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Everything You Need To Know Regarding COVID-19 Symptoms in Kids



COVID-19 Symptoms

Indeed, it is crucial to be aware of the evident symptoms of Coronavirus in kids. This is because knowledge of the warning symptoms will guide both parents and healthcare personnel to identify the disease timely and take the right measures before the situation escalates undesirably.

Thus, the quintessence of this article is to expound on the warning signs of COVID-19 in kids, as well as other necessary information in regards to complications, treatment, and prevention.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19 in kids?

In the real sense, COVID-19 test kits results have shown that the symptoms of COVID-19 are not as severe as they are for adults. Below is an enumeration of specific symptoms associated with COVID-19 in children:

  • Respiratory tract issues: typically, it has been reported that children with mild forms of the disease may experience sore throat, coughing, or runny nose.
  • Unusual variations in behavior: it is essential to take seriously any form of unusual behavioral changes in your child such as crying, moodiness, and anxiety. We particularly emphasize this measure if the child is still very little to express any discomfort verbally.
  • Digestive tract issues: several medical findings have reported that some children who have the COVID-19 may experience digestive-related symptoms such as throwing up, nausea, and diarrhea.
  • Flu-related symptoms: according to data reported by MedicalNewsToday, about 73% of children who have the COVID-19 experienced cough, fever, or inability to breathe well. Regardless, it is noteworthy to mention that shortness of breath is not very common among COVID-19 children victims.
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What are COVID-19 complications?

Do you know that kids who have inherent health issues are more likely to develop severe COVID-19 complications? Below is a list of the different possible complications of COVID-19 in children:

  • Heart failure
  • Organ failure
  • Sepsis
  • Potential development of fatal blood clots
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Exhaustion
  • Serious stomach pain
  • Inability to breathe well
  • Chest pain or pressure etc.

How do I know when to visit a physician?

In most cases, children with the disease exhibit zero or only mild to normal signs. It is not necessary for these kids to visit the clinic. On the other hand, if a child is exhibiting significant symptoms of COVID-19, it is pertinent that you call a doctor immediately.

Below are the circumstances that may warrant calling a pediatrician:

  • If the child develops a rash
  • If the child appears extremely sick
  • If the child gets better and experiences a relapse or develops inflammatory issues like bloodshot eyes, fever, and/or rash.

What is the current treatment plan for COVID-19?

The World Health Organisation has not yet confirmed any news regarding the cure for COVID-19. So far as is known, medical researchers are still experimenting on possible treatments to cure the disease.

However, below are some recommended home treatment practices to help children that have been affected with COVID-19:

  • Ensure they are always hydrated
  • Always disinfect all surfaces they come in contact with
  • Allow them to have enough rest

How to prevent COVID-19

The most important step in the prevention of the COVID-19 virus is self-isolation. In addition, these other preventive measures can reduce the spread of the disease:

  • Do not go out if you are feeling ill
  • Wear a face mask and practice social distancing of 6 feet or more when in the company of other individuals
  • As often as possible, disinfect surfaces, counters, doorknobs, etc.
  • Always use COVID-19 test kits
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The good news is that majority of children who have the COVID-19 are unlikely to witness life-threatening complications. Nonetheless, atBlood London we highly advise that caregivers and parents who have children with a weak immune system should adopt extra health measures like regular private blood tests, to keep their kids safe and protected at all times.

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