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What does Cherry Chapstick Mean in the Song?



Cherry Chapstick Mean

Do you know what does cherry Chapstick mean? This is the central question that most people have wanted to know for many years, and they have always wanted to know the real meaning of this phrase. Many people consider the phrase’s traditional words and meanings correct; therefore, many feel that there might be a significant meaning behind it.

This term or phrase has long been a standard practice for writers and singers from all around the world to include such a term or phrase in their work so that people can’t avoid it. Also, the concept that the public is not aware of the meanings behind these phrases, and therefore creates a stir. Only a few individuals can create this effect. They’ll sometimes make jokes about themselves by inventing words like this.

However, if we examine things more closely, we will discover that many others are still looking for similar words. In this article, we will tell you the real meaning of what does cherry chapstick mean in the “I kissed a girl” song.


Who is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is an American singer and songwriter. As a youngster, she sang in church and then pursued a profession as a gospel musician as a teenager. Perry began her career as a musician under the name Katy Hudson and released her debut studio album Katy Hudson under that name in 2001, which was commercially unsuccessful. She relocated to Los Angeles the following year after Red Hill closed its doors and began working with producers Glen Ballard, Dr. Luke, and Max Martin.

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Katy Perry was born with the stage name Katy Perry and dropped by The Island Def Jam Music Group and Columbia Records in April 2007, after signing a recording contract. Perry rose to fame in 2008 with the release of her second album, a pop rock record titled One of the Boys, and it’s singles “I Kissed a Girl”. But now she is very famous and many people likes her songs.

What does cherry chapstick mean slang?

Most people are unfamiliar with the phrase’s origin, so let us inform you that it comes from a song by Katy Peery, an iconic singer renowned for her bold attitude. We’ve also seen that traditional American songs frequently contain deeper meanings that are not generally recognized by the general public. If we examine Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl,” we’ll see that her attitude isn’t unusual, and everyone anticipated it. However, all types of meanings are given below.

The apparent meaning:

First, if we read the entire song lyrics, we will quickly know the apparent meaning of cherry chapstick; then, we should know that it helps us understand the fact. The girl applied the cherry chapstick, and the fact is that the singer wanted to taste it with the help of a kiss. It is because the chapstick gives her lips a sweet and delicious taste.

The hidden meaning:

Now, we will discuss the hidden meaning of cherry chapstick. According to some renowned lyricists, the phrase “cherry chapstick” is sexual innuendo. It is commonly used to refer to female genitalia. In addition, it can also be used to describe the act of performing oral sex on a woman.

The literal meaning:

However, others believe that “cherry chapstick” references female genitalia. This interpretation is based on the fact that cherries are often used as a symbol for breasts or other parts of the female anatomy and that “chapstick” can be seen as a wordplay on the word “vagina.”

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What is the reason behind using this sentence?

The singer of this song uses these words in the first place of the song, and this thing will increase the interest of many people. If we examine the lyrics, we will realize that the singer is describing her experience of going out with a group of males; this group also includes her boyfriend.

On the other hand, her partner suggests that she is a heterosexual person while they are out on this night out. However, she constantly tries to assure him that she kissed a woman, and this line is said numerous times throughout the entire song.

Release of the song:

The release of “I Kissed a Girl” caused controversy among homosexual and heterosexual communities. Some accused Perry of exploiting bisexuality and lesbianism to sell records. GLAAD, an organization that works with the media to promote understanding, acceptance, and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people, released the following statement: “Katy Perry’s new song “I Kissed a Girl” is not about same-sex kissing – it’s about straight girls playing with same-sex kissing because they think it’s cool, it’s something that makes them different or edgy. It doesn’t matter if Katy Perry says she finds the same-sex kiss empowering – what matters is that young, impressionable girls will hear this song and think it’s OK to experiment with same-sex kissing.”

Wrong approach about this:

Some people think these types of details are unacceptable because the message you want to convey with the help of these words is not suitable. This will demolish young people’s mental health and encourage more thoughts of homosexuality. This is why it’s critical for stars of her stature to avoid such stunts to elicit a positive response from fans, not one of hatred.

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Response of the singer to the lyrics:

The song has been listened to several times since it was first introduced, even though it is now in the public eye. However, this song has now set the record straight in most people’s minds that Katy Perry’s quality of music has fallen from its former heights. She began doing so because she was intoxicated by fame; now, it’s just a money-making scheme. Her songwriting has progressively gotten worse day by day. The once-amazing artist has sadly turned into a washed-up one-hit wonder.

The guilt of the singer:

The star was adamant that any opportunity to rewrite the song would be acceptable. If she is ever given the opportunity, she will most certainly go ahead and edit the entire song’s lyrics. We may forget this portion of the story. She understood that the song was based on several current prejudices in our culture. Besides this, the Chapstick brand has been around for a while, and many people have used it. The Cherry Chapstick flavor is one of the most popular flavors.

The Chapstick Company has not commented on the issue. We can only imagine how they would feel about having their product name attached to such a negative meaning. The star has not been seen in public since the song’s release. It isn’t easy to know how she is feeling about the situation. Perhaps she is relieved that the song has succeeded and that people are finally listening to her message.


The cherry Chapstick meaning is a phrase that has been around for many years. Many people consider the phrase’s traditional words and meanings correct; therefore, many feel that there might be a significant meaning behind it. However, now you know what cherry chapstick mean in I kissed a girl, but the reality is it is still unknown. Whether or not there is a hidden meaning behind the phrase, it is still a famous phrase used today.

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