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Types of Live Dealer Roulette



Live Dealer Roulette

Online games have grown in popularity significantly in recent years. Roulette is a classic table game that many gamblers all around the globe love, even if it is not as popular as it once was. Because of its simplicity, basic rules, and fair chances, playing online live roulette is a fun experience. However, keep in mind that if you aren’t careful, the much faster pace of online gaming will quickly empty your present bankroll.

Playing this popular game is not the best method to use up your bonus, according to the way current online casino bonus deals work. You may no longer take advantage of casino bonuses by placing safe bets. Nonetheless, if you want to play online roulette for fun or real money, there are a plethora of online roulette casinos to choose from.

Live Roulette variations

Online live dealer roulette comes in various forms. They are as follows:

  • The standard American live variant: Players use a double-zero wheel, providing the house a 5.26 percent advantage
  • European live variant: This variant utilizes the single-zero wheel, decreasing the house edge to 2.70%
  • Atlantic City live variant: This variant utilizes a double-zero wheel. However, if the ball hits on 0 or 00, you will only lose half of your even-money (19-36/1-18, red/black, odd/even) bets. Even bets on house edge decrease to 2.63 percent using the La Partage technique
  • French live variant: Like the Atlantic City roulette, this game uses the La Partage technique and a single-zero As a result, the house edge is 1.35% on even real money bets.
  • Auto (low limit) roulette: This is a low-limit, air-powered version.
  • Auto live roulette: Auto Roulette is a low-limit form of the game. It’s also entirely automated and runs on compressed air.
  • Mini roulette: A social version, a brown version, and a black version are all available for the Mini Roulette. The color and size of the wheel, as well as the layouts, are the most significant differences between them and the other roulette games.
  • Rapid roulette: Rapid Roulette is a unique type of roulette that is played at online casinos at a quicker pace than normal roulette. This is the sort of game that most players choose if they wish to place a large number of bets.
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Live roulette providers at online casinos

Several top-tier gaming software developers have joined with various online gambling platforms to deliver top-tier online live roulette games to their gamers. Among the most popular top-tier roulette providers are:

  • NetEnt: When it comes to inspired software companies, every casino games expert worth their salt must include NetEnt. The company began with the goal of revolutionizing the online gaming business when it was created in 1996. As a result, it has mostly prospered as a result of its one-of-a-kind mobile gaming experience.
  • Novomatic: Novomatic is a well-known corporation that manufactures and sells gaming equipment and software to casinos all over the world. Furthermore, in recent years, they have acquired a reputation as Europe’s premier supplier.
  • Playtech: Playtech, which was formed in 2001, is one of the most well-known software developers in the world. Its games are known for their excellent quality, beautiful graphics, and entertaining themes. Because of its huge assortment of RNG, live, and mobile casino games, Playtech is used by many operators. The brand is known for its creativity and dependability.


How to play online live roulette at online casinos

It is simple to play online live roulette at an online casino. If you are playing real money live roulette, you are set to go after you sign up and make a deposit. Typically, a wheel with 37 or 38 pockets is used in the game. Each of the 36 pockets is assigned a number from 1 to 36. Those numbers are also assigned colors – red and black. The remaining pockets are assigned a value of 0 (zero) or 00 (depending on the game versions) respectively (double zero).

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The first step in playing live roulette is to place your bets. Wagering on a single number, a group of numbers, or a certain color is an example of a possible gamble. The dealer then spins the wheel and throws a ball inside.

Where the ball falls when the wheel stops are what determines the outcome. Color bettors win only if the ball lands on their chosen color, and number bettors win only if the ball lands on their chosen number. If the ball lands on zero or double zero, players who placed an even bet lose their entire stake.

Basic rules of Roulette

There is just one version each session for land-based operators. However, the best live roulette casinos provide a variety of online roulette games to their customers. As a result, it is critical to study and comprehend the game’s fundamental rules. They are as follows:

  1. The difference between American and European roulette is the numbers on the wheel. With 38 digits spanning from 00 to 38, the American variation has a house edge of 5.26 percent. The European variation, on the other hand, eliminates the 00 and replaces it with 37 digits, giving it a house edge of 2.7 percent.
  2. To begin the game, players place bets on a number, location, or color on the table where the ball will land on the wheel.
  3. To begin the game, click ‘spin.’ As the ball spins, gamblers can place wagers on the wheel. When it says, ‘No more bets,’ all wagers come to a halt.
  4. The player’s account will be credited with any online winnings.
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Types of bets in Online Roulette

Inside and outside bets are the two main types of bets available in online live roulette. Inside bets are those placed on the table’s inner side. They are supposed to have a lower probability of winning, but they pay out more. Examples of inside bets include:

  • Split: covers two numbers
  • Straight up: covers one number
  • Corner: Covers four numbers
  • Street: covers three numbers
  • Basket: covers four numbers
  • Trio: covers three numbers
  • Six line: covers six numbers

Outside bets, on the other hand, are wagers that are placed outside the table. Because they are marked individually on the table layout, these are sometimes referred to as non-numerical bets. They are as follows:

  • Dozen: These are bets that cover the three boxes on the left side of the layout named 1st dozen, 2nd dozen, or 3rd dozen
  • Red: bets that hit red pockets
  • Black: bets whose ball hits the black pockets
  • Even: those which land on even numbers
  • Odd: those which hit odd numbers
  • High: bets whose ball land on the numbers 19-36
  • Low: best whose ball land on the numbers 1- 18
  • Column: single-chip bets whose ball covers an entire vertical line of 12 numbers


How to play online live roulette for beginners

Beginners should start by picking their favorite online live roulette casino. If you do not want to waste time scouring through the internet, you can read expert reviews from GreatCasinoOnline. The next stage is for them to make their wagers and press the ‘spin’ button. You may repeat the bet as many times as you wish, depending on your budget and winnings.

What is the difference between American and European live roulette?

The number of zeroes/green pockets on their wheel is the key variation between American and European models. The European roulette wheel contains only one green pocket (0, 00), whereas the American roulette wheel has two.

What is the safest bet in live roulette?

The most secure bets are those with a 50 percent probability of winning. Low/high, odd/even, and red/black are a few examples.

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