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Top 10 Story and Videos Saver Apps for Instagram in 2021 (Android/iOS)



Story and Videos Saver Apps for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media apps residing in the smartphones of all of us. Instagram is a hub of online businesses. Its charm is foolproof as it allows us to share our heartfelt content in the form of stories, pictures, and videos. The variety of filters enhances the glory of our photos. Moreover, one can flaunt one’s talent or narrate the message before the world while using the mesmerizing IGTV feature of Instagram.

No doubt, Instagram is a true delight when it comes to the use of social media apps. Sometimes, we get so obsessed with the content we are watching on Instagram that we tend to save it. At that time, our primary requirement is to find some Instagram story saver to download the content and save it to our gallery for a lifetime.

This article provides a comprehensive guide about the choice of story saver Instagram.

After reading this write-up, you will be able to pick the best fit as per your taste, device, and requirement. Stay tuned so you can enjoy the best Instagram status downloading experience on the go!


Why use a story saver for Instagram?

Vibrant colors, appealing filters, status videos, images, photos, and beautiful quotes posted by your contacts often win your heart. As a matter of fact, whatever is posted on a social media app is supposed to disappear. Stories vanish after 24 hours. If you fall in love with a picture, short video, or status, it is mandatory to save it to the memory of your phone to retain it permanently. Instagram does not support the function of saving or downloading the content straight to your device. You can take a screenshot of an image or picture but when it comes to videos, that idea too would fail badly. Moreover, screenshots reduce the quality of the photos.

These are the reasons why you need an Instagram story download app that saves the content while maintaining its quality and resolution. In this way, you would not have to miss that enticing content you are in love with.

How does a story saver for Instagram work?

Overall, the mechanism of each app that is used to download or save stories, pictures, status from Instagram is the same. You are supposed to copy the link of that video or story to the clipboard. The next step is to paste it into the Insta story saver app. After that, you would press the download button and witness the process of the download to start, proceed, and end until the story is saved to your gallery. This mechanism is simple and everyone can practice it conveniently and successfully.

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Top 10 Insta story saver apps

We have gone so far as to fetch only the top-notch apps related to the story saver Instagram that brings you the real stuff you have been looking for. You can scroll down the page to enjoy the services, pros, and cons attached to each of these platforms and decide for yourself what suits you the best.

All the apps that come under the scope of this article are easily available on the Playstore so you can install them easily and use their features without any hassle. You can download the stories, posts, pictures, and videos of all kinds of pages and accounts in the public domain. The best part is, be it Android or IOS that you are using, we have got it covered for you.

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The list we have provided is based on the overall ranking of the app, its features, benefits, reviews, and size. Have a look at each of them and begin your journey of ease!

1) Story Saver, Video Downloader for Instagram

This app is 2021 exclusive and claims to provide instant downloading results in the highest quality to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Whoever has used this app to date is willing to keep it forever because it is handy. Although it displays ads, its user-friendly approach covers that too much extent.

Features and Uses

  • The app provides a hassle-free experience with no subscriptions or trips.
  • You can download Insta stories, reels, posts, videos, and images of your choice instantly
  • This app is small in size so you can easily accommodate it on your device without any stress of storage space.
  • A user-friendly app that works best for daily use.
  • You can share your stories from Instagram to Telegram or Whatsapp.


This app has over 10M+ downloads and 183k reviews. Its overall rating is 4.8 and it requires 6.8 MB of memory on your device.

2) Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram #Repost IG

This Instagram story download app is near to perfection. Thanks to its developer company i.e; Videolife (Video Editor & Video Maker) for designing this free app to download Instagram content conveniently. It ranks among the top ten Instagram story saver apps because of its user-friendly design, accuracy, cool features, smoothness, and high speed. It contains only 10-second ads to generate revenue to help with the survival of the whole platform and the team. These are not too frequent as well.

Features and Uses

  • This is an easy-to-use and fast app to save, download, and even repost Instagram stories, videos, photos, reels, and posts.
  • The app provides detailed instructions for newbies so they might enjoy the content-saving experience with zero hassle.
  • You can download posts without logging in. However, log in is required to save IG stories and reels.
  • The app does not share data with a third party and keeps your credentials safe.
  • Just copy the link and paste it into the app and click on the “download” key to get going.


This app has over 5M+ downloads and 69k reviews. Its overall rating is 4.9 stars and it requires 5.5 MB of memory on your device.

App Link: Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

3) Story Saver for Instagram

In 2021, the competition among different apps that are used to download stories and statuses from Instagram for free is tough. However, some apps like Story Saver for Instagram rank at the top of the list due to their amazing design, functionality, and features. Using this app is no less than a delightful experience for any Insta lover.

Features and Uses

  • An app that is easy and fast to download, free to use, requires no Insta login, and displays fewer ads.
  • This app helps you download and save anything whether it is a photo, video, status, post, or story. It supports IGTV features, reposts, and highlights as well.
  • You can generate hashtags using this app which is a plus.
  • Apart from hashtags, you can produce brilliant captions with this app.
  • If you are looking forward to making an adorable collage, this app can serve you purposefully.
  • You can apply a simple retouch to your display pictures by resizing them.
  • You can also download others’ display pictures using this app.


This app has over 500K+ downloads and 1k reviews. Its overall rating is 4.8 and it requires 6.5 MB of memory on your device.

App Link: Story Saver for Instagram

4) Video Downloader for Instagram, Story Saver

This fantastic app is featured by AhaSave Video Downloader and is ranked among the top 10 Instagram story saver apps. Since you are looking forward to getting your hands on an app that downloads and saves Insta content straight to your gallery, this app is your go-to platform!

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Features and Uses

  • Get your favorite status, posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos downloaded on your phone with just one click using this app.
  • The app is super-fast, easy-to-use, and free for all.
  • Download one or more items simultaneously with the feature of batch download. Enjoy the auto-download of photos and videos on the go!
  • Only 1 ad after downloading 12 posts, isn’t it crazy?
  • You can download videos without any interruption.
  • The most loved feature is the “share to app” where you can share stories and posts from Instagram to your Whatsapp or Telegram account without any hassle.
  • The app consumes less space on your device so you do not have to face storage issues.


This is a top-notch app to download Insta stories. Currently, it has over 10M+ downloads and 505K reviews. Its overall rating is 4.8 stars and it requires 11 MB of memory on your device.

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5) Story Saver: Video Downloader Repost Photo InStory

If you want to keep it simple yet successful, this Insta story saver app is the best fit for you. The majority of its users have claimed that it is one of the best tools to save Instagram content for free even in 2021. As the name implies, it serves you with multiple features on the plate. It is devised by All Video Downloader and Saver Apps that claim to develop apps for everyone for everyday use. Although it is a heavy app and you are required to possess a significant space in your device to accommodate it, its bundles of features cover this gap.

Features and Uses

  • Go for a safe and easy login and start downloading Instagram posts, reels, stories, statuses, and videos for free. Pick your favorite status and download it.
  • You can search users inside the app and save their content instantly.
  • You can repost stories with one tap.
  • It offers brilliant tools to add value to your life such as hashtag generator, dp downloader, dp editor, collage maker, captions generator, and photo resizer, etc.
  • You can save your activity in my creations as well to create a permanent record of your lovely memories.
  • The app facilitates multiple accounts login to provide an added user-friendly experience.


This is an all-in-one app that has over 50K+ downloads and 422 reviews. Its overall rating is 4.7 and it requires 17 MB of memory on your device.

6) Reels Video Downloader for Instagram – Reels Saver

A masterpiece designed and developed by BrownHat labs is a simple app that everyone can use. No matter if the user is a kid, child, teen, grown-up, or an old age person – this app serves all with the simplest solutions on the way. This Instagram story download app has ads but those are not too repetitive.

Features and Uses

  • This app allows you to download and save your favorite Insta and Whatsapp status in your phone gallery. Be it a video, story highlights, or reels – you can achieve all that with this app.
  • While using this app, you won’t have to face the hassle of logging in. Just copy the link of your desired reel or story and paste it into the app and click on download. The content would be downloaded and automatically saved to your phone. This is what makes this simple app unique and different from others because others do not offer the option of downloading the reels without logging in.
  • Exceptions are always there, to download some videos, you might have to log in to your official Insta account.
  • It provides you two panels, one for Whatsapp and one for Instagram where you can separately store the stories of both.


This is a small-sized app having a few yet amazing features. The app has over 100K+ downloads and 2k reviews. It has a 4.5-star overall rating and it requires 7.7 MB memory on your device.

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7) FastSave story saver Instagram

FastSave has always been the editor’s choice in terms of quality, fastness, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. However, it has faced a minor backlash from users in the past few months due to its latest update. However, things have resolved and users are back to enjoying the most luxurious experience of saving status and posts on IG and enjoying IGTV videos.

Features and Uses

  • It serves you with a pretty dashboard offering one click to download your favorite photos, videos, posts, reels, and IGTV videos.
  • This app gives you a preview tool with which you can share your content and delete it before posting.
  • You can save videos even offline. The batch download enables you to save multiple stuff at a time.


This is a small-sized app possessing amazing features. The app has over 50M+ downloads and 1M reviews. It has a 3.9-star overall rating and it requires 4.3 MB memory on your device. Its rating should not be confused with its performance, which is world-class.

App Link: FastSave story saver Instagram

8) Video Downloader for Instagram, Reels, Story Saver

Among the top 10 best Insta story saver apps, this one is also a brilliant choice designed by Happy4Video Studio. Many users have claimed that it is a flawless and phenomenal app for Insta lovers. Getting so much without paying a penny is incredible.

Features and Uses

  • The app is 100% free for all users and contains ads to generate revenue.
  • It allows users to download their favorite content on Instagram such as posts, stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV videos as fast as 100 MBs per second.
  • You can share and repost the content straight away with no hassle. The quality of content will never be compromised throughout the process of downloading and sharing.
  • The interface is simple and user-friendly. The size of the app is suitable for all android and iOS users.


This is a user-friendly app that brings you exclusive features. The app has over 1M+ downloads and 9K reviews. It has a 4.7-star overall rating and it requires 5.6 MB memory on your device.

App Link: Video Downloader for Instagram, Reels, Story Saver

9) Story Saver for Instagram – Video Downloader

This incredible and straightforward app was launched by the InsTools company. The main idea behind its development was to provide a single platform to download different types of content from Instagram. It contains ads but its super user-friendly approach makes it a favorite app for Insta lovers.

Features and Uses

  • You can save stories, photos, and IGTV videos using this super-fast app.
  • Plenty of options such as copy all, copy tags, repost, share, and delete appear right in front of you on clicking a post.
  • You can download one item at a time and more than one too. Even if you want to download all of them, you can!


This is a brilliant app to download stories from Instagram. As of now, it has over 10K+ downloads and 116 reviews. Its overall rating is 4.8 stars and it requires 8.2 MB of memory to be installed on your device.

10) Story Saver for Instagram – Stories and Highlights

On the 10th number of our list, we would like an adorable app to fill the space. Story Saver for Instagram is like a dream come true for those who admire Story Assistant. This app makes it convenient to download, upload, and repost Insta stories & highlights. ZC MobiUniverse launched this fantastic app.

Features and Uses

  • This app is free for all users and delivers services faster. You can view your friend’s stories anonymously and pick any story for download.
  • You can republish the downloaded story, play it, and save it. You can also bookmark your favorite posts and manage them later. You can adjust the storage location in settings.
  • The app supports multiple accounts for added customer satisfaction.
  • The best part of this platform is “Dark Mode” which is appreciated by most of the users.


This is a tiny app to download stories from Instagram in bulk. To date, it has managed to secure over 5K+ downloads and 141 reviews. Its overall rating is 4.4 stars and it requires 3.9 MB of memory to be installed on your device.


When you download content belonging to any person or business profile on Instagram, they do not get to know about this activity. It is not legal to download someone’s content from Instagram and label it as yours. You can not share anyone’s posts, reels, videos, pictures, and images like that. Be aware because the violation of rules might result in a copyright strike.

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