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4 Public Health Issues Brought Forward by Covid-19



Public Health Issues

The novel coronavirus has been one of the deadliest events in the century, devastating millions all over the world.Such an outbreak had not occurred since the Spanish flu outbreak back in 1919, causing shocking damage. After a year of distress and thanks to the advancements in technology and medicine, the coronavirus seems to be somewhat in control, and the world is adjusting accordingly. The lockdowns are gradually being lifted with daily life resuming to normality in a careful and measured manner. However, the aftereffects of the destruction brought forward a number of issues in the world, specially those related to health. Additionally, the virus still poses a significant danger to our health and routine lives, and it should not be underestimated at any cost. Following are some public health issues brought forward by Covid-19.

The novel coronavirus has been a public health emergency of immense proportions. It penetrated the human race quite deeply, and it became difficult for many governments to limit its spread. Moreover, there is widespread fear among the general public about this pandemic. Since it is a novel form of virus, there is a dearth of health-related information about it. The role of public health experts is of critical importance in such a situation. Everyone needs to consult a public health expert in order to learn about preventive measures that should be adopted for keeping oneself safe from this global threat. More importantly, there are not enough public health experts to deal with such a huge demand,and this has resulted in further deterioration of the situation. Keeping this in view, there are more accessible health-related education programs now available, like ceph accredited online mph programs no gre to provide better education on the matter so that more people join the public health sector.

  • Public Health InfrastructureIs Struggling To Cope

It may sound unbelievable, but the public health infrastructure in some developed countries like Italy has collapsed, facing the onslaught of the novel coronavirus. There were not enough hospital beds available for the people affected by the coronavirus. Other specialized public health equipments like oxygen supplies, ventilators, and intensive care units (ICUs) were also not available in an appropriate quantity. The fact that doctors had to pick and choose amongpatients who can be admitted to the hospitals and who cannot, appeared as a shocking factor. The governments then focused on funding the fulfillment of these requirements and get the situation under control as much as possible.

  • Standard Operating Procedures Are Not Strictly Followed

Another issue that emerged after the outbreak of the virus is the general resistance among the public in following the standard operating procedures (SOPs). The precautions required to reduce the transmission of this viral and deadly disease demand a major overhaul of the previously prevalent lifestyle. It is a vital public health principle that actions, designs, plans, policies, and strategies to limit the outbreak of any pandemic should be adaptive and robust. This demands complete adherence from the general public regarding such preventive strategies, which unfortunately has been lacking in many places. Many people are refusing to abide by the new rules. Taking this into account, governments have imposed strict laws against those refusing to take these preventive steps.

  • Herd Immunity is The New Holy Grail

Many public health professionals and experts believe that herd immunity is the only available solution to this novel coronavirus pandemic. Herd immunity refers to the concept that a significant portion of the general population (usually equal to or greater than 70%) should develop resistance to the viral disease in order for the pandemic to subside and gradually get eliminated. This can be done through vaccination. However, in the case of the novel coronavirus, this remains an elusive dream so far due to either not enough vaccines available or many people resisting vaccination due to myth-based beliefs.

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It cannot be stressed enough that the novel coronavirus is something that we should be steadily armed against. It has killed hundreds of thousands so far, and hundreds of millions have been affected. The governments around the world are focused heavily on tackling these issues brought forward by the pandemic. In addition to that, you should practice as many safety and precautionary measures as possible. Any lethargy in your efforts is definitely going to pose a grave risk for your life and the lives of the others around you. If you wish to fight this deadly virus, you should do your best to follow the safety measures and guidelines put forward by the authorities. You only have one life, so make sure to take care of it to your best extent. As it is well-known all around the world, it is better to be safe than sorry, so be safe!

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