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How to Recover Account in WPC16?




Before diving into the query of how to recover the account in wpc16, first of all, we will see what is WPC16. A division of World Cockfight Promotions, the World Championship Poultry-Fights International in Santo Domingo is a combination of games of cockfighting and exhibition. The goal of this forum is to promote and develop a true appreciation of the cultural values that represent this tradition, which is deeply rooted in the Dominicans’ heritage. The goal of the World Championship is to inspire a quest for recognition and honor for those true birdmen who persevere in this sport.

The WPC16 brings together, all types of birds, at a reasonable price, and exhibit competitions are organized each year, in order to honor those birds that have distinguished themselves and have proven their quality as a fighter. This Poultry-Fights International is dedicated to the conservation of these birds and educating US Dominicans, and residents of other countries, the significance of this tradition. We will discover more about wpc16 com but before that let us clarify what is cockfighting?

What is Cockfighting?

Cock fighting is a form of gambling in which fighting cocks of one color are pitted against another color for a stake. The cockfights typically last an hour, while the judges deliberate on the fate of the animals. The winner of the fight is decided by a card based on the color of the head. International betting sites have more than 30 versions of the game, the most important of them are the following: the Argentina game, the Philippine game, the Brazil game, the United States game, and the Dominican Republic game.

Some examples of cock fighting games:

  • FFC (Fiesta de Cocks or Cockfighting Fiesta) – In the Dominican Republic, this is a tourist-oriented cockfighting event in Santo Domingo with a specialized tourist program.
  • Junta Técnica de Negocios de Reina Mercedes – This is a semi-sanctioned cockfighting event with its own ritual with respect to the religious holidays.
  • Infantil y Juvenil – The “TorneoInfantil” is a prestigious cockfighting event.
  • Extreme – the ultimate male exhibition and one of the most prestigious roosters in WPC.

Warning for those who want to watch the fights: there is a number of videos and photographs on the web that put in danger the birds. There is no camera to record the fights of wpc16 com fights.

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What is the WPC16 competition?

The WPC16 events begin with regional events and continue with regional, national and finally international championships. A regional tournament is conducted in order to examine the region’s fighters. Local contenders can proceed to the next round after they demonstrate their qualities. The national tournament is very competitive, and it is basically a contest between the best regional competitors. The final step of the wpc16 com competitions is the international championship, which takes place in Santo Domingo.

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What is the WPC competitive process?

  • Regional selection: The competition categories are established based on the geographic location of the country.
    • Region 1: The countries in region 1 are Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile.
    • Region 2: The countries in region 2 are Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Colombia.
    • Region 3: The countries in region 3 are Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.
    • Region 4: The countries in region 4 are Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Bolivia.
    • Region 5: The countries in region 5 are Bolivia, Colombia, and Brazil.
    • Region 6: The countries in region 6 are Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador.
    • Region 7: The countries in region 7 are the Caribbean islands, which include Aruba, Curacao, Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, Colombia, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad & Tobago.
    • The Region 7 qualifiers are determined through a championship series in the region.
  • National selection: The top ten contestants from each region proceed to the national tournament, which takes place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The national tournament determines the participants who will compete in the international tournament, which takes place in Santo Domingo in February.
  • International Championship: The competitors who have successfully finished in the national level competitions are invited to compete in the final competition. The competition takes place in Santo Domingo in February.

How to join WPC16?

Please follow the steps below to create a WPC16 dashboard account:

  • Enter your professional telephone number
  • Please enter the email address that you used to register the account on
  • Please enter the account’s password
  • Please check the box that reads “My annual income is more than $2,000 USD, please note it in your review.”
  • If the information is correct, click the wpc16 Login
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How to Recover Account in WPC16?

To recover your account in the World Championship Poultry-Fights International please go to your dashboard account management, you will find the link to the Customer Service team.

  • Press the account recovery link and fill in the details
  • Please wait for the service to be processed and your password will be granted.
  • Click on the blue exclamation mark, and proceed to the blue site of the site.

Attention: The procedures can be different depending on the web browser, so be aware of that when doing the same.

Follow these steps:

  • Open and click the “Return to Account” link
  • Press the wpc16 Login button
  • Your password will be sent to your email


Interesting Facts About WPC16 Gambling:

Let’s begin with few interesting facts about the wpc16 game:

  • WPC16 is the World Poultry Club Championship of the Professional Cage fighting ( It has been created to promote and develop the sport of featherweight cage fighting around the world.
  • It is the only yearly international championship with contestants from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, India, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, and Venezuela.
  • It is the first F2T chicken to win the Championship in its category (Cockfighting, Brazilian Style).
  • It is the first F2T chicken to enter the World championship roost, in a category in which he was born.
  • It is the first F2T chicken to win the World Championship in its category, scoring the maximum number of 5 points (from 1 round to the final).
  • It is the only yearly international championship in the sport of featherweight cage fighting (com).
  • It is the only yearly international championship where the weight classes are determined by breed. In the US the weights are established by weight and age.
  • It is the only yearly international championship where the weight classes are determined by the height of the cock, independent of breed.
  • It is the only yearly international championship in which there are both male and female fights.
  • It is the only yearly international championship with 9-to-10 rounds.
  • It is the only yearly international championship in which the referee is allowed to stop the fight if the cock is seriously injured.
  • It is the first annual championship to attract male fighters from around the world.
  • It is the only yearly international championship that has its own weight categories based on the height of the cock, independent of breed.
  • WPC16 is the first annual championship where the referee is allowed to stop the fight if the cock is seriously injured.
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WPC legal and safe?

The WPC16 organizes matches according to international rules and to animal welfare legislation. It is mandatory to use a humane head-restraint system to prevent physical contact between the bird and the ringside officials. All the birds are examined by a veterinarian prior to the matches. It is obligatory to have a licensed steward who will ensure the safety of the spectators. The use of smoke inhalation as a weapon for crowd control is strictly forbidden. It is prohibited to use animal fighting paraphernalia such as spikes, saddles, or bull hooks. Effective protection of animals is ensured by the use of positive pressure suits, which are put on to the bird to ensure that the bird has to put no pressure on its joints. This allows the birds to fight with minimum pain and allows the bird to move freely around the cage to lessen stress.

The use of eye protection is mandatory for each spectator. Each of the cockfighting matches must have a special area for the treatment of injured birds. These are closed areas and the presence of the medical personnel is mandatory. The birds are not left in the fighting area for long periods. During the world championship fights, the group of injured birds may be surrounded by the group of participants but are not to be led, and then they are taken to a separate room for treatment. Cockfighting has been declared an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. In some countries, cockfighting is legal, like in the United States and in the Dominican Republic, and in others, like Spain and Peru, it is not.

Wrapping – Up!

WPC16 is a great initiative and a promising future for fighting cockfighting. It will serve as a positive example for the world to show that the sport of fighting cockfighting, the development of which is illegal in many countries, can be legalized and supervised in the correct way, as per the laws of every country, in order to provide the rules of fair fights and the protection of animals. Now the wpc16com has taken the step towards legalizing fighting cockfighting and transforming the sport into a proper sport.

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