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Kahoot! – Free Game-Based Learning Platform




This platform makes game-based learning fun and easy for both teachers and students. As kids nowadays are truly interested in playing games and they are always striving to learn new games and play them. Here Kahoot! Help teachers and students to learn to game. It is generally a quiz-based learning platform that enables you to learn in a hybrid fashion. It maintains a peaceful classroom environment and focuses on making learning fun and enjoyable. It has many ways to engage you to keep on learning without letting you get bored.

This free cloud-based platform is created to make a useful way to bring online learning enhancing teaching instead of compromising. The aim is to enhance the student’s ability to digest more and keep on learning. Generally, Kahoot! Is all about learning based on research. It is designed for all ages and sexes. It is all free to use and enhance your abilities in gaming.


About Kahoot!

It is a quiz platform based on the cloud. This is ideal for most students and teachers. It is not only fun for students but also makes them social. It enables them to interact with both the physical and digital world. It is applicable mostly on all devices. You can perform Kahoot! Login access through old computers, smartphones, and tabs. Since this cloud-based platform allows you to create your quizzes and it is possible to enhance your creativity and you will get a lot of learning opportunities from this platform. It offers more than 40,000 games that are being created and gives access to it to learn from it and enable them to make it quick and get started. It is an ideal way to learn from a distance. Let’s discuss some of the good things about it.

  • It is completely free.
  • Enables you to learn from a distance.
  • You can get access to more than 40,000 games.
  • It is easy to register on this platform.

How Does It Work?

If we talk about its basics, it offers a question and then provides options for multiple choice answers for that question. These choices can be accompanied by images and videos to make it more attractive. While it can also be used in the classroom and it’s ideal for remote learning use. It will be a good idea for teachers to set a quiz and they should wait to see the scores of the student when they finish. They can also carry out a live quiz through videos and with apps like Meet and Zoom to be there being students are facing challenges. While there is some timer-based quiz mode and you can also turn it off. Being a teacher you may also set a complex task for your student that needs some research. From the results, then the teacher can have a glance at the score and get an idea that how is the progress of the class. Teachers can also make a judgment whether more effort is needed or not.

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How To Create An Account On Kahoot!?

If you want to get access to this platform you need to create an account on it. Hence to create an account you need to reach its official website and then you may continue ahead. Let’s discuss in several steps that how you can create your account on this platform.

Step#1:The first step to getting started with it is to open its official website sign up for a free account. Here you need to click on the sign-in button there you need to set your email and password to re-login again.

Step#2:Now it’s time to select your teacher and also the degree of your level either school, college, or higher education.

Step#3:Now you need to register your email and password with Microsoft and Google account. No need if your school already uses google classroom or teams of Microsoft. Once you signed up now it’s time to reach towards quizzes or you may choose one of the options that are created already.

Step#4:At the end to create your quizzes you may choose the questioning option from where you can get important questions for your students.

Following these steps, you can start with Kahoot!. With time, you will use it like experts and attain a lot of being learning being a student or teacher. Thousands of questions are available on this platform to create a quiz to test your students in a class.

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Who Can Use Kahoot!?

As this platform is online-based then it can work across most devices including smartphones, laptops, Chromebooks, desktop machines, and tablets. It runs in both app and browser window form. It’s both versions are available on IOS and android. The good thing about Kahoot! The platform is it works with Microsoft. This platform has been created for all those who are interested to learn. There is no specification for ages and sexes.

Missions Of Kahoot!

It is a learning-based platform the ultimate aim of it is to spread learning and build interest among the students to learn. That is the reason educators on this platform try to make quizzes interesting so that each student should participate for the sake of learning. It is an aim to make learning interesting and there should be lifelong learning. It combines both fun and social ways to make it interesting so that learners should digest it easily. It enables all of us to learn without any age difference and sexes. Presenting it in a manner that should influence every learner. That way they are on a mission to make learning awesome and interesting. They do this by collecting the past experiences of their users. Along with this, they are on a mission to make this platform the top learning platform in the world. They aimed this thing by considering to educate students effectively and enhance their frontiers of knowledge. Most of the students run away from learning things because they are unable to build interest but here on this platform their quizzes are designed as per their mentality and interests. Video and pictorial presentations build their interest in learning and help them digest it.

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Features Of Kahoot

If you look towards it by the sense of learning it has numerous features. Its valuable feature helps out students in many ways in terms to learn something. These features include:


It improves the understanding of the students and helps them observe things properly. To measure analyzing ability of a student provides you result from where you will come to know about analyzing the ability of a student. It enables them to think about a specific thing and present their idea about it.


It is one of the best features on this platform that enables students to fight against their previous scores and perform better than that. It lets them improve and keep on learning. It may also allow going on a quiz more than one time. This is because the students should absorb the information deeply and enhance their ability of learning. Repetition of the quiz is also good to overcome the mistakes the student makes at the first impression and move on with excellence.


It is one of the helpful features of this platform. Here you need to take advantage of others’ efforts and get an idea that how you can create your quiz and expect the best possible results from it. As there are many users of this platform to create their quizzes. There are numerous quizzes available on this platform created by different educators. You may use these quizzes free of cost without paying a single penny. To create an attractive quiz. It is best to have a glance at most of the quizzes and extract suitable questions for your quiz. In short copy from others.

Use Media

You may also add videos and images to your quiz straight away from YouTube and other galleries. It is generally considered that watching AMD learn process is good to have quality learning. The addition of videos in your quizzes will enable you to learn more effectively and that thing will remain in your memory for a long time. They knew this thing that they will be questioned for what they watched in the videos. You can also add different images too to make it more attractive and if you are associated with iOS then you may add your drawing as well.

Assess Student First

It’s a technique that is applied that before teaching some you must have a glance at its previous knowledge. You can do this by taking some tests or also you may get some imagination from its score in the quizzes. From the past education of the student, you may set the quizzes as per the expertise of the student. As mentioned previously adding videos can help your students to digest things easily and it will be effective learning for them. More will be the strong base of a student less effort will be needed to make him/her understand things.

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Fun-Learning On Kahoot!

Being a student you may find it difficult to digest theoretical things without doing any practical thing. On Kahoot! Learning will be all fun. Your teacher will create a quiz for you and will include videos and images to make it interesting and easy for you to digest these things. There will be funny videos also with drop messages that will be included in your quiz to build your interest and enhance your interest to take quizzes on daily basis. You can also create your quizzes on this platform and if you need any sort of help then there are many samples from where you may get an idea. E-learning is kind of a revolution in the modern education system. This platform is rapidly enhancing its influence because of its well-created quizzes and pictorial representations. Many students enjoy while taking quizzes from this platform and it also helps teachers a lot to provide a better understanding to their students. It is a game-based learning platform for people that provides a lot of learning while having fun. Students also feel some sense of responsibility while appearing in the quizzes at this platform and they do research on the given topics to score well in quizzes.

Kahoot! History

This platform was founded in 2012 by three persons these include Johan brand, Morten Versvik, and Jamie Brooker. It was designed in the  Norwegian University of Science and Technology ( NTNU ), teamed up with university professors and later they were joined by entrepreneurs to boost up this platform. The complete technology is based on Kahoot!. In march 2013 this platform was launched in private beta at SXSWedu. It was open to the public in September 2013. Building a company for the sake of learning they have also chosen to address the classroom first but generally, it seems game-based learning is now pop culture. Today the culture of this platform has reached far than that of classes and it is recommended to use at high-level learnings. It is nowadays played in business sessions, at support, and at cultural events in social and learning contexts. From 2019 onwards this platform has included many other apps within itself to make learning more interesting. These applications work as tools to provide the best way of learning to the user.

Bottom Lines

This is a game-based learning platform that aims to make learning fun and interesting. It is not only used in the classes but also in business sessions and different types of cultural events.It also allows its educators to add videos and images to make quizzes interesting. You may also add your drawings if you are associated with iOS.It is also beneficial in the sense that you can create your quiz, but if you find it difficult then you may get an idea from the educators of this platform. You can extract important questions from those quizzes and make your quiz interesting. Many organizations at international levels are getting benefits from using this platform. So if you want to learn to win this platform then sign into it and prepare interesting quizzes.

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