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Basicapk com Alternatives

Basicapk . com is a free website and a platform that offers you the services for downloading your best applications and games. You can easily download your favorite games and applications on this site. You can easily download thousands of top online games and applications. This website offers you free web pages, as well as direct download links for all of the popular Android applications. Below are the top 10 alternatives for the platform of Basicapk com:


Games360 is the most popular website for the games you can download for free. You can find all of the popular games, such as FarmVille, Candy Crush Saga, Peggle 2 and many more. In the list, you will find great games for Android such as: Game of War, Candy Crush Saga, Hero’s Quest, Clash of Clans, and many more. As well as the best HD games and best free games, Games360 offers the best Android applications for sale, as well as all the best mobile games, and the best free and paid apps. Thus, you can use it as an alternative to basicapk.

Simpleapps is a famous website for users that are looking for some free applications for download. This site offers you all the Android apps for free download. That’s why we have included it in our list as an alternative to basicapk . com. You can easily download any of the latest and best Android applications for free. All the paid applications are available at the price of $4. You can also find all the popular apps such as Candy Crush, as well as the best free applications for your Android smart phone.

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GUMI is another very popular and alternative site of basicapk com that is committed to entertainment seekers. GUMI is a website that is popular in China for the best free games and apps. This site offers you some of the innovative, amazing, and free games as well as the best Android applications. This is also the best website for unique games. GUMI provides the latest android games, as well as all the best games, and the best games for the smartphone.


Apikshare is the alternative of basicapk site and free android app downloader, where you can easily find all the apps for free download. This site provides the different app downloaders for free download, and the best app alternatives. has become the top site for android app download. As well as the apps.apk, apkdownloader is a website that offers you all the best games, and apps on Android. The website provides the best free games and applications for download. You can download all the best games on this website.

Fastdownload is a great alternative website for basicapk com because it is popular in the world of games and apps. This site provides you with all the best games, and the best apps, as well as the best android applications for download. The website provides all the amazing apps for android. The fast download speed is also a very good feature of the website.

Banana Download

Banana Download is the best website that you can easily use to get access to the best games, applications, and music online. This website has the most popular apps for Android, such as Pandora, Spotify, Instagram, Waze, ChatOn, and all of the best games for android. The website provides you with all the apps, and the best games, as well as the best apps for the Android smartphone. It can be used in place of basicapk.

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The website also provides the best apps for Android smartphone games such as candy crush, as well as the best free Android applications. ModApkstar is the alternative website for the free android applications, and the innovative android games, that you can easily find. You can also get the best android games that you can play online. As well as the best apps, and the best apps for the android phone, the best apps, and the best games for the android smartphone. Thus, its quality and hundreds of easy-to-use services make it a more useful alternative to basicapk com site.

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GetApp is a useful website for the best free applications and games, that you can easily find. This is also the best website for the installation of all the apps. GetApp is the free download app for your android smart phone. You can use this free app to find all the best apps on the internet, and you can also use the app to download Android apps. The app is very useful and simple, and you can use it to download free android apps. You can select your favorite game and application and enjoy.



AndroidLoader is another app for Android apps that you can download online. The AndroidLoader also provides you all the best apps for the android smart phone, as well as the best games and other services that you can find on the internet without any hustle. The download speed is also a great feature of this site.

Download iPhone

Download iPhone is the website that is popular in Australia for downloading the best apps and games, for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This website also provides you with the best apps for free. You can also find all the best applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This website also contains applications and apk files for android users. This makes it a good alternative to basicapk.


These are the top 10 websites that are the best alternatives to Basicapk com for the best android apps for the free download, but some sites are also well known for the best games as well. Overall, you should always know the best website for downloading the best android applications and free games. Get all the latest android apps, including apps for both free and paid.

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