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What is Hanahaki Disease?



Hanahaki Disease

Imagine that you are very sick and petals come out of your mouth when you cough. Without a doubt, it would be very atypical expectations. Nowadays, “Hanahaki disease” has become the topic of talk. Many people believe that it occurs because of one-sided affection. It can be fatal. After this, the question arises: Is this disease curable or not?


What is hanahaki disease?

It is a fictitious condition in which the patient vomits and coughs up flower petals due to a one-sided or, better said, unrequited love. The only cure is to remove the “infection “by surgery. However, any feeling is also removed by surgery as collateral damage. So you can see that this condition results from a tremendous oriental imagination, which is far from reality.

Although there is a song performed by “Fukase” called “Hanahaki, “there is no documented origin of the disease. Even though there is no myth, legend, or anything that explains its derivation, there is no history behind it. It is related to the fan fiction culture. Fan fiction, or “fanfic” as it is usually abbreviated, where some authors of this disease thought it was an excellent concept to spread.

The term is spread on the net, and in Eastern countries, it got a warm welcome because it has been given a poetic approach since suffering from one-sided love is very common throughout the world, and this fantasy explains the feelings of several of them. However, suppose you know someone affected by heartbreak who does not handle the situation well and recommends professional help. In that case, it is normal to need help with emotions at some point.

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Nature of Hanahaki Disease

The history of the hanahaki disease is that it is fictional and may lead to symptoms of early stages like coughing up flower petals and chest pain. And then, in the end, it can lead to death because of extreme suffocation, which is impossible to eliminate at later stages. The word hanahaki is a term that came out from the Japanese language and is meant for “Flowers spewing.”

This fictional disease progresses swiftly; in some rare cases, the condition must be cured by surgical treatment. After this, there is the downside of the after-effects, such as the patient will not induce the feeling of love and unable to experience romantic feelings.

The invention of Hanahaki

You may also want to know who the inventor of this fictional disease is. The inventor of this unique disease is an author of Comic book series known as “The Girl Who spit Out Flowers.”

How Hanahaki cause

You will suffer Hanahaki disease when you fall in love, which is one-sided. It means the occurrence of illness is based on the scenario when one person loves others and has strong feelings for them, but the second one does not show even a hint or sense of romance the first one. The best cure method for this disease is the surgical removal of flower roots. If you refuse to do so, it can fill up your lungs and lead to suffocation.

Eventually, no specific flower is identified for this fictional disease. But it is considered that the disease involves crushing and filling the patient’s favorite flower color and type. On the other hand, the illness period can vary from person to person. According to the estimation, this disease can take 2 to 3 consecutive months. In some cases, it can last for approximately a couple of weeks.

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Is hanahaki disease real?

It is good to know that hanahaki is a fictional disease and does not have any reality or clinical symptoms like other illnesses. It involves the imaginary condition of the person whose love is not loving. It seems in the imagination that the person suffering from this disease has a mouth filled up with a flower, and when he coughs, petals are extracted from his throat. I hope now you know the answer of your question is Hanahaki disease real or not.

Hanahaki Disease Anime

Anime is a type of Japanese comic and animation that is very popular worldwide. There are many types of anime that contain superhuman characters’ stories. This genre is famous worldwide and has more than 250 million fans.

What is it about Hanahaki disease that makes it such a great anime? And why has it gotten so popular? Some reasons are present for the popularity of Hanahaki disease anime.

This anime is fantastic because it is one-of-a-kind. It is different and unique from other anime and other genres that have previously been produced. This anime is excellent, and a lot of people like it. This anime’s storyline is unique and exciting and very easy to follow.

Similar Diseases Like Hanahaki

You are wrong if you think it is the only fictional disease. There are numerous fictitious diseases similar to Hanahaki. The reasons behind these are the fictional writers and entertainment industries. They always cook and make a cocktail of imagination to inspire and entertain their audience. These diseases involve:

Mad Snail Disease

This mysterious fictional disease is come into being from mad cow disease. If you love to watch cartoons, you surely know SpongeBob. In this series, mad snail disease is found, followed by the bite of an ill snail. Later, it develops the fictional symptoms of illness such as messy pants, untrimmed toenails, loss of balance, and bloodshot eyes.

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Mad Zombie Disease

If you experience Walking Dead or Zombieland movies, there is an image of brain-eating monsters in your imagination. Similarly, the mad zombie disease is another fictional disease and does not contain any reality base symptoms.


Gonorrhea is STD that can transfer from human to human. On the other hand, Electrogonnorea is a term that shows the interaction or intercourse between man and robot, resulting in fictional or non-realistic disease. Moreover, other fictional diseases like hanahaki involve Angel Toxicosis, Inferno, and Bendi Syndrome.


The treatment of this disease is a supportive therapy by friends and family. They can engage you in some activities, and it will let you out to extract all the sickness from your body and soul.

Final Words

Now that you know the term Hanahaki, do you know someone who has suffered from it? Have you suffered from something similar? Please leave us your opinion in the comments. However, if you want to see the Hanahaki disease then you can explore the hanahaki disease art.

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