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7 Best Streaming Platforms with Incredible App Designs



Streaming Platforms with Incredible App Designs

Since Netflix pioneered the streaming industry over a decade ago, other platforms have followed suit, contributing to the demise of traditional TV as we know it. In its wake, hundreds of streaming platforms with intricate designs continue to sprout.

Smart gadgets and reliable internet connections in most places provide streamers with numerous opportunities to expand coverage to millions of people.

With the allure of uninterrupted content and much of the on-demand TV market still largely untapped, competition amongst streaming service providers is stiff.

Attempts to gain subscribers have seen many streaming platforms expanding on their catalog and geographical coverage as well.

However, for too many platforms, it is only through unorthodox means that users are able to access content on their preferred platform. For instance, Virtual Private Networks are the only answer on how to watch Hulu in Canada.

With undeterred subscribers leveling up the playing ground, streaming service providers can only upscale on their overall design to create a compelling package for their fans, wherever they may be.

Below are Seven Streaming Platforms with striking designs.



Having been in the business longer than its competitors, Netflix knows how to communicate with its users. This is demonstrated by the design synonymous with a movie theater aimed at preparing your mind to watch a movie.

The dark background with emboldened white typography brings out Netflix’s iconic red, creating an atmosphere that makes browsing the vast catalog easy.

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With commanding titles and a vast array of originals, this streaming giant remains the go top place for many users.

However, a recent hike to Netflix’s prices has created room for other streaming service providers to challenge its domination in the industry.


HBO Max has is a dark-themed app that sets the mood right for browsing its vast hits collection.

In 2021, this streaming app availed new movies to their subscribers on the same day they debuted in theaters at no cost. Though a temporal stance, it served the purpose of establishing HBO Max as a worthwhile alternative to Netflix.

When it comes to kid’s entertainment, HBO Max may not match Disney plus’s catalog, but the app is the best when controlling your child’s profile.

In addition to a catalog of originals, HBO Max is the primer destination for new Warner Bros films, which elicits excitement in a rising number of subscribers.


This is the home to old and premiering TV Series with a lineup of well-known shows from established networks like NBC, ABC and Fox. A major advantage is the app’s ability to stream shows immediately after they have aired.

The ability of viewers to access Hulu via VPN allows many subscribers from various regions to enjoy great content at low prices.

Additionally, Hulu boasts its own catalog of critically acclaimed originals, making it a perfect counter-app to established services providers.

Disney Plus

After its establishment in 2019, Disney acquired Disney and Pixar content, helping it amass over 100 million subscribers.

In addition to original TV shows, Disney Plus has a catalog of Marvel Films, Star Wars and National Geographic. Unrivaled kid’s content makes it a must-have app for those with kids or are kids at heart.

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Amazon Prime Video

This is a streaming service from the online retail giant. Amazon Prime video features high-quality movies and original shows at no extra costs for its Amazon Prime subscribers.

For Non-prime subscribers, a monthly subscription allows access to the ad-free Prime Videos catalog.

A recent deal with Viacom has seen Prime video add MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon to its buffet, enabling it to rival Disney Plus on Kids programming.


This Lion’s Gate-owned service has a growing library of movies comprised of classics and new releases, with Sony’s Spiderman; No Way Home amongst its selections.

In the spirit of promoting diversity and inclusion, Starz offers a stage for women and people of color, making it stand out.

A recent deal with Universal for this year’s releases and beyond will certainly woo new viewers to subscribe to Starz’s ad-free viewing experience.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV has had one of the best shows for the past year to add to its modest subscription of less than 5 dollars. This has subscribers streaming in for their growing list of content that includes exclusive originals.

This app also allows simultaneous streams of up to 6 across multiple devices, more than its competitors.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the perfect alternative to cable. It has a variety of popular networks ranging from NBC to cartoon networks. In addition, sports junkies can access a wide array of action from ESPN networks, which is available at a stand-alone fee.

Its design allows for streaming across multiple devices, unlike YouTube TV, which struggles with some notable streaming devices like Roku.

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Sling TV has begun rolling a new brand app with a revamped, polished design.


Choosing a streaming app largely depends on the content that appeals to you and the cost of the subscription. In addition, a strong internet connection matched with an application designed to suit the best streaming devices can heighten your streaming experience.

Streaming service providers who invest in an attractive UX/UI Design usually heighten it with their content. They also tend to be reliable in video streaming solutions, analytics, content management tools and low latency.

Contrary to the old adage, with streaming apps, a book should be judged by its cover.

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