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6 Tips For Basic Lawn Care And Maintenance



Lawn Care And Maintenance

A beautiful lawn is the first thing people notice when they visit or drive past your home. It serves as a welcome mat for your home, and during summer, it offers an excellent setting for family outdoor activities.  

If you have a flower garden, a well-maintained lawn complements its appearance and adds to your home’s curb appeal. But, your yard won’t become beautiful on its own. Having a lush green lawn only happens when you invest time in having a solid maintenance routine and putting it to work.  

If you want to improve your lawn, here are five tips to help you care and maintain your lawn:  


The primary way to care for your lawn is to mow the grass regularly. Cutting your lawn grass once every week during the summer and spring seasons is the standard routine. However, it’s advisable to adjust the frequency depending on the weather conditions.  

Ensure that you only cut a third of the grass’s height every time you more. Also, be mindful of the time you mow your lawn—for instance, doing it in the early evening helps in keeping the grass moisturized.

  • Fertilize Your Lawn Regularly

Adding fertilizer to your grass as part of your lawn care routine will ensure your lawn gets a lush green look. Fertilizing your yard is a simple procedure that you can do by yourself if you get quality liquid fertiliser that’s ideal for your grass variety and a lawn spreader.  

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You may use a broadcast spreader or a drop spreader to add fertilizer to your lawn. If your yard is small in size, opt for a drop spreader. For a large yard, consider getting a broadcast spreader. For best results, prepare the soil by watering the lawn for several days before adding fertilizer.

Check the instructions on the fertilizer package to ensure that your spreader settings are adjusted accordingly. 

  • Water Your Lawn In The Morning 

Your lawn needs adequate water to stay healthy. If your yard has new seeds growing, you’ll need to water it every day. If not, consider watering your grass two to three times per week.  

The best way to water the yard is to set up a sprinkler as it enables you to water an entire section of the lawn at a time. The time you water the lawn matters. Avoid watering your yard at night or in the middle of the day. For best results, water it early in the morning before 10 am.  

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  • Pick The Right Grass Variety 

If you’ve moved into a new property, you’ll need to do a complete overhaul of the lawn. If you do so, consider planting a grass variety that thrives in the area. Grass varieties like Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda grass do well on yards with little maintenance. 

When planting grass on your lawn, you must pay attention to the type of grass. Grass varieties perform differently depending on the rainfall and climate of a region. Ensure that the grass variety you choose is suitable for your climatic zone. Working with a lawn professional will ensure that you’re well guided on the ideal grass variety for your region. 

  • Weed Your Lawn 

Another primary lawn care and maintenance practice to observe is keeping weeds off your lawn. Although most homeowners find it challenging to do this, regular mowing, sufficient watering, and adding fertilizer to the yard can help eliminate weeds.  

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If your lawn has notorious weeds, like crabgrass and broadleaf that are difficult to kill, consider hiring a lawn care professional to control them. Work with the professional to apply an herbicide that eliminates the weeds without damaging the lawn during spring. 

  • Reseed Patchy Sections  

If you notice that sections of your lawn grow well while others are patchy, you need to reseed the patchy areas. Sections that have overgrown weeds may require reseeding as well. Before reseeding weedy areas, eliminate the weeds first using an effective herbicide. Rake the section to aerate the soil and prepare it for seeding. Once ready, pick a seed variety that’s ideal for your climatic zone. Spread the seeds and water them every morning until the grass reaches two inches in height. Remember to add fertilizer to the grass regularly to keep it healthy.   

Final Thoughts  

If you enjoy spending time at home or need to take a break from a busy schedule, having a lush green can offer you and your family a peaceful environment to relax. You need to maintain your lawn well to enjoy these benefits. Taking good care of your property and yard makes the grass look good and keeps it growing. Maintain your yard and keep it looking good by applying the six tips discussed above. 

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