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M Basic Facebook

As we download more applications, the amount of data and battery we consume from the mobile device is more significant, which decreases the quality of use we can give it and cause us more expenses.

The official mobile version of Facebook is, in fact, one of the applications that consume the most battery and data on a Smartphone or Tablet while the session is started since it continues downloading or updating in the background. By the time we realize it, we already have less mobile data than we should.

To avoid this, m.basic Facebook has arrived, a much lighter and more user-friendly application that gives you the same tools and options as if it were the original version, although with a more fundamental and simple design.


What is version?

The mbasic is one of the alternatives or mobile versions of Facebook. Made for users with a slow connection. In a light and simple way, login to Facebook and get access to the basic features of the standard version without each small action taking an age to load.

In countries where data protection works more intensively, such as Germany, the consumer advice center comes forward against messaging apps. As this is increasingly difficult in our daily lives, they indicate using limited versions, such as mbasic. The idea is that, as the version is not comfortable, you do what you have to do, without distractions, and leave – before falling for the charms of the net.

Additionally, a social media management agency can leverage mbasic to efficiently manage Facebook pages, particularly in regions with limited bandwidth.

This approach aligns with the concerns raised by the consumer advice center regarding messaging apps and their impact on daily lives.

Most outstanding features of Facebook basic:

The main aspect of this light version of the social network is that it does not create a registry. That is, your friends will not be able to see that you are online, nor will they know how long ago you connected from there. It is a good option if you want to go unnoticed.

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Although the interface may seem dated when you first log in, the main features of Facebook are at your disposal: the news feed, where you will see everything your friends are doing; you can comment and “like” if you wish.

You have access to your notifications and your profile, where you can make the changes you want. In m,basic Facebook you also have a search engine where you can search for friends or any page you want to see.

You have everything you need in a much faster version because it is so light, and you will not have extra mobile data costs.

Faster but not so good visualization:

If you want to enter you will realize that it is much faster and is indicated for when we are browsing from a data plan, we want to save a few MBs, but if you are using a Wi-Fi network, it is more advisable to enter to Facebook from the other version which has a much friendlier interface.

Another reason to use this light version may be because you have a mobile with the very little ram, which can help your cell phone not hang when visiting publications.

How to login mbasic Facebook from a mobile?

  • Access your phone’s default browser.
  • Write in the search engine and click search (or write that URL directly in the browser).
  • It will appear as the first option. The login is the same as Facebook; you only have to enter your email or user number and password.
  • Once inside, you can navigate as you normally would.

How to add mbasic facebook on the mobile home screen?

These are the steps to add the basic version of Facebook on your mobile home screen with the Google Chrome browser:

  • Start Google Chrome on the mobile.
  • Write the
  • After this, you have to log in to your Facebook account.
  • The next thing you have to do is click on the three dots; these are present on the top side.
  • Tap on the Add to Home screen
  • Next, type the mbasic Facebook and then hit the Add button
  • Finally, tap on the Play button and hold place manually or add it automatically
  • Go to the home screen, and you will see Facebook mbasic shortcut
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Activate the Basic Version of Facebook on a Desktop PC

Here you can open the mobile version of Facebook in Desktop Browsers. The browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

  • Enable the basic version of Facebook on a PC
  • Open a browser on your PC
  • Log in to your Facebook if you are not
  • And then type in the URL
  • You will then be redirected to the Basic version of Facebook
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How to open the free version of mbasic facebook:

Yes, you can enable the Basic or Free Basic Version of Facebook. Open free date mode with your browser or app on your PC, desktop, and mobile. For Facebook, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open your Facebook with a Browser or an app and then log in
  • Click to open the menu bar
  • Tap on the Free Basic option
  • After that, tap on the Continue option
  • Then select the Data option without Facebook
  • Finally, you will see Free Mode and at the top
  • If you want to disable it, then tap on the Photos option headquarters

Benefits of using mbasic facebook:

The mbasic Facebook is the mobile version of Facebook that is very lightweight and you will too many other benefits. The six benefits of basic Facebook are given below:

  1. Loads very quickly:

As the m.basicfacebook mobile is very lightweight, it loads quickly on 2G and 3G internet connections. This is the best option if you don’t have a fast internet connection and still want to use Facebook. All the things you see on the desktop version of Facebook are also available on mbasic facebook but in a very simplified way. You won’t be missing out on anything vital, so you’ll never feel frustrated again.

  1. Uses very little data:

Another great thing about mbasic facebook is that it uses very little data. So, if you have a data limit or are worried about going over your monthly data allowance, then mbasic is an excellent option for you. Besides this, mbasic facebook is also a lot faster than the complete facebook site, so you won’t be wasting time waiting for pages to load.

  1. Super quick and easy to use:

Another significant advantage of mbasicfacebook is that it is quick and easy to use. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can navigate the app without any problem. Facebook has ensured that the app is user-friendly and that anyone can use it without hassle. However, one downside is that some features are unavailable on mbasicfacebook.

  1. Less use of mobile battery:

One of the best things about mbasic is that it doesn’t use up much of your phone’s battery, unlike the full Facebook app. If you have a mobile with a small battery or poor battery life, then mbasic can help preserve some of that power.

  1. No need for a data plan:

The mBasic doesn’t require a data plan, which means you can save on your monthly bill. You can use the free version of Facebook without data charges, thanks to mBasic. However, remember that you may still be charged for other activities on Facebook, such as downloading photos or videos.

  1. Accessible to everyone:

The mbasic version of Facebook is accessible to everyone, regardless of their phone model or internet speed. This makes it an excellent option for people in developing countries or areas with poor internet coverage. You don’t need a high-end phone or the latest version of the app to stay connected with your friends and family on Facebook.

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How to open mbasic facebook?

Yes, you can activate the basic Facebook version of Facebook by typing in your browser. Next, tap on Options and scroll down to the Account Settings section. You will be redirected to the general settings and you will see your account details page. After that, change the mobile site to the basic version site and save it. (For old versions of Facebook)

How to Switch Between Basic & Standard Version Of Facebook On a Mobile PC

Most people want to use both the Basic and Standard versions of Facebook on Mobile/PC. If you have completed the desired activity in the regular or standard version of Facebook. You might think of the Basic/Mbasic version of Facebook. Do not be afraid that you can do what you want at any time. If you are interested, please visit here: How to Facebook Standard on Mobile PC

How do I get the desktop version of Facebook on mobile?

If you want to enable the desktop version on your mobile phone. Therefore, you should follow these steps to know how to do it:

  • Open the browser app on your smartphone
  • Type the following in the URL
  • Then click on the Options Menu or in the browser
  • After that, click on Request for Desktop Version of Desktop or Options Site
  • Then enjoy the Desktop version of Facebook on your phone

How can I get the desktop version of Facebook on my iPhone?

Here are the steps to get the desktop version of Facebook on your iPhone, iPad, or iOS devices:

  • Press to open the Safari browser
  • Visit; it is a basic version for mobile devices; you will be redirected to the mobile version before or after logging into your Facebook account; tap the Share option
  • Select Application Desk Site
  • Finally, you will get the FB desktop version on your iPad, iPhone, or iOS devices

How can I change my Facebook to the basic version on mobile devices?

Follow one of the methods above to switch your Facebook to the basic version using your smartphone or mobile. Let me show you one more time; all you need to do is replace the address in your web browser from to The page will reload, and immediately the mbasic FB version will be displayed.


So there are too many benefits to using mbasicfacebook mobile. You can experience a whole new world of possibilities with this app. Whether you have a data limit or a slow internet connection, mbasic facebook is the perfect solution.

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