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Who Is Kross Ermias Asghedom – Parents, Age & More



Kross Ermias Asghedom
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Do you know who is Kross Ermias Asghedom? Why is he famous? What is the reason behind Kross Ermias Asghedom being so loved by the public? When you first hear about the Kross Ermias Asghedom, these queries come to mind. Well, Kross Ermias Asghedom, the son of Nipsey Hussle, is by birth a celebrity child. He is just a kid , but the attention and fame he got after the death of  Nipsey Hussle is take him on a different level. His every step has to be clicked and become the talk of the town. Today’s article is especially for you if you have heard about Kross and want to know more about Kross Ermias Asghedom. In today’s article, we will explore Kross’s age, birthday, mother, father, net worth, reason for fame, and much more.

Well, before we get more deep into the topic. It’s essential first to get an overview of Kross Ermias Asghedom parents . His father is known to be a great rapper and  his mother is a famous actress and model.

Kross Asghedom’s Father, Nipsey, A Great Rapper, And Singer

Nipsey, the father of Kross, was a famous rapper, singer, dancer, and entertainer. He got his fame from his debut album, Season Boy Volume 1. Nipsey has a huge fan base worldwide. He gained immense fame from his singing with atttractive rapping style.Moreover, he received many awards and achievements during his life. He earned nominations for the Grammy award, proving his talent. Besides having a famous father, Kross is popular because of  his mother who is  a part of  Hollywood industry. Indeed, you will now be so excited to explore more.

Kross Asghedom's Father, Nipsey

Image Source: Getty Images

Kross Asghedom’s Mother Lauren London Uncompromising Caretaker

The mother of Kross is Lauren London, a famous Hollywood personality. She is a talented actress, model, TV show host, and public figure. Lauren is also a multi-millionaire woman. She earns her living by working in commercials, movies, and brand collaboration. Lauren is raising his son with great devotion and care However she faces many problems after the death of her husband, but her attention and care for Kross are uncompromising.

Kross Asghedom's Mother Lauren London

Image Source: Getty Images

Kross Asghedom’s Journey After His Father Nipsey Hussle

Kross is the youngest of two children of Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London. Nipsey Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was unfortunately shot dead in 2019 by a man due to a personal dispute outside his clothing store. He left this world at 33, which is too early for a young man. Kross was only 3 years old at the time of the death of Nipsey. As we know, Nipsey was a famous rapper of his time, and his total assets were $11 million. However, after the death of Nipsey, two of their children, Kross and Emami , benefitted from his wealth.

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Kross And His Siblings’ Relationship

Kross has two siblings. One is 14 years old, Emani Asghedom, from his father, Nipsey’s side. He has a half-brother,11-year-old Cameron Lennox, his brother from his mother Lauren London’s side. Kross has a perfect relationship with both of his siblings. They often appear on the internet while sharing their fun time activities.

Kross Asghedom Born Into The Spotlight And Brought Up As Rising Star

Apart from the wealth, the death of Nipsey raised many questions about Kross’s future. This young kid’s cute smile and little gesture melt millions of hearts, and the question about Kross’s appraising, future, and career is rising from all around, especially from the entertainment industry. Many questions are raised, will Kross be the future star of the entertainment industry like his father and mother, or will he choose any other career? Although Kross is not a star right now, his huge fan base, worldwide popularity, and love from all around show that he is a rising star. His charming face, cute smile, little mischievous activities, and attractive appearance are excellent sources of joy for everyone. The internet is loaded with farming, and a beautiful picture of Kross, and millions of people send their well wishes and love for him daily. Everyone is waiting for his newly uploaded pictures and shorts. However, Kross is too young to know the meaning of this attention, but his great interest in fun and music shows that he will be a great entertainer like his father.

Kross Net Worth And Annual Earning Which Can Mesmerize Anyone

However, Kross is unfortunate in that sense that he has not enjoyed the love and care of his father for a long time. He was only 3 years old when his father Nipsey left this world, but can you imagine the Kross Ermias Asghedom age now. He is only 7 year-old and earning $1 million by himself apart from his inheritance amount, which is nearly $ 6 million. Yes, this is not a joke. This is the fact and figure that was public till now. Kross earns through brand collaboration and acting in shows and commercials. Kross’s primary sources of income are modeling and commercials. In addition, he has a great interest in rapping and singing and  music.

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Kross Birthday: The Day Of Wishes And Love All Around

Kross was born on the 31st of August. Kross’s birthplace is in Los Angeles, California. He was born in 2016 and is now around 7 years old. People around worldwide are waiting for his birthday to send him good wishes, gifts, and cards. His birthday is celebrated yearly by his fans and family with great enthusiasm and love.

Kross Education And His Future

Kross is studying in the early grades of education. His mother, Lauren, is very strict about education. Although Kross faces many ups and downs in life after his father’s death and many controversies affecting the family, the good thing is that Lauren, his mother, is not compromising on studies of the Kross. Kross is a good student and the star of everyone in school. Kross’s fast reflexes, confidence, and boldness, along with his charming face and smile, are loved by everyone in school. Although it needs to be clarified which profession Kross will choose in the future, it is confirmed that he has a bright future.

Social Media Appearance Of Kross

Kross has a considerable fan base on different social media platforms. He has oftenly appeared on Instagram, Facebook, and other leading platforms. People from all around the world are fans of Kross. His mother, Lauren, often uploaded his cute pictures on these platforms. Most of his photographs are related to his fun times activities and his modeling. His pictures got millions of views, shares, and likes.So Kross is the influencer who captivates the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Social Media Appearance Of Kross 

Image Source: Getty Images


Hence, we have discussed all the significant aspects and  the question of who is Kross Ermias Asghedom? Moreover we discuss about his appearance to education and the reason for his popularity to his connection to Nipsey and Lauren . After a keen analysis, we can conclude that Kross Ermias is a famous child who has gained tremendous popularity since childhood.

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