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The Funniest And Most Unusual Inventions In The World



Inventions In The World

Today the world is rapidly developing. Some new things that help people in one way or another, bring new emotions or just pleasantly surprise them regularly appear. For example, Aussie online casino, cryptocurrencies, platforms for cybersports and other innovations that are aimed at obtaining vivid impressions and financial benefits have appeared relatively recently. This is not surprising, because people have long been interested in creating all kinds of innovations. This article contains current data on the most unusual inventions. Some of them are really useful for humanity, while others look really strange and it is not quite clear why they are needed.


What is an Invention

Before we move on to the list of unusual inventions in history, it’s worth trying to understand what are inventions in general. Of course, this category is vast. For example, cashback casino can also be considered an invention to some extent.

What does the terminology say? In short, an invention is an innovation in a certain field. Moreover, it should not only be radically new, but also theoretically useful. That is, the inventor must come up with an updated method of solving some problem. To understand in more detail, it makes sense to read topical articles on the subject. For example, you can find interesting material on what an invention is at In order to make it easier to understand, we have collected some basic characteristics of such a phenomenon as an invention, which can be protected by the relevant legal regulations, in the table below.

What criteria the invention must meet
  • uniqueness;
  • potential possibility of application on a mass scale;
  • inventive level;
What can be considered an invention
  • programs and developments;
  • methods of human activity;
  • designs and schemes;
  • new plant or animal species, etc.
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This is a rather simplified version of the description of the invention concept itself. For more details, see the Wikipedia article available at, as well as other articles.

Why Inventions Are Needed at All

If we talk about unusual inventions that changed the world, it is quite natural to ask whether inventions are needed at all nowadays. And this question will be tricky: in fact, everything that exists in the modern world and helps people in their daily tasks falls into the category of inventions.

But another question is more relevant – which inventions humanity really needs. For example, the nuclear bomb is also an invention, except that it is definitely not useful. We can briefly highlight such characteristics of inventions, which are necessary for modern people:

  • usefulness – the innovation must have a practical nature, for example, to help perform some task, to simplify a number of processes;
  • real possibility of use – if the invention looks practical, but it is impossible to use it for some reasons (for example, it is difficult to carry out production), then it will not make any sense either;
  • compliance with modern trends – any innovation should correspond to the latest changes in the world, because now everything is rapidly transforming, which means that those parameters which might have been relevant a few decades ago are no longer needed.

This is just a rough list. Of course, the question of social need itself is much broader. People have a powerful craving to obtain new emotions and impressions, to continually simplify their own lives and its individual processes. Therefore, it is quite difficult to say for sure which inventions will be in demand here and now. It is important to understand that our needs are constantly changing. Inventions that were sensational in the last century now seem merely amusing. In the same way, any unique development can easily be overridden by something newer, more interesting, more modern. But this is not a reason to abandon the idea of inventing something, or the study of existing inventions.

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The Most Interesting Inventions

In this article we tried to collect for you some of the most interesting and in some ways even funny inventions. Of course, not all of them have the possibility of practical application in the modern world, and some of them even look ridiculous. But they are definitely worth your attention.

Accident prediction systems

Every driver knows that no one is safe from getting into an accident. Modern cars are already equipped with a system that can notify emergency services where to go to help an injured person if necessary.

However, employees at the University of Michigan have gone a step further in their work. They have come up with systems that can predict emergency situations in advance. Their work will be carried out thanks to special built-in sensors.

If we talk about the practical benefits this brings to drivers, everything is obvious: the rescue team will arrive at the scene of the accident already more prepared. Special sensors will analyze what happened and, based on this, will be able to roughly understand what injuries the victim has suffered.

Tissue Can Now Function as a Charger

All modern people are dependent on their gadgets to one degree or another. Physicist David Carroll decided to think about how he can simplify the life of modern people who face such a problem.

The professional invented a special “electric tissue”. The name is rather conventional, but it fully corresponds to the principle of the invention. This fabric can really recharge various devices! The idea is that due to temperature differences in different parts of the fabric, electricity is generated. According to the scientist’s plan, it is enough to make a lining for a pocket from such fabric, so that a person could take his gadget out of it already charged. This could be very convenient, but for now it is not clear how to achieve high charging speed.

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Automated Head Wash

Everyone has probably been too lazy to wash his hair at least once in his life. Scientists are ready to solve even this problem! Relatively recently, the Americans invented a small automated device that can wash your hair without human involvement at all.

All that is required from the user is to put his head on the device, which visually is a bit like a washbasin. It has special elements that can qualitatively wash your hair in just fifteen minutes. Moreover, the hair is not just rinsed with water, a shampoo and even a balm can be applied to it. Of course, it is hardly practical to buy such a device for home use, especially if it is released, it will be quite expensive, but for prone use opportunities are great.

Portable Diagnostics

This is an invention, the possibilities of which we can already observe in our lives. Everyone probably has an app installed in his smartphone that measures steps. It is precisely these kinds of devices that are considered to be portable diagnostics.

Now the field is expanding rapidly. It is expected that in a few years it will be enough to point a smartphone camera at your plate with some food to find out how many calories it contains. In the future, we can even expect portable medical diagnoses.

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