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Even Small Businesses Need Wireless Security – Here’s Why



Wireless Security

Every day, we are bombarded with wireless signals from our devices and surrounding environments. To take advantage of the benefits offered by these technologies, we must have a secure network that can protect us in the event of outside interference or hacking. For businesses, keeping up with these threats is an especially important endeavor for reasons that go beyond just needing to be protected from hackers; it has to do with securing your company’s reputation and assets.


Reasons for wireless security

The following reasons for wireless security are the most common, but this list is far from exhaustive.

1) To stop digital eavesdropping

No matter if you are simply using your smartphone to send a text message or you are using your in-store computers to conduct financial transactions, the data you create and send is at risk of being intercepted by someone else. Unsecured wireless networks can allow hackers to access your network and device through unsecured channels.

2) Data manipulation

Hackers can manipulate your data with false information, which could lead to loss of revenue and even harm innocent parties. They might alter credit card information as it passes through a transaction, or they might alter digital messages sent between co-workers creating confusion within the company.

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3) Protect Sensitive Data

With many smaller businesses, sensitive and private information is transmitted via a wireless network. Businesses have a legal and moral duty to protect this sensitive data. With the wrong wireless setup, these private data can be easily stolen.

4) To secure private networks

Hackers can potentially gain access to your device’s operating system, which could allow them to see sensitive information stored on the computer and render it useless. In addition, a hacker could potentially gain access to your router settings, allowing them to monitor keystrokes and take over secure network information. Many businesses have been breached because of clients’ unsecured wireless networks that were accessible with no passwords or other protections in place.

5) To ensure peak performance of laptops and smartphones

Many small businesses rely on the connection to their networks to enable employees to answer emails and conduct other company business. A strong, secure wireless network will help you stay connected, which has a positive effect on your productivity.

6) To give your customers the best possible experience

With a secure wireless network, you can ensure that you are giving your customers the same level of service they would expect if they were visiting an establishment with a wired connection. A strong wireless signal and the availability to connect to your network from anywhere will give them a positive impression of your business.

7) To help avoid loss of revenue

Lost revenues can occur from lost customers or from the extra money you must spend to repair damaged data or hardware. If a hacker is able to change your pricing information online, it might be hours before you even become aware of the issue. By having proper security in place on your wireless network, you will reduce the chance of costs associated with these issues.

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8) To protect your reputation

A company’s reputation and brand are built on customer satisfaction and trust. When you provide a secure wireless network for your customers and clients, you are helping them to protect their devices, which will consequently lead them back to you when they need more products or services in the future.

Everyone needs to know the importance of wireless security, especially small businesses. It does not cost too much to protect against the risks posed by hacking, and a strong wireless network will improve your business’s overall performance.

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