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How to Re-Engineer iOS application into Android application?



iOS application into Android application

Having an iOS app for small, moderate, or large level businesses is great. But sometimes, focusing on a single platform like iOS is not so profitable. Nowadays, most people prefer applications that can work on various famous platforms like Android, Windows. The users of Android devices are more in comparison with iPhone users. 

Currently, 3.14 million apps are available at the Google Play store, and 2.09 million apps are available at the Apple App Store.

On Google Play Store, app availability is more than an iOS app store. In addition, the Android app store is one of the biggest app stores; these are the significant reasons why businesses are converting their iOS app into Android app.  

Here in this write-up, I have focused on few pointers that are:

  • Business Benefits Of Converting iOS App to Android App
  • Transforming iOS App into Android App
  • Major Challenges on Porting iOS App to Android App
  • Converting Cost of An iPhone App to Android App

Let’s move further and start with knowing some essentials things

Business Benefits Of Converting iOS App to Android App

Benefits Of Converting iOS App to Android App

Image Source: Android: Gadget Hacks

The parameters stated below describe how the conversion of iOS app to Android App is beneficial for various business verticals (startups, SMEs, and large enterprises). 

  • Universal Market Reach: Businesses will be able to target Android users that make around 72% share of the worldwide mobile market. Doing so will support targeting widespread users.   
  • More and More Features: Businesses can leverage the multiple features that Android offers its users over the iPhone to satisfy their target audience. This incorporates the Android intents, back navigation button, Android widgets, push notifications, and so on.
  • Save on Resources: Businesses can avoid the cost of long-term hiring Android app development services as within a short time, you will be easily able to create something new. By converting the iOS to Android app, you are utilizing the same basic design and structure. This will save businesses money as well as time.
  • Get High ROI: Through iOS app to Android app conversion, the business will be able to target a global audience of both iOS and Android. Moreover, you will also get access to millions of new users.
  • More Money Making: When a business will run apps on both platforms, Android and iOS, then profit by monetizing will increase. So if you want, then you can hire iOS app developers and Android app developers to build a leading application. 
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So if you want your business to get such excellent benefits, then think of converting an iOS app into an Android app. For this, you can hire Android apps developers India working in a reliable and top android app development company. This will help you out building leading Android applications.  

Transforming iOS App into Android App

iOS App into Android App

Image Source: TechCrunch

There are various elements and steps that you should not skip working on the Android app development. For creating and converting an iOS app to Android successfully, proper planning is very necessary. So here, view the essential parameters that you should consider while porting the iOS app into the Android app.

Step 1: App Designing

The primary step of converting the iOS app to an Android app is designing. The two OS environments (iOS and Android) are totally dissimilar from each other, so the development and Android and iPhone app design process also vary. So, while converting an iOS app to an Android app, avoid copying the elements of design. Creating a design can help you offer a unique look to the applications. The real innovation of the interface provides flexibility in elements (icons, texts, lights, shapes, images).

A few of the major design difference between the iPhone app and Android app are:

  • Button Shape: Square on Android and round on iOS
  • Icon and Font Size: For Android- measured in points (pt) and pixels (px) for Apple platform.
  • Lists: Left-pointing arrows in Android and right in Apple
  • Tabs: Usually found at the bottom of the screen in Android and at the top in Apple

Additionally, Bottom Sheets, Checkbox, Lists, Switch, RadioButton, Text fields, and more are also the key component of designing that you should consider while porting the iOS app into the Android app. Focusing on this, you will successfully be able to complete the first step of converting an iOS app into an Android app.

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Step 2: Android App Architecture

While transforming the iOS app into an Android application, you should first set a proper version limit based on the target audience and application features. For Android application development, it is best to describe the compatibility with the most up-to-date version, which will be supported by the app. According to Statista, the Oreo 8.1 and above versions generally cover around 76% of Android mobile devices globally.

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So, it is a crucial consideration while working with the designing architecture part. Moreover, also focus on the peculiarities & differences of converting the iPhone App to Android. This you can do by reviewing the app features, functionalities, and architecture with other OS versions.  

Step 3: Coding

While porting the iOS app into the Android app, you need to rewrite the app code from starting to end. While iOS app development, the code is written using the basic version of C; this can be reused while covering the app into Android. This makes converting the apple app to an Android app easier. Moreover, if you are generating the code from scratch, PhoneGap or Xamarin can be utilized to build cross-platform apps.

Here I have listed the tech stack that summarizes the components much needed before you start with the conversion exercise of iOS app to Android app.

Key Dimensions iOS Android
Programming Language/ Technologies Swift 4, or


Kotlin, or


Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) AppCode, or

Xcode 9+

Latest Android Studio
Development OS Latest Mac OS X Ubuntu, Mac OS
Target OS iOS 14+,

watchOS 7.0+,

tvOS 14+

Android 11 (API level 30)
App Store iTunes App Store Google Play,

Amazon, etc.

 Well, while creating the mobile app, you may require external tools and libraries. In addition to this, you can also use 3rd party service if needed:

  • Payment: GooglePay, Paypal
  • Social Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc
  • Analytics: Fabric, Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Mixpanel

You may also face issues while coding the Android app, so to resolve, choose the Android developer for hire alternative. 

Step 4: Testing and Release

For successful conversion of iOS app to Android app, you should perform the serious quality testing procedure. It involves mobile app testing during and after app development. Key testing phases:  

  • Integration testing of software modules
  • Validation testing: Checking the final product meeting business need or not.
  • User scenario testing
  • Beta testing with an analysis of real-time data

Once after completing the testing phase successfully, you can launch the Android application at Google Play Store and can further begin marketing campaigns.

Well, you can also convert your Android app into an iOS app, but this will be quite complicated for doing so; you can hire dedicated iOS app developers or avail of iOS application development services from the best iPhone app development companies. 

Major Challenges on Porting iOS App to Android App

While converting an iOS App to a mobile application, few challenges users may confront, some of them are stated below:

Porting iOS App to Android App

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

  • Code Porting: Apple devices use Swift/Objective-C programming, while Android apps are formed using Java and Kotlin programming languages. Converting the already written program in another language is a daunting task. So, more time and work may be required to form the same feature for different platforms.
  • Different Screen Sizes & Resolutions: Forming an Android app based on iOS UI design for varying screen dimensions is one of the biggest challenges. So making an app matching different screen sizes and resolutions can be hard. 
  • Framework and Libraries: Well, sometimes issues occur when frameworks and libraries integrated into the app just support a single platform. In order to solve this sort of issue, it is necessary to utilize third-party libraries supporting both Android and iOS.
  • Navigation: Android toggles, tabs, and buttons are square in shape, where iOS elements are round with smooth edges. So, to offer the look and feel of Android navigation bars, you may require extra effort.

If you don’t want to face such issues or for resolving such sort issues, instantly hire Android programmers from the best Android app development company in India. 

Converting Cost of An iPhone App to Android App

Converting Cost

Image Source: Mobiloitte

The conversion cost of an iPhone app to an Android App totally depends on the complexity level of the application, which means what sort of technology, features, and functionalities the application includes. The minimum price of a small app conversion may start from $3000. In addition, the cost also depends on the various factors as the size of an app, location from where you are hiring the top mobile apps developers, etc.

Wrapping Up

Conversion of iOS app to Android app requires vital strategic planning and design consideration. If you want to be successful in transforming the iOS app to the Android app, you must focus on the whole process thoroughly. If you are not from a technical background, I will recommend you not to follow the hit and trial method as it can affect the app’s working very badly.

Now you might be pondering how to make the conversion process easy and fast. Well, to do so, hire Android developers working in the reliable custom mobile app development company in India. This will not only support businesses make the process simple and agile but will also support building the leading Android app. 

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