Hot or Not

Social media followers are always on fire to try something new for entertainment. Similarly, users are becoming crazy about using a new “Hot or Not” filter. This facial feature is trending on TikTok. If you are a true TikTok user, you know well about it.

Besides, the scales and filters of the feature are less than 100% accurate. But TikTok users still love to try it and make entertainment stuff. Individuals love to post videos by following the trends of composition pictures.

If you are new to this trend, you should know about this trend. For this purpose, go through the article to learn more about composite image hot or not composite trends and steps to follow and make funny videos.

What is this Hot or Not Trend on TikTok?

This one of the fantastic TikTok features is a composite trend that uses an attractive face changer with a shapeshifting filter to determine whether you are hot or not. The result will be in the form of a digital format.

Pierre Tourigny makes this interesting face scale feature. After sharing this shapeshifting feature, Pierre stated that he is the creator of about 30 composite feature filters on TikTok.

There are many shapeshifting filters that tell people to know their similarities with different face effects. This one is a little bit different from saying to you whether you are hot.

Hot or Not Trend on TikTok

How does the Hot or Not composite image TikTok trend work?

If you also want to try this filter effect of TikTok, you should have images of various faces saved in your device to the camera roll folder. If so, now follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the TikTok app on your device.
  • Click on the “Discovery” tab and type “shapeshifting” in the search field.
  • When results appear, click on the pink record tab next to the filter.
  • Now you can try this effect by selecting an image of the camera roll.
  • Tap the record button, and the filter will turn your face into another image. Many people claim that the filter can alter you with the most similar personality. This filter needs to have accuracy and give you 100% results.

Final Words:

The final portrait after compositing is blurry because the images from the camera roll source are of lower resolution, along with variations in glasses, hairstyle, and posture. The creator wants to use 36 control points for shape-shifting. That’s why some modifications are expected in the future.

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