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Lost Ark Tips for a Good Start at Launch



Lost Ark Tips

Lost Ark is set to finally come to western shores on February 11! The game is already generating a lot of buzz, providing enthusiasts with a fresh MMO experience to experiment with. To master Lost Ark, there’s a lot to learn, and while it will take some time, here are a few Lost Ark hints to get you started right away.


Quests To Unlock Beneficial Features.

Guide quests are the orange-colored quests that appear on your screen as you level up. These aren’t necessary, but they do provide a tutorial for some additional Lost Ark features as well as some cool unlocks.

You’ll be rewarded with bonus songs, a free pet, and even powerful life skill items if you complete guide objectives. All of these will be advantageous to you as you level since they will improve your quality of life.

Get your free pet as soon as possible.

Returning to guide quests, one of your top priorities should be unlocking your pet. A guide quest focusing on a pet rabbit will be given to you near the beginning of the game. It simply takes a few minutes, but you’ll be rewarded with a free pet as a result.

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Pets come in handy a lot in Raiders of the Lost Ark, especially early on. The most important benefit of having pets is that they will automatically loot everything for you! This is a huge time saver, as well as a pleasant quality of life benefit because you won’t have to click on every little object that falls.

Keep in mind to mount up.

Mounts in Lost Ark are extremely useful and much easier to use than in other games. Early on in the game, you unlock your mount through the main story, and you should use it practically all of the time after that.

Mounting up is a quick operation in Lost Ark, and mounts provide you with a significant boost in movement speed. It’s easy to forget about, especially if you’re only going a short distance, but it’s virtually always worth it.

Don’t Forget The Quick Travel Points.

When it comes to getting about, don’t overlook the Lost Ark’s fast transit spots. They appear on the minimap as a triangle within a circle and are essential for traveling great distances swiftly.

Not only should you use them anytime you need to go a long distance for a mission, but you should also remember to click on them in every new region to unlock them. It’s an awful feeling to realize you forgot to unlock the quick travel point and want to go back elsewhere.

Don’t hesitate to take breaks.

It might sound silly, but remember if you’re burnt out you might lose focus and you won’t enjoy the game as much. The ultimate goal of the game is to have fun. Take breaks and do something else, jump in a game of league or fishin frenzy, then come back with fresh enthusiasm.

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When leveling, concentrate on one or two skills.

You might feel a little overwhelmed by the skill system when you first start leveling up. There are numerous skills, and as you go through the levels, you get more and more points, allowing you to unlock more and more items. Don’t worry, it’s a little tricky!

You should concentrate on leveling only one or two skills to make things go as quickly as possible. These should ideally be skills that deal AoE damage, allowing you to quickly plow through hordes of monsters as you go through the game.

In the Training Ground, you can try out skills and builds for free.

You can always test things out in the training ground if you’re not sure which skills to level or how you want to play your character. After you uncover the first Ark in the main tale, you’ll unlock this location and receive a song that can transfer you there at any moment.

The training ground gives you the freedom to use your points as you like, allowing you to try out any combination of talents. It’s a fantastic tool for putting your class to the test, and you should take advantage of it.

Use Potions With Confidence!

This is a cliche in gaming, but it’s more applicable than ever in Lost Ark. Don’t be hesitant to use your elixirs!

Hundreds of potions will be awarded to you throughout the main tale. Make use of them, whether it’s to stay alive or to increase your damage output. That’s why they’re there, and it’s preferable to use one than to die and have to start all over again, especially with health potions.

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To Level Quickly, Follow The Main Story.

Last but not least, one of our favorite Lost Ark launch tips is for those who wish to get started quickly. Simply following the main story is the quickest and most effective way to level up and reach the final game. It provides a lot of experience, fantastic awards, and gets you to your destination swiftly.

You will miss out on some stuff, such as the free pet, extra life skill items, and some songs, but the main story is the way to go if you want to get to the final game as soon as possible. You can always return later and unlock the items you missed.

You’re all prepared and ready to triumph in Arkesia now that you’ve read these essential Lost Ark launch instructions. Best of luck with your leveling and remember to have fun in Lost Ark!

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