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Turmeric and Pregnancy: Is it Safe?



Turmeric and Pregnancy

Were you taking turmeric supplements before pregnancy and wondering if you can still take them? The rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric have a wonderful impact on an individual’s health. Usually, it’s safe to have raw turmeric and its supplements every day, but having it during pregnancy can be a little risky.

People have different opinions when it comes to pregnant women having turmeric. We got our experts on board to do in-depth research to determine if it’s safe. This article is about the benefits of turmeric for pregnant women if it’s safe, and the potential drawbacks.

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What Are the Benefits of Having Turmeric During Pregnancy?

Turmeric in small quantities can be beneficial for pregnant women. The lack of research about curcumin and turmeric makes people a little skeptical about having them. However, a few research show the benefits of turmeric for pregnant women that we will discuss below:

  • Speeding Up Digestive System

Pregnant women tend to feel a lot of bloating and uneasiness. Due to several body changes, pregnant women’s metabolism can often slow down. Constipation is a common issue in pregnant women, but it can cause a lot of uneasiness and pain.

Taking turmeric in small amounts in your food can help regulate bowel movement and fasten the digestive system. It can also help in reducing bloating, which makes you feel lighter. However, moderation is the key, as excess turmeric can cause heartburn and contraction.

  • Fights Allergies

Pregnant women fall sick quite easily as their immune system is not very strong. Medication is not an option as it can impact the baby’s growth. Turmeric is a great ingredient to fight common allergies such as cough and cold.

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It also helps strengthen the immune system and the development of the fetal brain. Hence, taking turmeric moderately can have benefits that you will appreciate in the long run.

Is it Safe to Have Turmeric During Pregnancy?

Most people are aware of the curcuma benefits and how it helps improve your overall health. However, there have been many speculations around turmeric and pregnancy. Doctors suggest having turmeric in food is not harmful but rather beneficial.

However, it is not the best to have turmeric supplements during pregnancy because there has not been much research. It is good not to take a risk during pregnancy and stick to what your doctor suggests.

Turmeric tends to clear your gut and is high in antioxidants. It can sometimes cause bleeding and contractions, which can be dangerous during pregnancy. Having turmeric in large amounts can cause maternal inflammation, which leads to autism in children. Hence, it is better to avoid it or ask your doctor.

curcuma benefits

Why Should You Avoid Having Turmeric During Pregnancy?

Turmeric is a great spice; most people swear by its magical properties. However, most people are unsure of its benefits during pregnancy. Experts found out that turmeric can have more drawbacks during pregnancy than benefits. Here are some facts about turmeric that can pose a danger for pregnancy:

  • Mimics Estrogen

Turmeric helps enhance the estrogen levels in the body, which can disrupt the female hormone. It stimulates contractions and period pain which is harmful to a pregnant woman. Too much turmeric increases the chances of premature birth, which is dangerous.

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No matter if you have the best turmeric supplement, you need to stop taking them as soon as you are pregnant. There is not much research about turmeric causing contractions, but it is ideal to avoid risks. If you have turmeric in food, you must inform your doctor about it.

Mimics Estrogen

  • Heartburn

Heartburn is a common issue pregnant women face, especially in the last trimester. The baby pushes against the stomach, making it hard to keep your food down. Sometimes, heartburn can be so bad that you must take medications to control it.

If you have too much spice, such as turmeric, you experience more heartburn. Heartburn can lead to lack of sleep, vomit, and constant uneasiness. Hence, doctors suggest not to eat turmeric, especially when you reach your last trimester.


  • Sensitivity to Turmeric

During pregnancy, women can be sensitive to allergies and itchiness. Any food or spice can trigger your allergies; hence, keeping track of what you eat is essential. Sometimes, pregnant women get sensitive to turmeric.

Having sensitivity to turmeric can cause severe headaches, redness, rash, and itchiness. It would be best to notice any signs of allergies after having turmeric. If you notice any allergy symptoms, stop having turmeric immediately.

Sensitivity to Turmeric


Turmeric is a great ingredient to add to foods and consume to enhance overall health. However, it does not necessarily mean it will be great for you even during pregnancy. During pregnancy, many changes are going on in your body, making you sensitive to certain food.

It is best to avoid turmeric or have it in moderation during pregnancy. If you like turmeric, you must inform your doctor and keep them updated about any allergic reaction.

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