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5 TikTok Video Ideas to Help you Win Engagement



TikTok Video Ideas

TikTok is presently the world’s fastest developing social media stage. The video-sharing application consists of ample content from dance challenges to cooking tutorials. There are no limits to the kinds of videos that users can deliver, so there are unlimited freedoms for brands and TikTok influencers to get innovative and creative with their TikTok video thoughts. Finding some of the best sites to buy tiktok likes is a way that can help you to get the desired amount of engagement.

If you want more engagement on your Tik Tok videos then take these ideas and implement them to see the results:


Take hashtag challenges

Hashtags are usually used on TikTok as they are known for generating the success of millions of videos on the application. A few TikTok users have gained popularity only because they have used trending hashtags that have helped them to grow.

A hashtag challenge usually comprises videos that belong to a certain trending category that is going viral. Thus, joining an ongoing hashtag challenge is probably going to enhance your visibility on TikTok. This will buy you Tik Tok views and you will gain engagement on Tik Tok. Keep in mind that you add your own flair to these challenges so that your video stands out.

For example, there was a trending hashtag challenge on TikTok #naturescereal which had 373.8M views. The challenge shows TikTok users making an exotic bowl of cereal including coconut water. #naturescereal is so popular that even Lizzo took part in this challenge.

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Upload Educational Videos

TikTok isn’t only for dance trends and hashtag challenges. Many people browse through Tik Tok to get familiar with the subjects that interest them. For instance, numerous doctors and plastic surgeons have become popular by sharing their expertise. They frequently offer guidance to their followers and they likewise regularly answer their inquiries and questions in the comment section of the video. TikTok is likewise popular among teachers who share their insight on various subjects with their students/followers. For instance, numerous polyglots give language learning tips to their audience and use captions to add to their learning.

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One day in life clips

A day in the life video revolves around a day in somebody’s life. This is an exotic TikTok video thought for brands who are hoping to gain exposure to the application. For instance, making a short video about your plan for your everyday schedule gives your followers a more profound understanding of the hard work and brainstorming that goes into your video. Your audience is ready to see more about your products and services.

TikTok influencers additionally use one day in live videos to feature their character and their leisure activities which gives them an opportunity to associate with their fans on a more profound level.  One day in life videos is likewise much of the time consumed by travel influencers who can show their followers what life resembles in different urban cities across the world. There are some of the best sites listed that can help you to gain more Tiktok views on your videos.

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Apply filters to your video

Like Instagram and Snapchat, users can add filters and AR filters to their videos to add special effects to their video.

Brands can use this luxury to add custom filters to their videos. For instance, NY Fashion Week (which created ample TikTok makers for its 2020 shows) made a separate photo booth filter to add to the event.

Making effects and filters needs design expertise. If done well, it will buy you Tik Tok views and you will gain engagement on Tik Tok. It can also increase your brand awareness and generate tons of brand content from your audience.

Create videos that your audience likes

If you want more views on your video then create videos that entertain your audience. Make sure you make all the popular Tik Tok videos on the app. Let us have a look at what type of videos garner maximum views:

Song Imitation Videos

Being charming and cute is one part of the TikTok videos. You also have to copy the same actions of the song with your hands or entire body.

Normally, these songs trend on TikTok and you will automatically realize which of these are popular. You should be among the first to try those trending songs. This will buy you Tik Tok views and you will gain engagement on Tik Tok.

Tell humorous stories

Telling funny stories to the audience interests them more when you incorporate your own style in it. It is a very good way of entertaining people. All you need to keep in mind is to make it hilarious. This will buy you Tik Tok views and you will gain engagement on TikTok.

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Videos of adorable pets

You really can’t ignore shooting your pet if you have one. Regardless of whether they are performing tricks, imitating you, or simply hanging out with you since pets attract a lot of attention.

So it’s an ideal opportunity to get your pet dog, cat, bird, a hamster on camera and start getting more views on your video. Keep the music sweet as your pet and make sure that you are comfortable in being filmed, too.

The more natural your pet’s response is, the better it is for your video. Ensure you pick the shots where your pet gives you the most natural responses. This will make the videos all the more fascinating which will ultimately buy you Tik Tok views and you will gain engagement on Tik Tok.

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