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How to Make Your Video Content More Accessible



Video Content More Accessible

Great video content is often an incredibly effective marketing tool for anyone wishing to keep their audience thoroughly engaged. From showing off products to developing leads, videos can be utilized for a vast array of different reasons, so their value should not be ignored or underestimated in the modern business area.

In an effort to make sure that everyone gets a chance to benefit from your videos, however, introducing a higher level of accessibility is crucial. Here are some tips for those of you wishing to make the most out of your video content and develop a more inclusive brand.


Introduce Captioning

There is often a strong audio component to informative videos, and unfortunately, this is not always appropriate to the individual watcher. Whether this is a result of a disability or a circumstance (traveling on public transport without headphones, etc.), the audio aspect of your content may not be accessible.

Perhaps one of the best ways around this is to introduce an API integrated closed captioning solution to all of your videos, as this can ensure that nobody misses out on any of your content due to a lack of accessibility.

Moreover, this can generally increase the number of engagement opportunities between your brand and your customer, which certainly makes for a worthy investment.

Use a Range of Platforms

Posting your video to your website alone might not be the best way of reaching your ideal target audience. A better approach could be to utilize the wealth of great video-sharing platforms at your disposal, like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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This can be a good way to access your audience on their preferred platforms, rather than waiting for them to discover your video somewhere potentially unfamiliar. The more opportunities people have to discover your video content, the greater the likelihood you can extend your range.

Depending on your particular target demographic, you may have to do some extra research to find out which specific platform is best to target.

Taking a multiplatform approach to your video marketing strategy can be a good way to offer your audience more engagement opportunities, regardless of which part of the online world they happen to frequent.

Add Links to the Video

By introducing call-to-action buttons on the video itself or adding links to other content at the end of your videos may be a fantastic way to offer guidance to your audience and help them fully discover what your brand has to offer.

It is important to make sure your links are highly descriptive, however, as opposed to just implementing a ‘click here’ button.

Pay Attention to the Content Itself

If the video content itself is difficult to understand or access, you might be facing an uphill struggle before you even begin to start marketing anything whatsoever.

By returning to basics and keeping the video clear, simple, and understandable, you might be able to lay some great foundations upon which to start making your content as accessible and as high quality as possible.

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