

You can live and study in Australia for up to 18 months. However, the Australian Government has recently increased the stay period to 24 months. Australia has temporarily increased the stay period for visas granted from December 1, 2021. If you hold a Hong Kong and British National Overseas passport, you may stay in Australia for 5 years.

You’ve to pay around AUD 1,680 for a visa 485 application. You can also include your family to your visa application. If your family members apply with you, there’ll be separate charges. You must be staying in Australia when you apply for this visa. Further, charges for biometrics, health checks and police certificates will be applicable apart from the visa fee.

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You must be under 50 years of age when applying for this visa. You can apply for this visa if you’ve held a Student Visa 500 in the last 6 months. You must have a CRICOS-registered course and meet the Australian study requirements.

You’ve proved your English language requirements as well. Though, you don’t need to prove it if you’re from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland. Your qualification must be relevant to ajoblisted on the Skilled Occupations List. Moreover, you must have applied for a skills assessment in your nominated occupation in Australia.

  1. Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa

A Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa 476 is for fresh engineering graduates. It allows students to live and study in Australia for up to 18 months. You can also work in Australia with a visa 476. You can qualify for this visa if you’ve been graduated or completed higher education from a specified institute.

Your higher qualification must be completed within the last 2 years. Your age should be below 31. You can’t apply for this visa if you’re over 31 years of age. Visa 476 costs around AUD 410.

While applying, you can either be in or outside Australia. If you’re in Australia, you won’t be eligible for a Bridging Visa to stay in Australia when your application is in the process. You must be outside Australia when the Department of Home Affairs grants you this visa.

You can lodge your application for the Australian visa 476 during these days. However, it might take longer to process due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Apart from this, you must attach the complete documents with your visa application. As if you miss a single document, Home Affairs will take longer to finalize your application. Or else it might refuse your visa.

  1. Student Guardian Visa 590

If you want to support a child in Australia who holds a Student Visa, you can apply for a visa 590. A Student Guardian Visa 590 is a temporary Australian Visa. Your stay depends on the stay period of a child who holds a Student Visa in Australia.

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You can apply for this visa to study English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) in Australia. This course must be less than 20 hours per week. You can also get any other training which shouldn’t be longer than 3 months.

You can use this visa to support and provide care to a child who’s 21 or older. To get a visa 590, you must be a parent, custodian, or relative of a child. You must have enough financial resources bear your expenses in Australia. Though, you can’t work in Australia on visa 590.

You can stay in Australia temporarily. Moreover, you can only do things you’re allowed to do on a visa 476. Most importantly, you must be capable of accommodating the child. If you want to stay longer in Australia, you can apply for a new Student Guardian Visa.


You can make your dream of studying in Australia come true with a Study Visa. Australia offers a Student Visa, Skilled Recognized Visa, Temporary Graduate Visa, business visa, and Student Guardian Visa. You can apply for any of these Australian Visa that suits your circumstances. If you want help with the application process, you can contact the registered migration agents in Australia. From 21 February 2022, all visa holders who are fully vaccinated for business travel purposes can travel to Australia without a travel exemption.

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